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Oh, the action-packed thrill! Flying kicks, punches, and fights! Isn’t it what we want from a martial arts drama? Hell yes! Guess what? Wu Assasins is just the Netflix series for you if you are a fan of it!

Who does not like an action-packed series filled with a lot of buzzes, suspense, and a lot, A LOT of drama? I would not miss is for life! On that note, here are the updates and all the “TEA” you should know about Wu Assassins Season 2!

Wu Assassins Season 2- What is The Spilled Tea?

Wu Assassins is a martial arts drama series that first premiered on 8th August 2019 on Netflix. Its first season created such a buzz among the audience that everyone started waiting for its next season. When this Netflix show came in 2019, it instantly grabbed the attention of viewers.

The action-based web series created huge curiosity among the youths, we can understand its craze by this one thing that just after watching the first season, people started anticipating the plot of the second season. ‘Wu Assassins’ is created by Tony Krantz and John Wirth. Its first season consists of 10 episodes.

Wu Assassins Season 2 Poster
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In the show, Kai Jin (Uwais), a young Chinatown chef currently in San Francisco, becomes embroiled in the discovery of the Chinese Triad of deadly ancient powers known as “Wu Jing”. After an encounter with a mysterious spirit, Kai reluctantly becomes Wu’s killer, using his advanced martial arts skills to recover supernatural powers from five modern criminals threatening to use them to destroy the world.

The buzz of Wu Assassins Season 2

“Wu Assassins” came up with a peculiar mix of kung fu, Asian street food, and science fiction, starring Iko Uwais as a Chinese-Indonesian chef who turns out to be the last of the Wu killers.  The series had a total of ten episodes with six directors.

Kai Jin (The main character)

Iko Uwais brings life to Kai Jin’s character. Kai Jin is a Chinese-Indonesian chef in Chinatown, San Francisco, learns that he is the last of the Wu Assamese, fire, wood, earth, metal, and water. As Wu’s assassin he has increased physical strength and agility is able to change his appearance to hide his identity and can withstand Wu Lord’s Supernatural attacks.

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What will happen in Wu Assassins Season 2?

In an interview with Inverse, Lewis Tan revealed that we have the backstory set in stone. We don’t need to go there again to reestablish the plot.

The actress who played Lu Xin in the show indicates that she can now do action-packed parts, and doesn’t have to sell backstory like in the first season as in season 1 she doesn’t have action-packed roles.

Wu Assassins Season 2 Poster
Image Credit – Netflix

In the ending scene of the first season, we can see Ying Ying telling Kai that this world still needs a Wu Assassin, this was the statement that resonates deeply with the audience of the show.

Some rumors that may come true

It is also being speculated from somewhere that Wu Assassins season 2 will be released in two parts. However, this is not new to Netflix. Recently, the popular OTT platform announced that season 5 of its immense popular show ‘Money Heist’ will also be released in two parts. Well, how true is this rumor will be known only after the official announcement.

Last year a rumor was also spread that there will be no second season of Wu Assassin but many times on the official Twitter handle of Netflix, the answer has been given in a very interesting way whether the second season will come or not.

Although initially there was no official confirmation about this, from some recent tweets it can be guessed that this second season will be available for the viewers soon. Be it Netflix or other platforms like it, they never openly talk much about their upcoming shows, but yes, they definitely do indicate. And it is said that only a hint to the wise is enough.

Who Can Be In Wu Assassins Season 2 Cast? 

Essential characters may be back. Iko Uwais will return as Kai Jin along with Katheryn Winnick as Christine Gavin / CG Dill. AlsoTommy Flanagan as Alec McCullough, Lawrence Cao (Tommy Wah), Celia Au (Ying Ying), star Lee Jun Lee as Jenny Wah, Louise Tan as Lu Xin Lee, and Byron Mann (Chao Wai Luk/Uncle Six). In an interview the makers of the series cleared that there will be no change in cast, none of the old faces will be replaced.

However, some new faces will be added. It will be really interesting to see how many new stars will come and how much their contribution will help the series in increasing its popularity. Now it has to be seen whether the old story will carry forward or the entirely new story will be shown to viewers.

Well, whatever happens, we hope that Wu Assassins has a better storyline than Season 1 and the audience gets to enjoy it to the fullest. Because whenever we see something good, we want to see it even better in the future.

Wu Assassins Season 2 Release Date: Is it revealed?

So without wasting any time, we will tell you the Wu Assassin season 2 release date soon.

Well, here is the answer, Wu assassins season 2 is coming but unfortunately its exact release date is still unknown. It can stream on Netflix by August 2021 as per a credible source. Most probably, you will see your favorite Iko Uwais’s kai Jin back in action with all previous cast. It is being speculated that the second season will also be of 10 episodes like the first.

Well, we are as excited as you are about this show. It is expected that season 2 of this show will break the records of its last season. The wait and the craze of the people for this show are indicating that whenever it will come, it will definitely make its place in their hearts again. We hope that you found this article informative. If you are a fan of Wu Assassins like us, then you must be glad to know the release date of season 2. Further updates related to this series will be delivered to you through this platform soon.

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