Metro Park Season2

After analyzing present situations now all the filmmakers have understood that this coronavirus problem is not going to be finished soon, it will take considerable time. In such a scenario how long can they keep all work off? Therefore, slowly they all are beginning the shootings of their respective shows and movies.

Recently, creators of Eros Now’s successful web series Metro Park season 1 have taken an initiative to begin the shooting of the second installment of the comedy-drama. After this, the complete cast of Metro Park 2 is looking very enthusiastic to act in part 2 of the series.

What Is The Story Of Metro Park?

Metro Park Season 2

We all know that how appealing and connecting is the story of Metro Park. And its impact multiplies when stars like Gopal Dutt and Sarita Joshi comes into the story. Be ready as this time we are going witness both of them in the upcoming season 2 of the series.

We all know that Metro Park is a very sweet, joyful, and heart touching story of a nuclear family who lives in the USA. Kalpesh(Ranvir Shorey) and Payal Patel(Purbi Joshi) are a Gurjrati wedded pair who have shifted to New Jersey, USA.

The New Jersey area of the USA is pretty much crowded with people belonging to India, who are of distinct figures and comes from their respective religion and cast.

Metro Park is a region near New Jersey where the couple has taken their new house. Kalpesh works in a corner store in Metro Park, on the other hand, his wife Payal runs a beauty Parlour along with her companion Sheila(Maya Indraneil Joshi) in collaboration.

Metro Park Season 2

Sheila is a better half of Dina Bhai(Indraneil Joshi) who is a buddy of Kalpesh. In the beginning episode of the drama, we have seen the entry of Payal’s sister Kinjal(Vega Tomotia) along with her hubby Kannan (Omi Vaidya).

Kinjal is pregnant and that’s why the pair want to shift from their small house located in New York City to a big house. They consider the metro park a good place to live and the only hurdle is that Kannan is a conventional South Indian guy.

We have also seen a daughter and a son of the couple. Although they are living in the USA, still they have given Indian names to their children. The name of their son is Pankaj(Arnav Joshi) while the name of their daughter is Munni(Aashmi Joshi).

One surprising fact is that the children are less puzzled about their origin while they are more puzzled regarding the weird behavior of their parents. This whole story is filled with funny and hilarious dialogues. And that’s why we fully enjoyed watching the drama.

Metro Park Season 2

You might agree with me that Metro Park is a web series that we can see along with our family members. It doesn’t have any vulgar dialogues and I believe it is the thing that makes the drama unique from other Indian web series.

In most series, we generally get to hear offensive dialogues but Metro Park again proved that ‘Content Is King’ if the script of the series has been framed properly then the audience will definitely love it.

In the season 1 episode, we loved watching the acting Ranveer Shorey. His pitch, tone, and way of delivering dialogues were just incredible, and that’s why it’s looking that the makers haven’t made major changes in the cast of part 2 of the drama. Therefore be ready as we are going to see him in the Metro Park Season 2.

Apart from him, we will also get to see previous actors replicating their previous roles.

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Metro Park Season 2 Shooting Resumes

If you remember the makers of the drama have already made it clear at the starting of this year that after receiving such a nice response they are going to renew the Metro Park 2. Due to COVID-19 they initially faced obstacles to begin the making of the series. But now after taking all necessary precautions, the shooting of the drama has resumed and stars are sharing delightful moments of shoot.

To show fans a small glimpse of season 2 actress Purbi Joshi posted a beautiful pic from the sets where she is sitting along with Ranvir Shorey and both are seeing calmly the graceful picture of nature which is in front of their eyes.

To keep fans energetic about the upcoming Metro Park 2, Ranvir also shared a pic where he is looking in-air pointing his legs towards the camera, and others Purbi Joshi, Abi Varghese, and Ajayan Venugopalan can be seen helping the actor in making the balance in that pose.

On discussing their new show Ridhima Lulla, Chief Creative Officer(CCO) of Eros Group during a press conference revealed, “Given the success, the show enjoyed for its first season, taking things a notch higher with season 2 was an easy decision for us! The worldwide popularity and viewership season one received was because the characters and milieu were modern and relatable.’

The creators of the series haven’t disclosed yet the Metro Park Season 2 release date. By doing such they are increasing the level of excitement among us. Since the shooting has started therefore we can expect that the series will arrive soon among us.

Source: Republic World

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