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Long-standing anime, under a perpetual influx of fame betwixt the ages, has been at the core of Japanese civilization and in recent years has blown up a significant no. of the human population worldwide. The hot topic of this hour would be the upcoming anime High Rise Invasion Season 2.

The extraordinary capacity of an anime to develop with its viewers could be considered as one of the fundamental justifications to what led it to endure the flow of time and attract reputation around the globe.

Debuted on 25 February 2021, High Rise Invasion is just one such anime that has recently been added to the long list of one of the most-watched anime on Netflix.

Since season one of the High Rise Invasion ended with a lot of unresolved mysteries, there are strong chances for its revival in the nearest future. Continue to read for all the steaming flashes concerning High Rise Invasion Season 2.

High Rise Invasion Season 2: What do we all know so far?

The lead character's of High Rise Invasion is seen to be hunted by masked men.
Source – CBR

High Rise Invasion Season 1 begins with a world loaded with high rises and engineered overpasses associated with them and a young high school girl who gets transported there ending up being hounded by occult figures to a point of realization that not only her but many other youngsters are prey to similar circumstances. However, one cannot argue at that point if they’re companions or adversaries.

The abundance of weapon-employing people in disguise that appear to need our main protagonist (Yuri Honjô) dead is her primary severe shock subsequent to her awakening in the skyscraper incubus.

The various masked men seem to be reprobates primarily, however, the circumstance is significantly more muddled than that depicting them to be their own sort of detainees in this situation.

The endeavors of all the characters to absolutely get a good grip on their new climate is what most part of the High Rise Invasion Season 1 deals with. Yuri’s longing to track down her sibling, Rika remains to be a subordinate to bigger missions like getting away and turning into a perfect God.

The mysteries as such throughout the season are something that caught the interest of the audiences and still continues to throb in the hearts of many viewers. Since Yuri achieves a great deal throughout the episodes, her separation from her sibling remains unsolved by the end of season 1.

In view of the fact that our protagonist is still to be reunited with her sibling, one can argue the revival of High Rise Invasion Season 2 anytime soon and we, my dear, are here with a bundle of hot updates on everything you need to know about the same. So, keep up with the information by reading till the end.

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High Rise Invasion Season 2 Release Date: When can we expect the launch?

Two characters of High Rise Invasion seem to pose in a frame.
Source – Rotten Tomatoes

High Rise Invasion manga with around 259 published chapters has been photo animated into 149 chapters just yet. As already highlighted, season 1 was launched on 25 February 2021. Considering this, High Rise Invasion Season 2 is eagerly awaited and anticipated in the nearest date possible.

The year has hit February already and the official green light on the same is yet to be verified. Though many of the ardent viewers have already read the remaining chapters of manga that are yet to make their way to the screen, there’s still no limit to their waiting to see the improvised animated version of the same.

As soon as we’re filled in with the most recent intriguing updates, we’ll be the first to let you know about it. So as it always has been suggested by me, bookmark or save the site for the future.

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High Rise Invasion Season 2 Cast: Are we going to see some new faces?

Two characters with a masked man are seen in a frame.
Source – CBR

Who all are going to be a part of the High Rise Invasion season 2? Would there be any new faces? Well, can a story miss its protagonist? Of course not! So, keep Yuri Honjô on the list.

Apart from our lead character, Yuchior Umehara voicing sniper mask, Akira Sekine voicing Lyon Shinzaki, Junya Enoki voicing Rika Honjo, and Shiki Aoki playing Mayuko Nise can be expected to be seen together on screen once again.

Sources tell that the creator Tsuina Miura may likewise choose to add new characters depending upon the demand of the hour. So the audience can sit tight for some fresh new faces on their way to the screen.

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High Rise Invasion Season 2 Plot: What’s the new narrative?

A masked man and the lead character of High Rise Invasion is seen.
Source – CBR

What can one expect from the upcoming season 2 of High Rise Invasion? For the ones who already read the remaining chapters of the manga, somehow exhibit a picture in their head, yet when it comes to photo animation, manga comes with a lot of improvisations.

A general idea concerning the storyline of the forthcoming season can be derived from the unsettled storyline towards the finish of the primary season. As an illustration, the story took off with Yuri’s longing to bring her sibling to light, to find her, hence the viewers can expect a reunion of Rika and Yuri in the revival of season 2. This sure can be anticipated as a subplot followed by the main storyline.

Besides this, throughout the span of season 1 of High Rise Invasion, we all witnessed Sniper Mask and Kuon developing unbelievably close. Worry and concern are shown at many stances by the Sniper mask towards Kuon, while her being completely enamoured with him. This too can be expected to be a major subplot of the coming season.

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High Rise Invasion Season 2 Trailer: Is the trailer out yet?


Though there’s no trailer or teaser out for the same as such, the audience can surely be delighted at the fact that the new season is sure in the works and would hit the screen sooner than later.

The link to the new trailer would be added as soon as we get it from the sources. Though it is expected to drop soon, the wait would be worthwhile. Till then, enjoy watching the season 1 trailer.

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High Rise Invasion Season 2: Is it worth watching?

The lead character is seen holding a gun.
Source – Latin Times

All of us possess different tastes but the ones who are intrigued by the suspenseful storyline and mysterious plots, this anime is made just for you, go for it.

The anime offers a spooky rush of adrenaline by tossing its characters into tricky circumstances every step of the way.

Overall, however, the anime is a decent watch and I strongly suggest it in general. Be that as it may, in juxtaposition with the manga, manga would fascinate you on a deeper level. You can likewise watch the anime yet after the finale of season 1, I’m certain you’ll get to the manga anyways.

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