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Anuel AA is a rapper and musician. He was born on November 26, 1992, in Puerto Rico. Due to his legal issues and disagreements, he has always been the media’s favorite.

He is a musician known for his songs that are heavily focused on physical intimacy, narcotics, violence, and assassination. He started his journey at the age of 14 and has been making music ever since then. You must be interested to know about Anuel AA net worth as a popular musician.

Please scroll down to read more about him. Here we will be telling you everything regarding Anuel AA net worth, controversies, personal life, and much more.

Anuel AA – Early Life

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Before jumping to Anuel AA net worth, let us talk about his early life. Carolina, Puerto Rico, is where Anuel AA was brought up. His father collaborated with many salsa musicians at the station when he was a young boy which lit his curiosity in the music industry.

But at the age of fifteen, his father resigned from his job, and as a result, he ended up being what Rolling Stone labeled a “son of the streets.” He admired Tupac Shakur as a child and aspired to appear like him.

Casper, a rapper who co-penned and featured on the song “Te Boté,” is his friend. He began his musical journey at the age of 14, and as soon as he reached 18, he started sharing it digitally.

His song was viewed and heard by huge numbers of people, which eventually caught the attention of American musician “Rick Ross”, who signed him to the “Maybach Music Group’s Latin division”.

His album “Real Hasta La Muerte” was published in 2016 to rouse audience enthusiasm. He received an invitation to perform as a special guest on Ozuna’s 2017 album “Odisea” as a result of the success of this compilation album which contributed to Anuel AA net worth.

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Anuel AA – Career

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Now let us get to the part where we’ll know what built Anuel AA net worth. He was detained in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, in April 2016, and after being found guilty of illegally possessing three weapons, he was given a 30-month prison term. Billboard stated that his music grew outside of prison while he was incarcerated, noting that Latin trap had a boom in fame.

He made his first record while imprisoned after being charged and detained. He seized control of his obligatory stay in a “Miami halfway house” and largely taped his vocals over through the cellphone to complete the project.

On July 17, 2018, the day he was sprung from jail, he issued his first record Real Hasta la Muerte.

This record was included in the “Best Latin Albums” list of 2018 by the publication. The rapper expressed surprise at the audience’s response and said that after over two years in jail, he couldn’t even speak in appearances.

Press coverage of the official release and the creator’s eventual transfer from jail was extensive. He created a diss song titled “Intocable” in 2018, directed against Cosculluela, another rapper. Due to its obscenity and comments regarding gays and HIV/AIDS patients, the tune received harsh criticism.

He calls La Tana, a supermodel and a TV host, a “pig” in the track due to her HIV positivity. Later, He apologized for the track. ‘It is the worst error of my career’, he said. I don’t need this, and I’m sorry to everyone I insulted.

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Anuel AA – Personal life

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He and Ivy Queen got into a fight on Instagram at the beginning of April 2019 after he asked how Ivy Queen could continue to be referred to as the “Queen of Reggaeton.”

He stated that Karol G shouldn’t be regarded as another “Queen of Reggaeton” because she hadn’t had a big song for the last 7 years. Instagram users made assumptions about his motivations for making the comments. Ivy Queen answered by talking about her background and that she paved the road for future females to come after her.


Pablo Anuel Gazmey Cuevas is his son and his ex-wife. On the set of the official recording session for the track “Culpables,” which took place in 2018, after his freedom from jail, he saw the singer “Karol G”.

After spending a year together, he and Karol G announced their relationship. Their relationship was finally acknowledged when her spouse showed up at the “Billboard Latin Music Awards” on April 25, 2019, sporting a “beautiful” diamond engagement ring. The duo apparently split up after seeing for two years.

Legal issues

On April 3, 2016, he and three additional offenders were arrested and taken to the “Regional Prison Center” in “Guaynabo” after officials found three firearms, one of which had been seized, nine magazines, and 152 bullets.

He entered a peace deal and consented to a 30-month sentence in a government cell for weapons possession. After being imprisoned, #FreeAnuel became popular among his fans as he created music from behind bars by recording his voice over the cellphone.

After a confrontation with some other offender, he was taken into custody and given a 90-day term in solitary. During his prosecution, he argued that the lyrics to his compositions did not adequately depict him.

Later, he was moved from a prison in Miami to a neighborhood cell. He admitted to Billboard that while he was imprisoned, he took inspiration for his songs from watching the news and looking at what was happening in the slums.

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Anuel AA Net Worth

Anuel AA is smiling
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Anuel AA has been gaining fans since he was a kid. During these years he was also managing his finances. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Anuel AA net worth is estimated to be $20 million.

So this was all for Anuel AA net worth. Hope you liked it!

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