Avenue is an American science fiction comedy-drama whose first episode aired on 19th January 2020. Armando Iannucci is the one who has created and produced the entire series. The episodes of drama streamed on HBO in the US while on Sky UK in the United Kingdom. The drama delivers a gripping story about the future where the characters visit space and takes a space journey.

In the drama, Hugh Laurie is introduced as an interplanetary ship’s captain whereas Josh Gad portrays the image of billionaire possessor of the Avenue 5 ship. A technical breakdown in the ship results in the imbalance of synthetic gravity of the ship which distracts it from its original route. Now, it won’t return back to earth before 3 years.

Viewers have watched this story with deep interest but now they have a curiosity to know what will happen next? That’s why they are quite eager to know Avenue 5 season 2 release date. So, if you are also a big fan of this thrilling series then see what decision showrunners has taken for its second installment.

Has HBO Revealed Avenue 5 Season 2 Release Date?

Avenue 5 Season 2 Release Date

Within few days of the release of the first season, creators amused the fans by announcing the renewal of the series for the second time in February 2020. This is entirely authentic information as Wikipedia itself has confirmed this news. Fans got relaxed after hearing this announcement of showrunners as they were quite tensed because of the drama’s poor performance on the IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes.

HBO mostly proposes a second opportunity to almost every drama and that’s why most of the review experts were already certain that they would definitely get a chance to watch another season of the series. The concept behind the story is pretty much unique and fresh where a ship’s journey consisting of rich people has been shown.

After the official announcement of the Second season’s return initially it was expected that drama would be released yet but just then COVID-19 arrived and spoiled each plan. If we consider factors like pre-production, cast selection, and script building all these will take time close to 7 months. So, according to this season 2 can be released by the end of 2021.


How Will Avenue 5 Season 2 Plot Be?

Avenue 5 Season 2 Release DateAt the ending of the first season, we get to see the throwing of overweight from the airlock of the ship. But initially, the squad has to discover Matt as he has modified airlock codes after the demise of 7 travelers after their departure from the ship’s airlock. Ultimately, somehow they reach Matt and thereafter he discloses the code to them.

In between this, Rav(Nikka Amuka-Bird) enters the ship and delivers the shuttle. A shuttle is capable of transferring two people to the Earth. However, this shuttle develops a conflict among passengers about who will take it. Judd, Jordan, Doug, Mia, Captain Clark, Iris are the ones who lose their lives on the ship.

The strategy has always remained to throw out the extra load from the rear part of the ship so that its journey time can be reduced to six months. However, Karen chooses to remove the weight from the port side because there are more airlocks against Clark’s opinion. Now, this creates more trouble for them as their travel time increases to 8 years.

So, we have seen how the situation has turned worst for travelers of the ship. They have been surrounded by the body wastes and the corpses of their companion passengers(dead). Hence, in the next season, with the continuous downfall of the ship’s condition, people will become more exhausted and tensed.

Therefore, it will be quite fascinating to see how they will overcome this problem of the ship and reach earth. So, be ready to watch Avenue 5 season 2 as this time its episodes will be crowded with more thrill and twists.

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Who Will Be Part Of Avenue 5 Season 2 Cast?

Avenue 5 Season 2 release date

Makers have revealed that they are coming with another season of the drama but they haven’t shared any details about its cast. However, we have seen how superbly the actors have performed in first season episodes. Also, we are familiar with the unsatisfactory ending with drama.

So, if we consider these parameters it isn’t seeming that showrunners will make drastic changes in lead actors of the series. They can introduce some new faces but they won’t make variations in the central characters of the show. According to this, previous stars will reprise their roles in Avenue 5 season 2 episodes too. So, the actors that are going to be seen in the second season are –

  • Hugh Laurie will be seen as Ryan Clark.
  • Josh Gad will play the character of Herman Judd.
  • Zach Woods will play his character of Matt Spencer.
  • Rebecca Front will display the character of Karen Kelly.
  • Suzy Nakamura will be seen as Iris Kimura.
  • Lenora Crichlow will play her role of Billie McEvoy.
  • Nikki Amuka-Bird will deliver her role of Rav Mulcair.
  • Ethan Phillips will portray the character of Spike Martin.
  • Himesh Patel will play his role of Jordan Hatwal.
  • Jessica St. Clair will present the character of Mia.
  • Kyle Bornheimer will display the character of Doug.
  • Andy Buckley will be seen as Frank.
  • Matthew Beard will deliver her role of Alan Lewis.
  • Daisy May Cooper will present the character of Sarah.
  • Adam Pålsson will portray the character of Mads.


How Many Episodes Will Be In Avenue Season 2?

Avenue 5 Season 2 release date

In the first season we enjoyed watching 9 episodes including –

  • Episode 1: I Was Flying
  • Episode 2: And Then He’s Gonna Shoot Off…
  • Episode 3: I’m a Hand Model
  • Episode 4: Wait a Minute, Then Who Was That on the Ladder?
  • Episode 5: He’s Only There to Stop His Skeleton from Falling Over
  • Episode 6: Was It Your Ears?
  • Episode 7: Are You a Spider, Matt?
  • Episode 8: This Is Physically Hurting Me
  • Episode 9: Eight Arms But No Hands

Showrunners haven’t provided any information yet regarding the episodes of the forthcoming season. But speculations are suggesting that it will also have 9 episodes. However, the real metrics will be known only after the launch of the second installment.

Is There Any News Of Avenue 5 Season 2 Trailer?

We can’t deliver you any authentic details about the trailer of the upcoming season as HBO hasn’t given any official statement on it. Also, we haven’t got any update about the shooting of season 2, so we have to wait until HBO releases any official statement. Till then you can enjoy watching the season 5 trailer embedded above.

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