The Society Season 2 release date

The society is a successful American thriller that was premiered on Netflix on 10th May 2010. Millenials loved the drama a lot and it was even compared to Lord Of The Flies. The series scored decent 7.1/10 stars on the IMDb while 80 % audience scores on Rotten Tomatoes. Now, after watching such a nice series fans have started asking showrunners whether they will get to watch The Society Season 2 or not?

sufficient time has passed to the launch of the first season and fans’ patience is running out. They aren’t ready to wait for more to get updates of next season. If you also fall into this category then let me tell you that today’s news is not good and it will definitely hurt you. It will not only hurt you but also millions of fans will get disappointed after hearing this. So, here is what we have discovered so far.


Has Netflix Revealed The Society Season 2 Release Date?

The Society Season 2 release date

Basically, before April 2020 Deadline reported that Netflix had announced the return of The Society season 2 and it would be launched by the end of 2020. However, because of the barriers that developed from the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic Netflix disclosed to The Hollywood reporter that the next season of the drama couldn’t be released.

Another trusted report of The Hollywood Reporter revealed that the service provider was quite impressed by the success of the show and was ready to go ahead with it. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, the production unit had to shoot the entire series by adopting all safety protocols and this would definitely increase the budget of drama, that’s why the popular streaming platform called off the series.

So, The Society Season 2 episodes would have arrived by the end of 2020 but because of this decision, it doesn’t happen. But we are expecting that is not the final verdict. If the COVID-19 situation improves in the coming months then maybe Netflix alter its decision as thereafter the cost of production will also be decreased. So, definitely, the possibility is low but anything can happen.

A couple of days ago people were saying that the ninth season of Dexter will never arrive but now it’s being made, so nothing is impossible. But we will have to wait to know any update similar to this. As of now, the next season is canceled but our hopes are still alive.


How Will The Society Season 2 Plot Be?

The Society season 2 release date

We don’t have any accurate information on the basis of which we can deliver you exact details about the plot. But we can anticipate how the events will occur on the basis of the ending of last season. The youngsters noticed after a long time in the game that they were going through different realities and just opposite to dimensions they omitted earlier.

Thereafter, fans got to see a glance of the appearance of the dimension subtracting the youngsters with a glance at the monument for the lost Millenials. It’s looking that The Society Season 2 plot will mainly depend on three parameters. The revelation of the interdimensional problems that occurred with guys, how the missing millennials return and what kinds of moves will be adopted in West Ham to know where their children are gone.

So, the next season will disclose several unsolved mysteries that left unanswered in the previous season. Therefore, it will be filled with more twists and it’s gonna be more exciting and thrilling.

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Who Will Be Part Of The Society Season 2 Cast?

The Society season 2 release date

Netflix hadn’t disclosed the details about the cast of the upcoming season when it renewed the drama a year ago. That’s why we can’t provide you any authentic information about it. But we have seen in most of the shows that showrunners don’t change the cast much while going from the previous season to the next season. So, this can happen in this series too.

Many sources like Netflix life are suggesting that lead actors won’t be changed in the forthcoming season. Creators can introduce some new faces but they won’t make variations in the central characters. As per this, previous season actors will reprise their roles in the next season too. So, according to this, the stars that are going to be seen in the forthcoming season are –

  • Kathryn Newton will play her role as Allie Pressman.
  • Gideon Adlon will be seen as Becca Gelb.
  • Sean Berdy will display the character of Sam Eliot.
  • Natasha Liu Bordizzo will portray the character of Helena.
  • Jacques Colimon will present the character of Will LeClair.
  • Olivia DeJonge will deliver her role of Elle Tomkins.
  • Alex Fitzalan will deliver his role of Harry Bingham.
  • Kristine Froseth will be seen as Kelly Aldrich.
  • Jose Julian will display the character of Gordie.
  • Alexander MacNicoll will present the character of Luke.
  • Toby Wallace will portray the character of Campbell Eliot.
  • Rachel Keller will play her role of Cassandra Pressman.
  • Jack Mulhern will be seen as Grizz.
  • Spencer House will display the character of Clark.
  • Emilio Garcia-Sanchez will present the character of Jason.
  • Salena Qureshi will portray the character of  Bean.
  • Olivia Nikkanen will be seen as Gwen.

Apart from them, other stars like Kiara Pichardo, Naomi Oliver, Grace Victoria Cox, Kelly Rose Golden, Matisse Rose, Alicia Crowder, Benjamin Breault, Damon J. Gillespie, Peter Donahue, Seth Meriwether, Madeline Logan, Dante Rodrigues, and many others will play their respective roles.


How Many Episodes Will Be In The Society Season 2?

The society season 2 release date

In last season we enjoyed watching 10 episodes including –

  • Episode 1: What Happened?
  • Episode 2: Our Town
  • Episode 3: Childhood’s End
  • Episode 4: Drop by Drop
  • Episode 5: Putting on the Clothes
  • Episode 6: Like A F-ing God or Something
  • Episode 7: Allie’s Rules
  • Episode 8: Poison
  • Episode 9: New Names
  • Episode 10: How It Happens

The showrunners haven’t provided any hints about the episodes of the upcoming season. That’s why we can’t deliver you exact details about them. However, if we consider speculations then the next will also have 10 episodes.


Is There Any News Of The Society Season 2 Trailer?

As of now, there isn’t any information regarding the trailer for season 2. Fans are wishing that the trailer would arrive as soon as possible and we are also doing the same. But as I mentioned earlier that Netflix has given a red signal to the series and it’s not going to change its decision soon. That’s why we will have to wait for a long time to watch the season 2 trailer.

But you don’t worry as hopes are still alive. Also, if you really loved the previous season then you can watch its superb trailer embedded above to refresh the glorious moments that you experienced while watching the drama.

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