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‘Reality shows’ have always succeeded to leave a deep impact on their audience because of the realistic concepts and the actual reality of a world that always remains a mystery for a common man. Isn’t it? Viewers are always keen to pop into a life of celebrities, political officials, businessmen, and every successful human to know the inner secrets towards success. These reality shows are tastemakers to the audience’s life as they make viewers feel connected to the familiarity of reality checks.

Such curiosity amongst the audience arises the making of shows like Jailbirds are made to entertain the audience with the bitter realities of jails. Imprisonment is itself a terrifying term and something making the audience familiar with the harsh world of prison and a glimpse of struggles and women’s issues in the jails. The show portrayed the loopholes of the justice system and prisons. The concept of the show is inspired by the real experiences of women and the problems they face with inmates and verbal brawls amongst them.

The American reality series was released on Netflix and the differentiated concept was something to grab the audience’s attention. The atrocities of the jail were a mystery and with each episode, the story was carried forwarded and amused the audience.

The background of the show was in California. Season 1 was released in 2019, in September 2021 while Season 2 was aired with only 3 episodes and the audience eagerly awaits for further episode release or renewal of its seasons.

Now it would be interesting to have a Jailbirds Season 2 soon with more unfolded realities.

Until then happy waiting!


Jailbirds Season 2 – What we know so far!

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Source – Netflix

Jailbirds is an American reality show that showcased the female inmates in jail at Sacramento County Jail, California. The reality American show that was dropped in the year 2019 on the most chosen OTT platform i.e. Netflix grabbed a 7/10 IMDB rating and great admiration and feedback from the audience for its performance.
The shooting of the show was held at Sacramento country Jail itself and 40 minutes was the average episode duration.

Jailbirds Season 1 consisted of almost 10 episodes and its Season 2 aired in September 2021 with only 3 episodes. Now the audience has been curiously waiting for the drop of the new season and episodes. But since there’s no claim for release of the new season or further season 2’s episode by the makers and distributors the confirmation stands still.

The show is based upon the reality that how women react when she is kept in the prison. The viewers of the show were made familiar with routine life and the bond they shared with inmates in the prison. The different concepts visualized in the show carried away the audience and the series became populous amongst the audience. Now the fan base of the show curiously awaits the upcoming season. This is what our sources could collect so far! Stay connected to the article for more updates.

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Jailbirds Season 2 Release Date – Is the new season renewed?

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Source – Netflix

The majority of people prefer watching reality genre shows instead of drama, adventure-based genres, etc. The show is inspired by the prevailing conditions of women in jail and their life circumstances inspired by real-life experiences. Jailbirds is a show that is focused on the life of the women in the jail. To date, there is no official upgrade regarding the release date of season 2.

However, season 1 was wrapped up on the 10th of May 2019. So, as per the trend, the reality show was continuing for several seasons because of lack of matter, story writing or scriptwriting, and reality concepts. Netflix will surely renew the season sooner or later in the year 2022 because impatience can be seen growing amongst the audience as in the past year only 3 episodes were released . This led to serious distress in the viewers. Hoping for the best to happen for the renewal of the season!

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Jailbirds Season 2 Plot – What will be the new storyline?

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Source – Netflix

Jailbirds Season 1 flattened about the life of the women and the inmates in the jail in Sacramento’s justice department and then the show’s story shifted to New Orleans to portray the same issues but with the different backgrounds.

The story headed on with unfolding about the conditions, issues, fights with other inmates. The show showcases the actual visual of inner reality in the jails and the system’s drawbacks. The three episodes showcase the lifestyle and reason for imprisonment and the justice body system and their implications.

Each passing episode unfolded about the bland conversations of women concerning their life complexities and trashes they faced in the jail. Jailbirds Season 2’s climax will probably focus more on the life miseries unfolding several more truths and baseless myths of the life of women in jail.

Hoping to see a new season soon!

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Jailbirds Season 2 Cast – Who will be the new faces?


The cast of Jailbirds
Source – Netflix

Prisoners were kept in jail because of the offences they had committed in the past. There are a total of 13 prisoners who are in jail and at that, the reality show was captured. So, there is no such official news and the documentary that who will be the cast in the upcoming episode for the reason because some of them are granted bail under completion of tenure of their punishment which was decided by-laws and administration.

Additionally, some of them were Yasmin 19-year-old girl who is locked in jail due to car hijacking with deadly weapons, she faces some serious charges for admitting that crime. Secondly, Katrina Haslam of 24 years is charged with a report of carrying an illegal deadly weapon while driving on the wrong side of the road.

Furthermore, a guy who gets arrested in the case of a murder namely Daniel Dolla Carter may be punished with a life sentence punishment in the future for admitting the murder and many more. So there is no news that who will be the part of Jailbirds season 2. Being a reality-based show no confirmation seems to settle the unrest of the audience.

Let’s see what awaits in the drop of Jailbirds Season 2!

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Jailbirds Season 2 Trailer – Is the trailer out?

The show’s release date remains suspense to its audience until now. Whereas, the trailer is the feast for the audience’s eyes when it comes to the arrival of the show. Jailbirds Season 1 is streaming live on Netflix. You can binge-watch the series and here’s the link to the trailer of the previous season’s trailer.

Until the time Jailbirds, Season 2 updates are released just roll through the previous seasons of the show and get nostalgic seeing the first season’s trailer.


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