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Richard Heart’s Current Net Worth

Today we’re here to take a peep into the life of Steven Burns. We are positive that you must have heard of him and even if you haven’t then below are all the details related to him extending from Steven Burns net worth to his life and professional life and more that are surely going to help you know him a bit better.

Steven Burns is a renowned American TV host, actor, singer, and musician popular for hosting a children’s TV program called “Blue’s Clues” that ran from 1996 to 2002. He has even worked as a voiceover artist for famous advertisements like Gillette, Oral-B & Snickers as well, which we know you are surely aware of.

Burns is a singer & musician and who doesn’t want to know about a musician? Probably a psychopath. In this post, we’ll be talking about Steven Burns net worth and his life details. Let’s jump right into it.

Steven Burns – Early Years & Education

Steven Michael Burns was born on Oct 9, 1973, in Boyertown, Pennsylvania. He was brought up by Janet Burns (his mother) and Joseph Burns (his father) who served in the U.S. Navy before taking a position as HR director at Safeguard Business Systems. In 2015, cancer caused the demise of his father.

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In 1992, he received his diploma from Boyertown Area Senior High School. He was interested in music and started performing with the bands like Nine Pound Truck, The Ivys, and Sudden Impact US while he was still in school.

He studied at DeSales University in Pennsylvania on an acting scholarship to learn acting. After quitting school, he moved to NYC to start an acting career.

We don’t have much information about Burns’ relationships or dating life, as he is quite closed off about his personal life. It looks like he is genuinely single. Burns has spent much of his adult life in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, but he currently lives close to the Catskill Mountains.

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Steven Burns – Career

He started to work as a voice-over artist for several commercials while residing in a basement apartment close to Times Square. Burns thought “Blue’s Clues” would be another voice-over audition he auditioned for the show in 1995. He was finally selected among 100 other people who auditioned.

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Finally, in 1996 he started hosting the famous children’s show “Blue’s Clues” which rose Burns to fame and wealth. After hosting the series for almost 6 years and 100 episodes of “Blue’s Clues”, he bid farewell to the audience in 2002 by giving his position to actor Donovon Patton.

Did you know Burns even participated in videos celebrating Blue’s Clues’ 25th anniversary in 2021? This must be an important revelation to you. To learn more about his life and Steven Burns net worth, keep looking it up.

After leaving the show “Blue’s Clues“, Burns moved his focus back to his music career and started creating his debut music album. He was successful and released his first music album in 2003 known as “Songs for Dustmites.”

Then finally in 2009, he started his own band called “Steve Burns and the Struggle” which included Steven Drozd and Ryan Smith. In that year only he released his second album “Deep Sea Recovery Habits.” Drozd and Burns released the music video for the debut track called “The Unicorns and The Princess Rainbow” of their album.

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He also made cinematic appearances. One of them is the horror-comedy movie “Netherbeast Incorporated” in 2007. Again in 2008, he appeared in a sci-fi movie “Christmas on Mars.”

He began making appearances in the YouTube comedy series “The Professionals” in March 2012. Burns made a cameo on Tim Kubart’s children’s album “Building Blocks” in 2008.

Steven Burns was nominated for an award in 2001 for “Blue’s Clues” Outstanding Performer in a Children’s Series. We won’t make you wait any longer and take you to the next section which is going to answer about Steven Burns net worth.

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Steven Burns Net Worth 2022

Until now you read about Burns’s early life, education, acting and music career, and more. Now, we’ll talk about Steven Burns net worth as of 2022.

Steven Burns net worth
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According to several sources, it is reported that Steven Burns net worth in 2022 is $11 million. Burns has been working in the entertainment industry since he was young and it has helped him in accumulating a generous amount of wealth.

The majority of Steven Burns net worth consists of the money he earned through his hosting in “Blue’s Clues”, acting, and music albums. He is still active and earning for himself a good amount of money.

All these factors are counted for Steven Burns’s fame. To know about the net worth of other famous personalities, stay connected to Fiferst.

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