Hostages season 2 review

Recently, Hostages season 2 has been released over the digital streaming platform Disney+ Hotstar. After the release, there is stiff competition among web series lovers regarding who will finish all the episodes and post Hostages Season 2 reviews.

The amazing thing about Hostages is that it is a remake of Israeli web series. Not only Hostages season 2 & 1 are remakes of foreign shows but also thrilling web series like Office, Criminal Justice is made under the same scenario.

You may be aware of last year’s Hostages season 1 which didn’t get as good a response as makers expected from it. But now they have come back with Hostages season 2, to impress the audience. Now, Is Hostages season 2 is according to the expectations of people or not? Let’s know,

How Many Factors Of The Hostages 2 Are Up To The Mark?

1. Connecting Storyline


Let me tell you firstly that Hostages season 2 story continues from where it finished in the 1st part. In starting the audience gets to see that Prithvi and Aman are now completely prepared to move to a foreign country by taking Saba and CM Handa for the purpose of her operation. Sara is there to look at the Health of Saba,

On the other hand, Peter comes back to health care to collect Oxygen supplies. Now, CM’s spouse analyzes the conditions of her body and clears that she is no more. She properly shakes hands along with the team of Prithvi. But Subramanium doesn’t trust CM’s spouse’s words, therefore he analyses CM’s corpse to make satisfied himself.

He found that the corpse was not of CM, In fact, he witnesses Peter who is moving the CM’s body from Operation Theatre as the operation has been done. Thereafter, Subramanium chases Peter and then he understands the situation regarding the stable health of CM as he witnesses Prithvi moving CM,’s body into the van.

Hostages season 2 review

Now, the strategy of Prithvi goes into vain when Handa’s body disappears due to intense traffic. Now, Prithvi again searches Handa, Aman makes arrangements of the old home so that Saba can be given an oxygen supply. Due to all this Subramanium and all people gathers at the same home.

He also wishes to kill Handa, for that he has managed a shooter to kill CM but before that shooter does something Aman finished him. Subramanium has become a prisoner. But the situations become more severe because policemen listen to shoot sound and they arrive to inspect, as a result, one policeman becomes a prisoner.

Now, it becomes a detailed play for Prithvi to complete his goal along with solving this chaos without any harm.

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2. Dedicated acting by the Cast

Hostages season 2 review
You will become a die-hard fan of Ronit Roy after seeing him in Hostages season 2, The way he delivered the role of SP Prithvi Singh is just incredible. Either you talk about his energy or confidence in delivering dialogues, all the things were just outstanding.

He proved this time too why he considered as one of the finest actors of the Industry? Which dialogue in which pitch it needs to be delivered, he knows it perfectly. Divya is also matching level with Ronit Roy.

She is just fabulous in the character of the officer the way she controls any severe condition without any difficulty along with flirting with her admirers appeals to the audience most. Divya is someone who has a deep understanding of his profession.

Dino is displaying the character of a butcher having long hair and a beard. He portrays his role in a very loyal way and stoles the attention of viewers. Although his character is a bit ordinary in these types of Hindi thrillers, and we have raised up watching these roles since our childhood.

Hostages season 2 review

Staying these things apart, Dino has impressed the audience in a quite well manner. Shibani has shown the character of a company employee in a natural way. Her beautiful and elegant looks appeal to the audience in a unique manner.

Shweta in the role of Shikha entertains us a lot through his character of native Delhi Girl, especially through his foul language. His role in the web series displays a message that females are not given proper respect in the working departments.

Hostages season 2 review

That message leaves a topic that should be used in a discussion so that the right conclusion can be withdrawn from it. Other stars like Amit, Faezeh, Aasim, Shriswara, Kanwaljit, and Dalip have also displayed their characters in an awesome manner.

3. Hostages Season 2 Review Times Of India:

Hostages season 2 review
One of the most popular and widely circulated newspapers of our nation, Times Of India has given 3/5 stars to the Hostages season 2. These stars are the ones which directly and indirectly assuring us that the web series for which we were waiting for the last couple of days has now arrived among us.

This Is How People Responded Over Twitter On Hostages Season 2 Review:

But before you visit Hotstar and start watching Hostages season 2, let me clear you one thing that if you haven’t watched Hostages season 1 then directly watching part 2 will make you confused, therefore, it would better to watch part-1 before part-2.

From Ronit Roy to Shibani Dandekar all the stars who are part of Hostages’ season 2 cast have delivered awesome performances.

Along with them director Sachin Krishn also has done his job perfectly, he has directed the Hostages season 2 in a very effective way. Therefore, if you were waiting for any thriller this week, then I can assure you that Hostages Season 2 is that thriller that will give a full dose of entertainment.

Source: Bollywood Hungama

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