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Gravity Falls is a Disney XD animated series that fills up the audience with interest due to its mysterious and superstitious nature. Since you have searched for Gravity Falls ending, keep reading to decode the same!

Filled with the adventures of Dipper and Mabel Pines, the twin siblings, this show is equipped with an exemplary quirky sense of humor. Undoubtedly the series has some self-contained plot, but the centralized idea revolves around how Pines piles up against Bill Cipher who is a mysterious villain.

As you watch the show, you come to know that Dipper gets introduced to this strange creature Bill, who is a two – dimensional triangle with just a single eye, a top hat via a mysterious journal.

In the early stages of Gravity Falls,  the twins basically go to their uncle’s place whose name is Stan to enjoy their vacation but the vacation is not as typical as it is expected to be. In spite of being a fun-filled one, it got enriched with adventures and mysteries as the duo reached to unfurl the real side and some dark secrets of the sleepy to

Gravity Falls Highlights The Importance Of Family

Glimpses from the series naming Gravity Falls
Source – Disney XD

No matter how crisscrossed the plot of the series goes but a very beautiful message that leads ahead through Gravity Falls is the family being the last resort! We come across the virtue, that Family is the most benevolent, trustworthy, and strong support system.

The very same is made inevitable through the relationship between Mabel and Dipper, how this pair acts to be each other’s shoulder through thick and thin is truly exemplary to watch!

Since the creator of the show, Alex Hirsch himself has a twin sister, it’s sorted to have been able to witness the same value in his works! Not just the entertainment but the creator very successfully is able to make everybody realize via his labor that ‘Family’ carries a huge importance in every phase of an individual’s life, no matter how much grown up we ought to be, one thing that always has our back and will continue to do the same is our family!

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What Happens In The Finale Of Gravity Falls?

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No doubt that this animated drama aired for only two seasons but still has a lot of fan following even from this day! In addition to an amazing response from the audience’s side, we can not ignore the fact of how the ending still remains incomprehensible for some of them. So your search for ‘Gravity Falls ending’ ends here!

In Gravity Falls finale we can see how Pines goes up against the villain, Bill Cipher. Although earlier he did not realize later on he comes to know that he is gonna face some terrible aftermaths for indulging with that strange creature! Cipher creates a goddbledygook and chaotic situation in the town but the Pines family reaches to confront this problem after detangling the situation within their own family!

The Gravity Falls finale referring to ‘Grunkles’ shows how Ford and Stan keep at side their resentment as Stan steps forward to make the ultimate sacrifice for saving Mabel and Dipper. After that, we can witness the unfortunate demise of Bill, due to which, in the end, Mabel and Dipper wish goodbye to their family and friends following a terrible, difficult, tumultuous, and long summer!

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Dipper And Mabel Think Differently Regarding Growing Up!

Glimpses from the series Gravity Falls
Source – Disney XD

No one can evade the fact that the two kids were twins, but their ideologies definitely showed disparities as both of them have completely different views when it came to growing.

Dipper never liked himself being showcased as a child, even though he was! At first, he used to lie about his age to his friends and even to his crush, then we can even see his obsession with being muscular and how he looked for aid from macho-obsessed Manotaurs so that he could learn to be more masculine.

Dipper’s prior behavior can again be verified when he gets so irked and irritable after knowing that his sister is taller than him!

Mabel on the other hand seems very jolly and childish. She is super connected to her family and is a very emotional being, the presence of her brother around her seems like the world to her and is satisfactory for the little girl to continue her journey! Both of them have completely different aspects built up in their mind to lead their life.

On one hand, Dipper does not mind growing up and facing the challenges ahead his way at all but on the other hand, Mabel wishes to stay a kid forever and is afraid of big changes!

Although both stood on different pedestals, in the end, they realised that they could sum up really well and together they are enough to face any difficulty being a team.

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