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So, we’re guessing you’re here because you are also a fan of this amazing American drama show “Good Trouble” and want to know about the Good Trouble Season 4 release date. Well, in that case, this is exactly the place to be.

With back-to-back superhit 3 seasons of Good Trouble, the series was renewed for yet another hit season 4 of the show. Now that being said, the viewers are eagerly waiting for the Good Trouble Season 4 release date. And honestly, so are we!

But here is what we have a little extra. We might have a little sneak-peek into what is happening behind the curtains of Good Trouble season 4 and some updates on that. So, if you feel even a little intrigued by the thought of that, stay glued to this article and find out what we have!

But before we hop on to Good Trouble season 4’s updates, what do we know till now? And what predictions can we make about the upcoming season 4 of this wonderful drama Good Trouble?

Good Trouble Season 4; What Do We Know So Far?

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If you want to know how really good Good Trouble is, you should know that Good Trouble is one of the top 20 most-watched shows by women under 35.

This show that streams originally on Freedom network is full of comedy, romance, drama, and pretty much everything that one would need to make a perfect blend for a perfect show. The response from the audience was, again, tremendously positive.

The comedy-romance-drama series also has a considerable 7.5 out of 10-star rating on IMDb. Now, that has got to count for something!

How The Good Trouble Season 4 Plot Will Be?

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Good Trouble, created by Joanna Johnson, Bradley Bredeweg, and Peter Paige revolves around the story of Callie who works as a Law Clerk and Mariana Foster who works as a Software Engineer.

This show is known to provide a reasonable plotline each season that has kept viewers devoted to this show.

No doubt viewers are so devoted to the show.

The plot of Good Trouble season 4 will start where it left in the third season. Carrying the story forward, we can expect that Good Trouble season 4 is going to bind many loose ends from the third season of the show, including Malika’s brand-new work world, Gael and Isabella’s pregnancy, and many more interesting things!

What do you think will happen in the 4th season? Any predictions?

What Does Good Trouble season 4 Cast Look Like?

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To say the least, how it is the same show without the main cast? This means it is extremely safe to say that our favorite main cast is going to be back on screens, soon.

  • Zuri Adele as Malika Williams; a bartender who lives with her sisters.
  • Maia Mitchell as Callie Adams Foster; Mariana’s adopted sister, and law clerk.
  • Cierra Ramirez is Mariana Adams Foster, Callie’s adopted sister, and a software engineer.
  • Tommy Martinez is Gael Martinez, a graphic designer who falls for Callie.
  • Sherry Cola as Alice Kwan, the manager of the Cotiere where both sisters live.
  • Tommy Martinez a trailer Martinez, a graphic designer.
  • Emma Hunton as Davia
  • Beau Mirchoff as Jamie
  • Josh Pence as Dennis

We’re sure, new cast members, if any, would be welcomed on the set too!

How Many Episodes Will Be in Good Trouble in season 4?

The episode scheme of any series can easily be predicted by looking at how the previous season’s episode scheme was.

As for the Good Trouble season 4 episode scheme, we can only predict because no official news has come yet.

Season 1 of Good Trouble had a mere 13 episodes, increasing the number by 5, season 2 of the show had 18 episodes and then the third season had 19 episodes.

Looking at this number, viewers can expect the number of episodes in the Good Trouble Season 4 to be around 15-20 with the duration of about 40-60 minutes, as in the earlier seasons.

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What is Good Trouble Season 4 Release Date Going To Be?

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Finally, the question we’ve been waiting for! What is the release date of Good Trouble Season 4? When is Good Trouble Season 4 coming out?

Well, here are the much-awaited answers.

Again, if we analyze the previous release patterns of the show, that being, the first season in 2019 January, the second season in June 2019, and the third in February 2021, we could have told you that season 4 will come out in around October 2021.

But, here is the real deal.

Just like season 3 of the show got delayed due to the pandemic, there is a probability of the same happening this time as well.

Good Trouble Season 4 got renewed in September 2021. So, we can only assume that the season will come out around the end of 2021 or in between the beginning of next year or, the mid-2022.

Devotees of the show might have to wait for a while, while the makers make sure the wait is worthwhile.

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Good Trouble Season 4 Trailer

While the Good Trouble season 4 is still a show-in-making, the trailer for the 4th season hasn’t come out yet.

But, why not refresh our memory of the previous seasons of the show?

While you watch the trailer of season 3, why don’t you also keep a watch on this post? As soon as it comes out officially, you will find it right here!

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Summing Up: Good Trouble Season 4 Release Date

So, here was all that we knew about Good Trouble Season 4 release date, cast, episodes, episode scheme, and trailer. We hope we helped you with some information today on your favorite TV show!

Until you keep waiting for Good Trouble season 4 to release, it is only reasonable you watch something dramatic to keep you going, no?

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Some Frequently Asked Questions Related To Good Trouble Season 4 –

1. Will there be a season 4 for Good Trouble?

Yes, the show received a green signal for the fourth season by Freeform on September 8, 2021, shortly after the third iteration finished its run on the platform.
2. How many seasons of Good Trouble are there?
Three outings of the drama have arrived so far.
3. How old is Mariana in Good Trouble?
She is 25 years old.
4. How many episodes of Good Trouble Season 4 are there?
The season has a total of 20 episodes.

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