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The American Sci-fi show, See on Apple TV+, came up with its second season very recently with its concluding episode releasing in October 2021. The drama is created by Steven Knight who has written scripts for several popular shows like Peaky Blinders, True Detectives, and Taboo. With the way, its story turned out to be and it ended in the second season, it is natural for the fans to expect more and speculate for See Season 3.

The drama traces the story of a society that loses its sense of vision as the result of a virus infestation in the 21st century. Set a long time after this, the show brings in some rare humans to light in whom vision has once again become a dominant trait. With this begins the whole action-packed and dramatically set up American Sci-fi show. The story has definitely got more to offer with its installment.

For all those who are wondering about the chances and coming of See Season 3 – Scroll down and read all the necessary details that we have brought for you!

See Season 3 – About The Show & Recap From The Previous Seasons

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Before the arrival of See Season 3, let us quickly recap and see what the show really is about. The tale starts as a result of the removal of the majority of mankind from the planet – credits to a virus apocalypse in the twenty-first century. This unprecedented attack leads to the loss of vision in the coming generations of the survivors who are not more than a couple of million in number.

The show is set over many centuries later after this. We get to witness a new society that has learned to live and interact in ways that do not make use of their sense of sight. For the people residing here, vision or visibility is a fabricated story or a myth.

Maghra, a pregnant woman, reaches up in the mountains and requests protection and shelter from a tribe, named Alkenny. Baba Voss, the leader of Alkenny, is unable to bear children and hence, marries Maghra and takes up the role of the father of Maghra’s children.

However, Jerlamarel, the biological parent of Maghra’s child, is rumored to have the inherent gift of vision. The Payan Queen who happens to be Maghra’s sister starts hunting for Jerlamarel and his children along with the babies that Maghra is expecting. This is because the otherwise dormant and recessive trait of vision has become dominant in Jerlamarel’s kids.

Baba Voss faces the challenge of protecting his family and clan from the threat posed by the Queen. And here begins the action!

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See Season 3 Release Date – Do We Have A Confirmed Premiere Date?

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See Season 1 was released back on November 19, 2019. Shortly after this, the show was renewed for a second season but that is when the unannounced COVID-19 pandemic hit us, and some of the work was in hand badly.

The second season wrapped up its shoot on March 18, 2021, after which it was released on August 21, 2021, with its last episode premiering on October 15, 2021. What next?

Apple TV+ came up with the renewal announcement for See Season 3 in June 2021 itself. Guess what? Not only did the makers announce for renewal, but it was also confirmed that the shooting for the third season had already started in the month of May.

And the latest that we have from the sets of Season 3 is that the shooting for the next installment has already been completed. Show maker Jonathan Tropper has disclosed that the shooting of the third outing has been wrapped in Toronto, Canada. Doesn’t this sound great? It indeed does. Recently, Apple TV+ has confirmed that See Season 3 will premiere on August 26, 2022. So, be ready to witness another banging season of the sci-fi drama.

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See Season 3 Cast – Who All Are Joining The Cast For The Third Season?

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Each season of See carries the same story forward with twists, turns, and advancements in each successive installment. Hence, the major cast for See Season 3 is likely to remain the same. This means that Jason Momoa would be back in the role of the Alkenny chief, Baba Voss. However, the role of Edo Voss, played by Dave Bautista, ended in the second season and hence, won’t be there in See Season 3.

Sylvia Hoeks would return as the Queen of the Payan Kingdom, Queen Sibeth Kane. In the role of Maghra Kane, we expect to see Herra Hilmer once again. Archie Madekwe and Nesta Cooper would be returning as Kofun and Haniwa, the children of Maghra and Jerlamarel, who are later the adopted kids of Baba Voss.

Joshua Henry might make an appearance as Jerlamarel but it seems unlikely. Though the character does not have a lot of screen space, it is him because of whom this hunt for the ‘differently-abled’ people in a visionless society starts. Let’s wait to see if there are any new names to be added to this list.

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See Season 3 Plot – How Is The Plot Expected To Shape Up In The Third Iteration?

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The second season witnessed the reunion of Baba Voss and his family. Towards the end of the season, Baba Voss ends up killing Edo, his own brother. After this incident, he does have a chance to become a part of the Pennsa army, however, he decides and leaves his family.

As a result of this, we(fiferst) expect Baba Voss to have a limited role in See Season 3 and this speculation strengthens even further because Jason Momoa’s part of filming ended way earlier than others for the third season.

See Season 3 is likely to bring Maghra, Queen Kane, Kofun, and Haniwa into the spotlight. A little hint has been dropped for Season 3 that indicates the birth of a child as a result of the union between Queen Kane and Kofun. The third season may throw some light on the fate of this child and take a new turn. How Queen Kane turns out to be would be interesting to discover. Also, the third season is likely to fix and join some dots from the previous season.

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Is The Trailer For See Season 3 Out?

No, we do not have the official trailer for See Season 3 yet. Maybe Apple TV+ is planning something great for season 3 and that’s why the trailer hasn’t been released yet. However, we do expect it to be dropped soon since the shooting has been wrapped up and the makers would try to bring the results to the fans as soon as possible.

Till the third season is brought for us, here is the trailer from Season 2 for you to push you to go and rewind the story so far –

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Some Frequently Asked Questions Related To See Season 3 –

1. Is See getting a season 3??

Yes, in fact, the shooting of the third season has been concluded and is scheduled to premiere on August 22, 2022.

2. Is See Cancelled?

No, the show hasn’t been called off. As I told you above that its third has been made and is ready to be released.

3. Is See based on a book?
No, the series doesn’t follow any book or novel. Its plot is fictional.
4. Where is See filmed?
The series has been shot in British Columbia, Canada. 

5. Will See have a season 4?

No, the series won’t be renewed for the fourth time. News Week has confirmed that season 3 is the last installment of the series.
6. Who is actually blind in See?
See is one of the finest shows produced by Apple TV+ and is also quite unique from other web shows and dramas. It is one of those rare shows whose majority of actors are either blind or have very low vision. Jason Momoa and Alfre Woodard are not visually impaired but the majority are facing vision problems.
7. What is God’s flame in See?
God Flame basically signifies the sun in the drama which in turn represents God. God Flame mirrors Sun because it is for Egyptians.
8. Who is the Queen in the series see?
Sylvia Hoeks portrays the character of Queen Kane.

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