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The American Sci-fi drama, The Nevers, initially created by Joss Whedon, happens to be a collaborative production of HBO and Mutant Enemy Productions. The show has gone through a rollercoaster ride ever since its development started in 2018 before releasing the first season in 2021 and that too is not in complete shape.

Fans have been wondering about the whereabouts of The Nevers Season 2 and that is what brings us here. Read on to discover facts and updates that we have gathered and brought exclusively for you related to Season 2 –

The Nevers Season 2 Synopsis – Recap From The Previous Season

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The Nevers is a Sci-fi show and naturally has got out of box elements. In the backdrop, we have London of the Victorian Age that witnesses the whole story.

Members of a gang that goes by the name ‘The Touched’ discover themselves to have been bestowed with some unnatural and special powers and abilities. At the same time, what follows is a chain of rivals who are right after them while they are on a mission that has got the potential to transform the world.

The show delivers a series of events and challenges that these special beings, mostly women, face or come across. Class distinction, the internal troubles in the gang, and space invasions spice up the story. Does it not ignite the interest? Well, there is time travel and an amazing display of some unseen powers that are sure to catch your eye.

The Nevers Season 2 Release Date – What Is The Confirmed Premiere Date For Season 2?

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Did you ask about the second season? No, we do not know about that but we do have updates about a ‘sort of’ second season. Read on!

It was in 2018 when The Nevers started developing. In the beginning, it struggled to have a home and faced bidding issues. The resolution came in when HBO finally announced the show. The show aired a length of six episodes on HBO for the first time on April 11, 2021.

However, Jon Whedon who played a huge role behind the scenes in the series parted ways with The Nevers in 2020 as its writer. Later, Philippa Goslett stepped into the shoes of Jon Whedon as the screenwriter for the drama.

Soon after, the COVID pandemic further impacted the show. The shooting had to be stopped midway in the initial period of 2020 and it had been completed for only five episodes till then.

The first season was then divided into two parts with six episodes each. The cast and crew got done with the filming of the sixth episode in October 2020 and after the post-production work, the first part with the first six episodes was released on HBO on April 11, 2021.

As far as the next six parts are concerned, they are scheduled to release sometime in the early half of the present year if everything goes right. So, whether you call it the second part or not, the fans have definitely got something to look forward to. Wait for The Nevers Part 2 to hit your screens in 2022.

The Nevers Season 2 Cast – What Is The Cast Of Part 2 Going To Be Like?

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The next six episodes of The Nevers would be a continuation of the story that has happened so far in the first six episodes. Naturally, most of the characters are expected to retain their roles for the upcoming installment.

Laura Donelly would be back as Amalia True, a member of ‘The Touched’ who can peep into the future. Anne Skelley would also return as Penance Adair, Amalia’s best friend who happens to be an excellent inventor with the special ability to be able to ‘see’ the patterns of electrical energy. Olivia Williams would be back as Lavinia Bidlow who has also got a pivotal role to play at ‘The Touched.’

Tom Riley is also expected to return as Lavinia’s brother, Augie Bidlow who happens to be a hidden member of ‘The Touched.’ Rochelle Neil would return as Annie Carbey who can create flames. Amy Manson would be there as well a the underground member of the gang, Sarah or Maladie. Zackary Momoh, Nick Frost, and Elizabeth Berrington are also expected to be a part of it as Doctor Horatio Cousens, Declan Orrun, and Lucy Best respectively.

Viola Prettejohn, Anna Devlin, Kiran Sonia Sawar, Ella Smith, and Vinnie Heaven would also return as the remaining members of the lot. Other than these Pip Torrens, James Norton, and Eleanor Tomlinson would most probably be back as Lord Gilbert Massen, Hugo Swann, and Mary Brighton respectively. Denis O’ Hare is also likely to be seen again as Dr. Edmund Hague, a surgeon who is investigating about ‘The Touched.’

The Nevers Season 2 Plot – What Do We Expect To Happen In Season 2?

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The first six episodes of The Nevers did not end on a note that could be called an ‘end.’ There is definitely more to come and the second part of the first season would soon take over. The good thing is that it is not just a guess but a confirmation that another six episodes would be arriving soon. What would happen next?

The sixth episode of the first season turned all our expectations upside down and left wide scope for the tale to go further. The next series of episodes would naturally extend from where the story has left up till now. Towards the end of the first part, the source of the unusual powers among the members of ‘The Touched’ was revealed. However, there could be more to add to it and more reasons to share.

Amalia’s real origin was disclosed which would have been surprising for some. Next, we’d expect to know where is Amalia eventually led as the story progresses. The result of the struggles and challenges would also be exciting to watch. (WE DISCUSSED IT ALL WITH NO SPOILERS)

However, since the writer has changed, we are not sure if the story would follow the same path as it initially intended to. Things might change and take a turn when we expect the least.

The Nevers Season 2 Trailer – When Is The Trailer For Part 2 Coming Out?

As of now, we do not have the trailer for The Nevers Season 2. However, the second part of the first season (can we take that as the second season to comfort our waiting hearts?) would be released in 2022. Hence, a trailer is expected to be out soon.

The Nevers Part 2 would be an extension of the part that has already been released. Till the makers come up with the next trailer, here is the trailer that was released before the first part of The Nevers. Watch this, revisit the journey and be ready to join the dots whenever the next episodes are dropped –


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