Nowadays, people’s interest is not only restricted to action shows but also they enjoy watching medical dramas. The first-ever medical series, ER was aired in 1994 and was quite successful. Since then channels have been releasing a variety of medical shows and people love to watch them.

Their craze isn’t over yet. House, M.D., The Good Doctor, Chicago Med, and Grey’s Anatomy are some of the superhits shows that have been released in the last couple of years. Recently, one more name has joined this list and is none other than Harrow. ABC dropped Harrow Season 1 on 9th March 2018 which soon became a successful medical drama.

The narrative tells a story of a doctor, who doesn’t always obey the guidelines but gives priority to his patients. Contrary to House, Dr. Harrow’s patients are normally lifeless which signifies that he mostly inspects death causes instead of curing alive people.

The show has received optimistic responses from viewers as well as critics. It has gathered a stunning 7.6/10 stars on IMDb. The third iteration of the drama wrapped up on 11th April 2021. Now, fans want to know what showrunners are planning for Harrow season 4. If the same question is also in your mind, here is what you shouldn’t miss reading –

Will There Be A Season 4 Of Harrow?

Harrow Season 4 Cast
Image Credit – ABC

ABC Network still has not made it clear whether Harrow season 4 episodes will be created or not. The ratings and other parameters of the drama are passable, that’s why it isn’t looking that the fourth season will be canceled. According to Deadline, the third season was officially ordered in October 2019 which is almost three months after the wind-up of the second season.

Later, season 3 premiered on 7th February 2021. Now, the thing to notice is that there were nearly 16 months of gaps between the renewal date and the release date of the third season. Do you know why the drama took so long time to arrive?

This was the time when the entire world was facing hardships due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the same was happening with season 2 as well as it had to shut down its production multiple times.

The first season was telecasted in March 2018 while the second one was released in May 2019. There wasn’t a large time gap between the arrival dates of these seasons as there was no Coronavirus at that time.

Is Harrow season 4 renewed? Since most of the countries have vaccinated their citizens and have removed COVID-19 restrictions, Harrow season 4 can be premiered on time. Initially, it was seeming that the fourth season would be renewed by July 2021, but that didn’t happen.

But now, it is safe to assume that season 4 can be greenlit in 2023. If it happens, showrunners will try to make the fourth outing as fast as possible. If everything goes well, the show can be released by the last of 2023. However, looking at the current situation it isn’t looking that the show will get season 4.

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Harrow Season 4 Plot – What’s New Coming?

Harrow Season 4 - Ioan Gruffudd
Image Credit – ABC

The Harrow introduces us to a doctor named Dr. Daniel Harrow, who is slightly different from the ones we know. He is someone who has huge empathy for the patients who die in front of him. He doesn’t leave them alone after their demise and tries to find out their past story and what exactly happened to them.

He can go to any extent to decode the enigma behind any patient’s death. Due to this mentality, he becomes successful in solving strange and mysterious cases. During Harrow season 3, Dr. Harrow tries to reunite with his assumed son, James whom he had previously supposed to be dead. By the end of season 3, James gets abducted while Dr. Harrow, Fern, and Callan put effort to make him free from kidnappers.

When James comes out safely from the trap of blackmailers, his mom discloses to Dr. Harrow that James isn’t his son and that the lie was just a trial by Tanya to assure Dr. Harrow’s participation in her life.

As the biggest mystery that was Dr. Harrow’s connection with James has been solved in the final moments of the third iteration, no more incomplete puzzles are remaining to be solved next. Hence, Harrow season 4 will begin on a fresh note and will throw light on other incidents related to the life of Dr. Harrow.

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Harrow Season 4 Cast – Are We Going To Witness New Stars In The Next Season?

Harrow Season 4 Cast
Image Credit – Insider Advantage Georgia

Ioan Gruffudd plays the prime character of Dr. Daniel Harrow in the series. He is the one around whom the entire drama revolves. If Harrow season 4 arrives in the future, he should be in it. His portrayal of Dr. Daniel Harrow is the most demandable character of the show.

Gruffudd is known for playing the role of Fifth Officer Lowe in the famous Titanic movie. He also appeared as Reed Richards in the Fantastic Four movie that was released in 2005. Since no official details have arrived yet, we can’t anticipate more about the cast of the fourth season.

However, apart from Ioan, there are also some other actors whose returns seem possible. Ella Newton, Darren Gilshenan, Callan Prowd, and many other stars can be seen in the upcoming season. These actors have got praise from the audience for playing their roles compellingly.

Creators can also surprise us by including some new actors in season 4. However, there will be a decent ratio between the recently added actors and former ones. Credible sources like Looper hint that previous lead actors can become part of Harrow season 4. So, after considering these parameters, the actors who will be seen in season 4 are –

  • Ioan Gruffudd will play the role of Dr. Daniel Harrow.
  • Mirrah Foulkes will deliver her role as Sergeant Soroya Dass.
  • Darren Gilshenan will be seen as Lyle Fairley.
  • Damien Garvey will portray the character of Bryan Nichols.
  • Ella Newton will display the character of Fern Harrow.
  • Hunter Page-Lochard will present the character of Callan Prowd.
  • Jolene Anderson will play the role of Dr. Grace Molyneux.
  • Gary Sweet will deliver her role as Bruce Reimers.


How Many Episodes Will Be In Harrow Season 4?

Harrow Season 4 Cast
Image Credit – ABC

In Harrow season 3, we have seen 10 episodes including –

  • Episode 1: Marta Semper Certa Est
  • Episode 2: Damnant Quod Non-Intellegunt
  • Episode 3: Tarde Venientibus Ossa
  • Episode 4: Per Stirpes
  • Episode 5: Ut Biberent Quoniam Esse Nollent
  • Episode 6: Ne Puero Gladium
  • Episode 7: Sola Dosis Facit Venemum
  • Episode 8: Alea Iacta Est
  • Episode 9: Quam Innocentum Damnari
  • Episode 10: Ab Initio 2

All the earlier released seasons of the drama had 10 episodes. Also, most of the shows which arrive nowadays consist of 10 episodes. So, Harrow season 4 can also follow this trend, which means it will have 10 episodes.

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Who is the killer in Harrow?

Daniel confirmed that he murdered Robert. Ioan Gruffudd played the character of Dr. Daniel Harrow.

Harrow Season 4 Trailer: Is It Coming In 2023?


It’s not feasible to predict the release date of the trailer as ABC hasn’t even commissioned season 4. We will have to wait until the creators announce their final decision. Although previous seasons have done well, the drama can be discontinued.

The reason behind it can be the convincing ending of the third season. So, anything can take place in the coming months. If we get any progressive information about Harrow season 4 we will notify you.

Some Frequently Asked Questions Related To Harrow Season 4 –

1. Is there season 4 of Harrow?

ABC Network is yet to reveal its final decision about the fourth iteration of the drama. The series has secured a stunning 7.6 stars on IMDb and also has been able to develop a huge fan following. So, if we look at these parameters, it seems that the show will get a renewal soon.

2. Is Harrow finished?

No, the showrunners have neither announced the continuation of the show nor canceled it. They are just taking slightly more time to finalize their decision.

3. How many series of Harrow have there been?

So far three iterations of the show have been released. And we are now hoping that the show has a long way to go.

4. Where is Harrow filmed in North Queensland?

The second outing was shot in several spots including places like Allora, Lake Leslie, and Rosenthal Heights.

5. Where to watch Harrow series?

All the episodes of the series can be viewed on the Hulu network and ABC network.

6. Who played Mrs peak in Harrow?

Lisa Harrow portrays the role of Mrs. Peak in the drama.
7. Was Harrow a doctor?
Harrow was a very brilliant doctor and scientist. Because of his exceptional contributions in the field of medicine, he was also nominated for a Nobel prize.
8. Is Harrow worth watching?
Yes, the medical drama series is quite adventurous. The script has been framed nicely, and the entire cast has acted quite well throughout the show. It has got an average audience score of 82% on Rotten Tomatoes.
9. Who is Simon in Harrow?
Remy Hii played the character of Simon in the drama. He is an Australian actor who has worked in movies like Crazy Rich Asians, and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Far From Home.
10. Is Harrow like Dexter?
Dexter has been one of the most popular series on ABC. Although Harrow is similar to Dexter in some areas the storyline of Harrow is completely different from Dexter. Harrow narrates the tale of biomedical doctor Dr. Daniel Harrow.
11. How many episodes of Harrow are there?
30 episodes of the drama have been released so far.
12. Where can I watch Harrow season 4?
Since the fourth outing hasn’t been released yet, you can’t watch it.
13. What happened to Simon on Harrow?
His corpse was found across the river, and after seeing his lifeless body everyone was completely surprised.
14. Is Harrow on Amazon Prime?
Yes, the initial two seasons of the series are on Prime Video.
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