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The Resident is one show that helps us, as an audience, to know about the day-to-day challenges that a resident and doctors face. And no wonder we want to know the deeper insights of their worlds, and, The Resident season 6 release date (duh)!

Although, not on the top of the list of the most-watched shows, The Resident has been getting back-to-back renewals! But did it get a renewal for the sixth season? What happened to the cast of the show? And what about the plot? There are so many more questions like that, waiting to be answered.

Fiferst thought, ‘why not?’ You got questions, and WE have tried to answer most of them! So, if you are searching for The Resident season 6 release date, cast, plot, renewal, and other similar updates, this is the place to stop and read all about the show!

And not to forget the wholesome show recommendations we save for you towards the end of the article always- look out for them! Now, put your seatbelts on and read all about The Resident season 6 release date, and whether there is going to be one!

The Resident Season 6 – What Do We Know So Far?

The Resident' Boss Breaks Down Where Everyone Is After That Major Twist
Source: tv insider

As mentioned earlier, The Resident gives us a deeper understanding of the lives of our caretakers and the ones who are practicing to be one someday.

The show started broadcasting on Fox networks in 2018 and since then; the journey has been quite successful till now. And now, we have all been waiting for The Resident season 6 release date! Do we have it now? Or do we have to wait for a little longer than we thought?

Let’s see what the ratings of the show suggest till now.

The show has a savvy 7.7-star rating out of 10 stars on IMDb. While only 59% of users on Rotten Tomatoes and 83% of users on Google liked the show.

Hence, while not exactly being at the top of the charts on Rotten Tomatoes, the show ratings on IMDb and Google seem to get the show a bunch of renewals.

Will that hold for the sixth season of the medical drama, The Resident? Or will it fall this time?

Might be the destiny of the show, we’re here for that, and THE SHOW MUST GO ON.

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What Can Be The Resident Season 6 Plot?

The Resident' Recap: Shaunette Renée Wilson as Mina in Season 4 | TVLine
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As mentioned before, the show is a medical drama, featuring a lot of twists and turns on the go. While that happens, the dominant theme of the story is like this:

The show revolves around the new residents of the Chastain Park Memorial Hospital. The Residents are receiving their training with the doctors to professionalize their medical practices further while having to go through a turmoil of emotional, physical, and mental stress, in both their personal and professional lives.

Not to forget, trying their best to be the best doctors they possibly can.

All of it will make more and better sense if we knew the details about The Resident season 6. Or better, The Resident Season 6 RELEASE DATE!

But the release date will seem to matter only if we knew whether there is ‘The Resident season 6’ or not. So, is there going to be a season 6 of the show? Is there any announcement made in the public domain?

Let’s talk about that, shall we?

What Is The Renewal Status of The Show?

The Residents season 6 release date, cast, and updates
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Seems we are a little off track. There has been no news about The Resident season 6 renewal as of now.

But as we think about the season 5 story, we surely can expect a sixth season announced around the end of season 5.

Since the fifth season of the show is still on the air, we cannot tell anything further on this matter as we know. So as for now:

The Resident season 6 release date and renewal status are both still unclear and PENDING.

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Who Can Be In The Cast of The Resident Season 6?

The Resident Season 6 Release Date, Cast And Plot
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However, the official cast of the show has not been announced as of now since the season 6 renewal is pending but the tentative cast of season 6, keeping in view the fifth season can be:

  • Matt Czuchry as Conrad Hawkins, a senior internist, and resident at the Hospital.
  • Emily VanCamp as Nicolette ‘Nic’ Nevin, is a nurse at the Hospital.
  • Manish Dayal as Devon Pravesh
  • Morris Chestnut as Barrett Cain
  • Melina Kanakaredes as Lane Hunter
  • Malcolm-Jamal Warner as August Jeremiah “AJ/The Raptor” Austin
  • Glenn Morshower as Marshall Winthrop
  • Jane Leeves as Kitt Voss
  • Michael Hogan as Albert Nolan
  • Violett Beane as Lily Kendall
  • Jessica Lucas as Billie Sutton
  • Anuja Joshi as Leela Devi
  • Shaunette Renée Wilson (seasons 1–4) as Mina Okafor
  • Bruce Greenwood as Randolph Bell
  • Moran Atias as Renata Morali
  • Miles Fowler as Trevor Daniels
  • Tasie Lawrence as Priya Nair
  • Merrin Dungey as Claire Thorpe

Now let’s hope for the best and expect some fresh characters, new romances, and more drama from the show!

What Is The Resident Season 6 Release Date?

Conrad to Have New Love Interest — Season 5 plot
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Since the renewal status for season 6 is pending yet, The Resident season 6 release date couldn’t be told so early. But if we assume season 6 to get renewed as soon as possible, so the sixth season’s release date could be expected at the end of this year or at the beginning of 2023.

The Resident Season 6 Trailer Release: What Is The News?

The Resident season 6 trailer has not been released or made yet.

Given, that if the show is renewed for a sixth season, we can expect the trailer to be released a month or two before the release of the actual show.

Until then, here is The Resident season 5 HD trailer to have a quick glimpse of season 5, before the sixth one comes up.

Where can I Watch The Resident Season 6?

You can watch The Resident season 6 on the Disney+ Hotstar streaming network. You can also watch the show on Star World Premiere HD.

You can watch all the previous and current seasons (5) on Disney+ Hotstar as well.

Summing Up | The Resident Season 6 Release Date

So, this is it.

The sixth season of the drama is not officially renewed. The news of the renewal might come out when the last episodes of the fifth season are about to release.

The show, if renewed at the earliest, can be released towards the very end of this year (2022) or at the beginning of 2023.

While that happens, check out the new episodes of the fifth season of The Resident on the streaming service or Star World Premiere HD.


We hope you find these shows of your interest!

Some Frequently Asked Questions Related To The Resident Season 6 –

1. Is there a 6th season of The Resident?

Fox has neither given a red signal nor a green signal for the sixth season. The decision is still pending, so, we’ll have to wait for a couple of months more to get more specific updates on the forthcoming season.

2. How many seasons of The Resident are there?

Till now, five seasons of the American medical drama have been released by the Fox network. The series is available on the Disney+ Hotstar, so you can watch it there.

3. Is the show The Resident ending?

No, the drama isn’t over yet. The fifth season has aired back in September 2021 and now the show is looking forward to having the sixth season soon.

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