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Joe Francis is one of the most famous personalities in America. He is not only famous for the work he has done on television but also for his controversies and bankruptcy.

If these words don’t ring a bell in your mind, we’ll help you out with that in this article and so much more – you have come here for Joe Francis net worth and we have that for you but we also have so much more than that.

So let’s get started by introducing Joe Francis and then moving forward with his career, life, education, and then finally with Joe Francis net worth.

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Joe Francis – Who Is He?

Joe Francis | Girls Gone Wild
Source – New York Post

If you are a fan of Girls Gone Wild and haven’t heard of Joe Francis, are you freaking kidding us?

Well, now that you are here, we must make you well aware of who he is and practically almost everything about Joe Francis, including Joe Francis net worth.

To begin with, Joe Francis was born on the first of April 1973 and is a film producer and entrepreneur.

Well, there is a lot about him to be disclosed, so let’s buckle up and get started.

Joe Francis – How Did It All Begin?

Joe Francis with Kim Kardahsian
Source – The New York Time

As mentioned above, the man was born on the first of April 1973. His full name, you ask? Joseph R. Francis.

Born in the house of Raymond and Maria Francis, Joe’s place of birth is in Atlanta, Georgia. According to him, the family moved to California when he was only 7.

There is a lot more to know about him. But let’s begin with Joe Francis’s educational background, and career, and then later escalate to Joe Francis net worth.

Joe Francis Early Life – Education and Career

Joe Francis with the Kardashians
Source – New York Post

Educational Background

Joe Francis’s educational background states that he has attended Our Lady Queen of Angels Catholic Elementary School, and then several boarding schools.

The man is a well-known face in The United States. His graduation records come from the University of Southern California, focusing on entrepreneurship and other similar skills like that.

Career and Fame

Being born in 1973, his career started pretty early in the early 1990s. He started working as an Asst. Professor. It was while working that he came up with a bombing idea that has not occurred to someone else up to that point.

What was the idea?

The idea was of being “Banned from Television”. Wait, not literally.

Banned From Television is a collection of videos that featured unsettling real-world situations that were too upsetting to air on television. It became a movement soon after, and Bam! It was everywhere.


  1. The murder of Pete Schrum,
  2. The Murder of Lea Mek,
  3. The death of motorcycle stunt riders Corey Scott and Butch Laswell

There were so many other disturbing videos that were along with these videos.

There were three other adaptations of the same but the series was eventually dropped after that because of the horrific graphics of the show.

Joe’s mind works in another direction. The producer also came up with the most mind-blowing concept of the decade in 1997 where ferocious young girls were putting their bodies on display consensually.

They were also being paid to act as fiercely as they could.

And this is how Girls Gone Wild came to life and blasted all over the television.

Joe Francis’s Most Loved Works

Joe Francis and his ex-girlfriend Abbey Wilson
Source – ABC News

Joe is mostly known for his franchise of Girls Gone Wild. In his words, “it was liberating for women, and sexy for men”.

It is reported that the show and DVDs had earned almost $20 million by the year 2002. Which is a lot given it was… 2002.

20 million dollars at the beginning and 100s of millions’ worth of revenue in its lifetime.

Girls Gone Wild is also famous for starring Kourtney Kardashian – Yep, the one and only!

Let’s discuss Joe Francis net worth and his real estate stats now!

Joe Francis Net Worth and Real Estate Properties

Joe Francis net worth is supposedly around 25 million dollars, said

It is estimated that most of his net worth was accumulated when GGW aired and sold DVDs.

It wasn’t soon after the Franchise went bankrupt and eventually Joe had to move to Mexico.

Real Estate

The famous entrepreneur seems to have a good grip on real estate. He moved to Mexico and lives in his property known as Casa Aramara in Punta Mita, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Casa Aramare is currently said to be worth somewhere between $10 million – 15 million dollars. He regularly rents this property for as high as $30-35 thousand dollars to very celebrities, including Selena Gomez and Jennifer Aniston.

The said also owned another property named Bel-Air that he bought for about $5.45 million. The place is almost 6,500 square feet large and is in an elite neighborhood.

The property remained shut for a long period until 2019 when it was sold to Steve Wynn.

One cannot deny that Girls Gone Wild was a unique idea.

Profits From Girls Gone Wild and Controversies

According to an article by Dailymail, Joe Francis net worth in the year 2012 was as high as 50 million dollars. Most of it was gathered by the GGW brand.

But by September 2013, he had filed for bankruptcy and was on a verge of losing his home, Bel-Air.

The mentioned was also accused of underage pornography, domestic abuse, and, to say, the worst, sexual and physical assault.

Read the article by Dailymail here.

Joe Francis – Where is He Now?

Joe had gone through several legal issues and lawsuits that just kept draining him financially until he finally hit the rock bottom.

It was one black night for Joe in 2007 that led to a series of events that were not in his favor.

On the famous TV Show “Good Morning America”, Francis commented that Steve Wynn, the person who filed cases against him, was threatening to kill him.

Well, this did not go quite as planned and Steve push defamatory charges against him that further pushed him down.

To know more about Joe and his legal battles, click here.

Joe Francis also accused his girlfriend Abbey Wilson of kidnapping his twin daughters. The couple had twin daughters and named them Athena and Alexandria.

Amidst Covid-19, Joe was also arrested for spitting on a woman so that she catches the virus.

Frequently Asked Questions about Joe Francis

1. What is Joe Francis net worth?
Joe Francis net worth according to is $25 million.

2. How old is Joe Francis now?
Born on April 1, 1973, Joe Francis will turn 50 on April 1, 2023. He is currently 49 years, and 8 months old (as of December 2022).

3. Does Joe Francis have children?
Yes, he has two twin daughters, Athena and Alexandria, with his ex-girlfriend Abbey Wilson.

4. Where did Joe Francis go?
In 2013, he filed for bankruptcy and fled to Mexico with his family.

5. What was Joe Francis accused of? 
Joe Francis has been accused of severe charges that also include child pornography, rape, sexual assault, etc.

Summing Up | Joe Francis Net Worth

Filled with many controversies, Joe’s life has been filled with all ups and downs. His current net worth as mentioned above and according to Celebrity Net Worth is about $25 million (twenty-five million dollars).

He has been a controversial figure all along, however; the heat has been running low on him for a few years now. Well, good for him.

If there are more tea and drama to spill about Joe Francis net worth or anything else related to it, we’ll let you guys know through this very channel. Until then, why don’t you read about the other celebrities and their tea?

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