Aashram Season 3 release date

On 28th August 2020, Bobby Deol came back with a rip-roaring Hindi web series Aashram that streamed on MX player. Within a few days of its release, all the social media platforms and the internet got flooded with excellent responses of people. Now, after seeing such good reviews of viewers creators thought why not release Aashram Season 2 as soon as possible?

So, after analyzing the intensity of the situation creators launched Season 2 just after two months, and like the first season, it too got fabulous feedback from people. But still, fans are not satisfied and they want the story to go ahead.

There are multiple questions linked to the drama’s story that are popping into their minds and they all are quite curious to know their answers. That’s why for the last couple of days they have been asking about Aashram Season 3 release date so that they can clear their doubts. So, let’s see how many answers related to their queries have arrived?

Has MX Player Revealed Aashram Season 3 Release Date?

Aashram Season 3 release date

MX player hasn’t given any clues regarding the release date of the third season of this blockbuster drama. The official streaming partner of the series hasn’t even made any announcement related to the renewal of the series. But if you remember the drama has been awarded 3.5/5 stars on Times Of India by critics and also it has gathered 7.4/10 stars on the IMDb after receiving 20,000+ votes.

These numbers and the ending of the previous season is suggesting that Ashram Season 3 will be surely made. It is seeming that makers are planning something big this time. Speculations are hinting that the script for the third season is on the way and pre-production has been begun. But the filming of season 3 is yet to kick off and that’s why still fair enough time is remaining before the drama gets an official release date.

Hence, we will be notified about the arrival of Ashram Season 3 once everything is clear. Many trusted sources are anticipating that it will be released by the end of 2021. But we can’t say anything until MX Player and creators make any announcement. Also, we need to keep our eyes on the social media accounts of the entire team of drama to get more accurate insights about the upcoming season.

How Will Aashram Season 3 Plot Be?

Aashram Season 3 release date

The series shows us the story of Baba Nirala. People who visit Aashram are so much fond of him that they can go to any extent to obey his orders. Consequently, all his followers give their property and money to him. But the bitter truth is that Baba is ‘Pakhandi’ and his aim is to make his every devotee lifelong follower so that he can live a luxurious life by using their money.

Each individual episode of the series discloses the hidden black deeds of Baba. Some have been revealed in the previous two seasons and many are remaining that are yet to be disclosed. That’s why every series lover is impatiently waiting to see the curtain of Baba’s lies destroyed.

After seeing the last two seasons of the series the expectations of people are quite high from Bobby Deol as well from creators. That’s why this time creators are required to make the script in a way such that it fulfills the hopes of fans. Bobby Deol has to show top-notch acting skills and at the same time, he has to put his best efforts to make his character more captivating.

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Who Will Be Part Of Aashram Season 3 Cast?

Aashram Season 3 release date

Till now, we haven’t got any progressive news that can give names of actors who are going to be part of next season. But after seeing the ending of last season it doesn’t seem that makers will make any big change in the cast of the series. People have liked Bobby Deol in the role of Baba Nirala.

Fans are impressed with the performances of other actors too. So, as per that previous stars will again back in action in the next season. However, some news faces can also be added but the central characters will remain the same. According to that the stars who will become part of Ashram Season 3 episodes are –

  • Bobby Deol will be seen as Kashipur Waale Baba Nirala.
  • Chandan Roy Sanyal will play his role of Bhopa Bhai.
  • Aaditi Pohankar will portray the character of Parminder aka Pammi.
  • Tushar Pandey will present the character of Satti aka Satwinder Lochan.
  • Darshan Kumar will be seen as SI Ujagar Singh.
  • Anupriya Goenka will deliver her role of Dr. Natasha.
  • Tridha Choudhury will display the character of Babita.
  • Vikram Kochhar will present the character of Sadhu Sharma.
  • Anil Rastogi will play his role as CM Sundar Lal.
  • Sachin Shroff will be seen as Hukum Singh.
  • Anurita Jha will portray the character of Kavita.
  • Rajeev Siddhartha will display the character of Akki.
  • Jahangir Khan will play his role of Michael Rathi.
  • Kanupriya Gupta will present the character of Mohini/ Sohini.
  • Adhyayan Suman will deliver his role of Tinka Singh.
  • Tanmay Ranjan will be seen as Dilawar.
  • Vikram Katyal will portray the character of Himanshu(Kavita’s Brother).
  • Mala Sinha will play her role of Kavita’s Mother.
  • Keshav Pandit will display the character of Kavita’s Father.
  • Sandeep Yadav will be seen as Bagga.

Apart from them, other actors like Adhyayan Suman, Tanmay Ranjan, Vikram Katyal, Keshav Pandit, Mala Sinha, Rupesh Kumar, Dimpy Mishra, Sandeep Yadav, Navdeep Tomar, Siddharth Srivastav, Nawal Shukla, Puneeta Awasthy, Akash Jaiswal, Agraj Panday, and many others will play their respective roles.

How Many Episodes Will Be In Aashram Season 3?

Aashram Season 3 release date

In last season we saw 9 adventurous episodes including :

  • Episode 1: Triya – Charit
  • Episode 2: Chhadma – Vesh
  • Episode 3: Naag – Paash
  • Episode 4: Mrig – Trishna
  • Episode 5: Kaliya – Mardan
  • Episode 6: Chhadma – Yudhha
  • Episode 7: Moh – Bhang
  • Episode 8: Koot – Neeti
  • Episode 9: Chakra – Vaat

No details from the side of makers have come regarding the episodes of the forthcoming season. But you might have noticed that there were 9-9 episodes in each of the previous two seasons of drama and that’s why some fans are anticipating that the third season will also have 9 episodes. However, this is just speculation real metrics will be disclosed only after the launch of season 3.

Is There Any News of the Aashram Season 3 Trailer?


We can’t predict anything on the trailer because the series hasn’t even renewed for the fourth time. After renewal, all other tasks like pre-production, selection of actors, script making, and many other things will be done. And all these works will take sufficient time to complete. After this shooting of drama will begin and after the finish of the shoot, we will get a chance to see Ashram Season 3 trailer.

So, definitely, a long time is remaining for the trailer’s arrival. However, if you immensely enjoyed season 2 episodes then you can refresh those awesome moments by watching Ashram Chapter 2 trailer. To know more updates about drama don’t forget to keep checking this post on regular basis.

Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions Related To Aashram Season 3 Episodes –

1. Will Aashram Season 3 Come?

Neither Showrunners nor any trusted sources have revealed any valid information regarding the fortune of Season 3. That’s why it’s unclear whether the third version of the popular drama will arrive or not. Many sources are speculating that Season 3 can be released by MX Player in 2021. But we have to wait until an official announcement comes.

2. How many seasons are there of Aashram?

Two seasons have been released so far. The first season arrived in August 2020 followed by the second one in November 2020.

3. Does Netflix have Aashram?

No, Ashram is a part of MX Player Originals and it is available only there.

4. How many episodes are there in Aashram?

The drama has a total of 18 episodes including both seasons.

5. Does Aashram based on a true story?

Even though creators have said that the series is entirely fictional but still its story is quite linked to real life. It is very much similar to the lives of Babas like Asaram or Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh.

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