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Want to watch a show that is feel-good, relatable, represent various communities together, and also deals with various social subjects, then Rutherford Falls is the show for you. It has earned a separate fan base for itself by tackling various multiplex problems and having a rich diversity of both cast and crew, something not seen very often in an American show.

The show aired not long ago but last year only in April 2021. It currently has a 6.5 rating on IMDb. Scroll down to find out about the latest updates and information we have found regarding Rutherford Falls Season 2 release date, storyline, cast, trailer, and many more.

Rutherford Falls Season 2 – About The Show

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Rutherford Falls Aired on OTT network platform Peacock on April 22, 2021. It is an American TV Series and has comedy-drama as its genre. Ed Helms, Sierra Teller Ornelas, and Michael Shur have worked together and are the creative force behind the show.

The story’s setting is done in a small town, the northeast where things go haywire when Nathan Rutherford (Ed Helms) fights against moving his ancestor’s statue which the mayor has decided to move because it is at the center of the traffic circle and is a dead-end for the car drivers. The story moves forward with Nathan and Reagan Wells’s (Schmieding) friendship being questioned because of the statue.

This show also deals with everyday problems, Talks about transcendentalism, a shift from present to the old days is there, about America’s chronicles and colonization which are complex issues but in a very subtle manner by making it a comedy series along with telling us about the history of America.

The debut season has a total number of ten episodes which are – Pilot, Blackheart Lodge, Aunt Ida’s 90th Birthday, Terry Thomas, History Fair, Negotiations, Rutherford Inc., Skoden, Stoodis, and D’Angelos. This series has acquired positive responses from both critics and the audience. Tackling different issues faced by native people, it is a timely sitcom that brings light and educates us about indigenous culture. Now let’s find out all the specifics related to Rutherford Falls Season 2.

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Rutherford Falls Season 2 Release Date – When It Is Arriving?

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The first season of Rutherford Falls premiered on 22nd April 2021 and after receiving a positive response, the show has been renewed for the second season. The show has been picked up again for season 2 by Peacock and it was announced by the network on 8th July 2021.

The co-creator and executive producer Sierra Teller Ornelas has confirmed this by tweeting about it. She said “I’m freaking ecstatic to announce that #RutherfordFalls will be back for season 2!!! Can’t wait to get new [episodes] in front of your eyeballs soon! Until then, get your tush to @PeacockTV and catch up on season 1! What a day!!!”.
Anyhow, no confirmation date has been assigned yet for the next season but one can predict the season
two is coming soon.

We are guessing that Rutherford Falls Season 2 will have the same number of episodes(10), similar to the previous season. If we receive any news regarding season two, we’ll attach it here so make sure to revisit this website for more information. Now let’s talk about the plot of season Rutherford Falls Season 2 and what may happen in it?

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Rutherford Falls Season 2 Plot – What’s Going To Happen Next?

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Anticipating the storyline of the next season is a challenging task. But we have few certainties as to what will happen next. The first season ends with the discovery of Nathan not being a Rutherford and with both friends(Wells) resolving their conflicts. The concluding episode of the first season is itself left on such a cliffhanger that various questions arise in our minds like – Will Nathan freak out? Will he have an identity crisis? How will we get over this?

Will all his efforts to protect the statue were for nothing is what we are expecting to be answered in season two. We are also excited to see how the show will continue to deal with social issues and address sensitive problems like colonialism and indigenous conflicts. Anyways, we are expecting to have a funny, creative, witty, and an eventful
series coming our way.

Till then let’s find out about the cast of Rutherford Falls Season 2.

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Rutherford Falls Season 2 Cast – Who Will Be Part Of Season 2?

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The main cast members of the series are going to be retained for season two of Rutherford Falls which includes co-creators and producers of the show Ed Helms, Michael Scott, Sierra Teller Ornelas. It will also have Jana Schmieding as Reagan Wells, Michael Greyeyes as Terry Thomas Jesse Leigh as Bobbie Yang, Dustin Milligan as Josh Carter, Dana L. Wilson as Deirdre Chisenhall, Geraldine Keams as Rayanne Ben Koldyke as Dudley – Duz – Rutherford, Adam Farabee as Charlie Cromwell, Mimi Gianopulos as Kaitlyn.

Recurrent stars like Jason Grasl as Forest Grant, Chevonne Hughes as Bonnie, Devery Jacobs as Jess Wells, Monica Padman as Melanie Camille, Schurer as Madison, Bobby Wilson as Wayne, Julia Jones as Sally, Paul F. Tompkins as Professor Tobias James Kaufman, Beth Stelling as Ms. Fish, Kiawentiio Tarbell as Maya Thomas will also star in season two.

Now let’s talk about the trailer of Rutherford Falls Season 2 and when is it arriving?

Rutherford Falls Season 2 Trailer – Is It Arriving Soon?

No, the trailer of Rutherford Falls has not arrived yet. It is predicted that the season two trailer will release in the middle months of 2022. Since it’s going to take some time to be executed as the shooting of the second season is still going on.

Till then if you haven’t watched the series yet, we recommend you to watch Rutherford Falls and you won’t be disappointed. It is available on the Peacock streaming service. We will be back with more updates about the story when Peacock launches the trailer of Rutherford Falls Season 2. Till then watch the official trailer of Rutherford Falls Season 1.

Watch it below.


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