SonyLiv web series Undekhi

Why Sonyliv web series Undekhi is criticizing on social media platforms? Actually, SonyLiv is promoting its web series this time in a unique way. They are calling phone users where a man named Rishi says in a shivering tone that he had observed murder and the killer wants to kill him. But at the last of a call, it has been said that it was an advertising call from SonyLiv for the upcoming web series Undekhi.

What People Are Saying On Promotion Call of Sonyliv Web Series Undekhi?

Now, people are criticizing SonyLiv for its way of promoting. A twitter RK said ” Dear @SonyLIV #Undekhi
What creepy shit promotion stint is this…. Horrible! @MIB_India @TRAI
How are Such promotional calls even allowed?
I almost skipped a heart beat, imagine elders or someone with weak heart conditions recieving it! Calling#+91 140 897 0061 #cheapshot”

Another user Rajan also had taken a dig at the streaming partner by saying ” Are the creators gone insane ?? @SonyTV @SonyLIV #Undekhi

Seriously this is not the way to promotion!!

Thank you #MumbaiPolice .”

A Twitter user called Sonyliv promotions disgusting she tweeted – “I got to know today that it is a promotional gimmick by @SonyLIV. This is disgusting. My heart stopped for a moment after this call. @MumbaiPolice #sonylivgimmickcall”

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Actress Smriti Kiran had also expressed her anger over SonyLiv promotional calls “Shame on you @SonyLIV I just got to know that this call is a promotional gimmick for your new show. I was on the floor breathless with panic when I got it. Are you out of your mind doing this??? @MumbaiPolice you must take action. This is appalling and unethical.”

After all, SonyLiv realized their mistake and apologized for it. SonyLiv tweeted -“If you have received a call for our show Undekhi & it has disturbed you we would like to sincerely apologize to you. This was a test activity that has gone out accidentally & our intention was not to cause any kind of discomfort or panic. We sincerely regret any inconvenience.”

Maharashtra Cyber Cell also alerted the streaming platform to not use such practices for promotion. At the same time Police also urged people to not nervous if they had picked such a call. They tweeted “It has come to our attention that a Sony Liv, a tv channel has used a tactic for the promotion of its new show by calling people and playing a disturbing voice recording. If you receive any such call, please do not panic and create rumors. (1/n)”

Undekhi is a thrilling web series that was released on 10th July. The story of Undekhi is based on murder, conspiracy, and crime. The episode of the web show begins with the murder of a Police cop at Sunderbans. Now, DSP Barun Ghosh (Dibyendu Bhattacharya) is in search of 2 ethical girls because they were at the spot at the time of the murder. But from somewhere he found that they have reached Manali.

But when he(DSP) reached Manali, he found that one girl has been killed by Papaji(Harsh Chhaya) at a filthy party. And her corpse was moved by Rinku (Surya Sharma) who is the son of Papaji. Now, DSP is in search of a dead girl’s companion Apeksha Porwal along with Rishi(Photographer) who was present at the time of the girl’s murder.

SonyLiv web series undekhi

Each episode of the web series is thrilling and the actors have played their role superbly. The audience is also praising Undekhi for its engaging story. Therefore overall Sonyliv web series Undekhi is very nice.

Source: The Indian Express

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