You are already aware that very soon the Avrodh web series is going to release i.e. on 31st July over ALTBalaji. The web show is based on the 2016 Surgical Strike of Indian Soldiers over a terrorist base that was in nearby areas of LOC( Line Of Control)

Basically, Avrodh follows the novel India’s most fearless: True Stories of Modern Military Heroes. Avrodh features Amit Sadh, Darshan Kumar, Neeraj Kabhi, Vikram Gokhale, Anant Mahadevan Madhurima Tuli, and some other stars.

Who is Playing the roles of Indian Soldiers?

Neeraj Kabhi in the character of Shailesh Malviya


In the Avrodh prominent star, Neeraj Kabhi is playing the character of National Security Advisor(Shailesh Malviya). Shailesh is a cheerful government official, he thinks that the administration will never be able to prove this surgical strike if they won’t finish terrorist Abu Hafeez.

After providing his services to RAW and thereafter Journalist, Shailesh knows the universe of security internally in a very proper manner.

Amit Sadh in the character of Major Videep Singh.


While he was looking rigid and irresponsible army man in the teaser but thereafter he leads the complete operation. He depicts the character of Major Videep Singh. He utilizes his cam behavior and skills to complete the whole operation. Videep is very much certain to take reprisal of the Uri terrorist strike that happened in India.

Darshan Kumar in the character of Major Raunaq Gautam


Darshan Kumar depicts the character of Major Raunaq Gautam who is basically from Bihar. He is a very brave but a bit emotional army officer who mainly enters into the operation to take reprisal of his dead companion.

Vikram Gokhale in the character of Prime Minister


Vikram Gokhale will be showing the character of the PM of India. He is one who is the main leader of the operation. It was his unmatchable plan to attack terrorist bases located in nearby areas of LOC.

Madhurima Tuli in the character of Namrata Joshi


Actress Madhurima Tuli depicts the character of Namrata Joshi, who is a Journalist by profession. She is someone who is a constant searcher of authentic news. Either she will present the news of surgical strike to viewers correctly or not? you will see on 31st July.

Raj Acharya has directed the web series Avrodh. Earlier he has also played the role of Assistant Director in various successful movies like Don 2, Talaash, and Slumdog Millionaire. On the other hand, the web series has been produced by Applause Entertainment.

The makers of the web series have claimed that it is not the same as Uri film, they have told that it will show the stepwise procedures of the Surgical Strike on terrorist base.

Source: The Indian Express

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