Even though there are multiple web shows and movies on Prime video but in my eyes, The Expanse above all. The American crime drama was aired first time on 14th December 2015 on the Syfy network. Since then its fanbase has grown. Till now 5 seasons of the series have released and they all have got great reviews from viewers. It has received stunning 8.5/10 stars on the IMDb while 94% Audience scores on Rotten Tomatoes.

Two months ago the fifth season of the thriller aired on Prime Video. Like previous seasons this season also got immense love from the audience, but what surprised us was its ending. Season 5 finished on a point that left many mysteries unsolved. Because of this suspenseful ending many questions raised in the minds of viewers. Now, these fans are dying to know the answers to their questions as they aren’t allowing them to sleep. So, here is what we have discovered for them –


Are We Getting To Know Prime Video The Expanse Season 6 Release Date?

The Expanse Season 6 release date

The sixth season of the drama was renewed by the Amazon Prime Video even before the launch of season 5. But the bad news is that season 6 will be the concluding season of the series. While conversating with Deadline the executive producers Andrew Kosove and Broderick Johnson mentioned, “From the moment we committed to bringing this show to life up until this final season, we have worked tirelessly to honor the vision of the writers,”

“We have prided ourselves on having one of the most diverse casts on television and giving a platform to stories that matter. A special thanks to Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck, the writers of both the books and series and to Naren Shankar, the series showrunner and executive producer. It continues to be an honor and privilege to work with this team. We also would like to thank Amazon for their continuing support to help us tell this story in its fullest and to bring The Expanse to a global audience.”

However, the showrunners haven’t revealed any information about The Expanse Season 6 release date. But by analyzing the premiering dates of the previous seasons we can anticipate the launch date of season 6. The fifth season arrived in December 2020 so maybe the final season will hit prime video by the end of 2022.


How Will The Expanse Season 6 Plot Be?

The Expanse season 6 release date

As I mentioned earlier that season 5 ended on a suspenseful note and left many questions unanswered. Even though last season was quite similar to a fifth novel, Nemesis Games, but Season 6 won’t entirely follow the sixth novel, Babylon’s Ashes.

While talking to Inverse in December 2020, script maker and producer Daniel Abraham mentioned, “The sixth season of the show is based on the sixth book… The sixth season of the show is not going to include material from books 7, 8, and 9.”

However, in February 2021 in a discussion with EW drama creator Nareen Shankar said that some ideas from future novels have been included in the fifth season and many more events can also be added to season 6. He also mentioned that this time the show will not have 30 years gap in between the story which is completely out of novels 7,8, and 9.

The events in these novels occur in an interval of 10 years after the incidents of the initial six books. Now, it will be disclosed why showrunners pick season 6 as an ending point.

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Which Novel The Expanse Season 6 Will Follow?

The Expanse Season 6 release date

All the recently arrived details are pointing towards Babylon’s Ashes. So, it’s looking that the upcoming season will mainly involve the incidents of this book.


Who Will Be Part Of The Expanse Season 6 Cast?

The Expanse season 6 release date

The makers haven’t revealed any details about the cast of the upcoming season. But the reports of trusted sources like Inverse claims that lead actors will make a comeback in season 6. But we won’t get to see Cas Anvar as Alex Kamal as he died at the ending of season 5. After the airing of the previous season, Shankar said to EW, “Fred Johnson’s death is really Alex’s death.”

He also elaborated that the discussion regarding the murder of the main character is in talks for a long duration, probably prior to the accusations of molestation were lift-up opposite to Anvar. Some new faces can also be added to make the drama more interesting. But the main stars will reprise their roles in The Expanse Season 6 episodes. So, the actors who will be seen in the upcoming season are –

  • Steven Strait will be seen as James Holden.
  • Dominique Tipper will portray the character of Naomi Nagata.
  • Wes Chatham will display the character of Amos Burton.
  • Shohreh Aghdashloo will present the character of Chrisjen Avasarala.
  • Frankie Adams will play her role of Roberta(Bobbie) W. Draper.
  • Cara Gee will be seen as Camina Drummer.
  • José Zúñiga will display the character of Carlos (Bull) c de Baca.
  • Michael Irby will portray the character of Felix Delgado.
  • Sugith Varughese will present the character of David Paster.
  • Brent Sexton will play his role of Cyn.
  • Bahia Watson will deliver her role of Sakai.
  • Oluniké Adeliyi will display the character of Karal.
  • Sandrine Holt will present the character of Oksana Busch.
  • Lara Jean Chorostecki will portray the character of Emily Babbage.
  • Somkele Idhalama will be seen as Tycho Engineer.
  • Jacob Mundell will play his role as Erich.
  • Tim DeKay will display the character of Emil Sauveterre.


How Many Episodes Will Be In The Expanse Season 6?

The Expanse Season 6 release date

In last season we enjoyed watching 10 episodes including –

  • Episode 1: Exodus
  • Episode 2: Churn
  • Episode 3: Mother
  • Episode 4: Gaugamela
  • Episode 5: Down and Out
  • Episode 6: Tribes
  • Episode 7: Oyedeng
  • Episode 8: Hard Vacuum
  • Episode 9: Winnipesaukee
  • Episode 10: Nemesis Games

The showrunners haven’t revealed any information about The Expanse season 6 episodes but you must have noticed that in three of the five previously released seasons there were 10-10 episodes. As per this, the next season will also have 10 episodes. However, this is just a prediction and the exact details will be revealed only after the launch of the drama.


Is There Any News Of The Expanse Season 6?


The filming of season 6 hasn’t started yet, that’s why expecting the trailer now will be too early. I think we should wait for few more months until the creators reveal some more information about season 6. Till then you can watch the previous season trailer embedded above. If any new details regarding The Expanse season 6 release date arrive we will inform you.

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