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If we make a list of the best South-Korean dramas available on Netflix, Hellbound is sure to receive a mention. This show has successfully become one of the most popular releases that have been witnessed in the year 2021. With this fairly strong and solid beginning, the speculations for Season 2 have already started.

Written by Yeon Sang-ho, who has also directed the show, the drama happens to be based upon a South-Korean webtoon that goes by the name Hell. Netflix did not start this show with the prior confirmation of a multi-season horror series coming up and therefore, Hellbound Season 2 is still under question marks.

Read on to figure out all the latest details and updates about the chances and arrival of a second season for the show –

Hellbound Season 2 – Recap from Season 1

Unusual creature in hellbound season 2
Source – Netflix

Set in South Korea between the years 2022 and 2027, the first season of Hellbound had a total of six episodes. This horror show revolves around unnatural beings who pop out of nowhere to denounce humans to hell.

A supernatural entity, referred to as Angel, starts shaping up and indulges in some prognostications destining the future of some humans into hell. This decree sets a particular and fixed time for these individuals to be condemned to hell which could be any time in the future – some moments to years or even decades away.

Nearly around the same time, three unearthly monsters spring up to attack and burn up the body of such people while putting their power on display in an event that is referred to as demonstration. People are afraid and an alarming situation naturally arises. Two agencies, called the New Truth Society and the Arrowhead Group, in alliance, take advantage and exercise control and power out of the ongoing fears.

Out of six, the first three episodes are mainly centered around the investigation of the unusual happenings and the ones in authority. The next three episodes take a leap of five years.

From here on, the roles in focus change except for the principled attorney. These three episodes revolve around a couple trying to fight their way through and find a way for their infant who is bound to hell.

Hellbound Season 2 Release Date –  Is It Revealed?

three unusual creatures trying to catch a boy with blood face in hellbound season 2
Source – Netflix

The first season has released very recently on November 19, 2021. It has been hard some weeks since then. For a show, that was not initially announced to have more than one season, a renewal confirmation this soon seems difficult.

However, looking at the way it has performed, there are strong chances for the coming of Hellbound Season 2. The ending of the first season also leaves significant scope for a second season to follow.

If we go by the buzz, the series has already been renewed for a second season behind the scenes. However, the official words are yet to be out. Let us be a little more patient and wait for the official confirmation.

If everything goes right and the process for Hellbound Season 2 has already started, we strongly expect it to make an appearance sometime in early 2023.

Who All Are Expected To Be A Part Of Hellbound Season 2 Cast?

Four boys are trying to put a boy on backfoot
Source – Netflix

The star cast for Hellbound Season 2 is expected to be a blended mixture of some unknown and some known faces from the first season. For those who have watched the first season, it is not an unfamiliar fact that many of the characters who were present in the first three episodes were not there in the last three because of the storyline.

Yoo Ah-In played the role of the leading man of the New Truth Society, Jeong Jin-soo, in the first season. Along with Park Sang-hoon, who played the younger Jeong Jin-soo, Yoo Ah-In would be back only if there is a strong demand somewhere in the storyline since the character has himself been condemned to hell. Detective Kyeong-hoon could be back and so would Yang Ik-june to play this role.

Kim Hyun-Joo is expected to return to the role of the attorney, Min Hye-jin. The last three episodes of Hellbound Season 1 focussed upon a husband and wife struggling for the future of their child and this couple might be back, if needed, with the production-director husband being played by Park Jeong-min and his wife being played by Woh Jin-ah.

Another name that is sure to return is Kim Shin-rok who made a sudden and shocking return towards the end of the first season after having been killed and expelled publicly. There would definitely be more actors who would join in for Hellbound Season 2. However, we have no clue about these unknown names and will have to wait till some hints are dropped.

Hellbound Season 2 Plot – What New Is Expected To Happen?

Man put his right hand on the head of glass wearing boy
Source – Netflix

The first season ended on a note that left a vast scope for pondering over the plot of the second season. Since the first season has just ended and no hints have been dropped for the second season yet, it is hard to predict or be certain about any fixed plotline. However, we do have our share of guesses that we(fiferst) expect to happen and that may actually become a part of the second season.

The question that is sure to be dealt with is the shocking comeback of Park Jeong-Ja after the brutal end that she receives at the hands of the monsters. The reason and possibility of her return are sure to throw light on some unknown facts.

Hellbound Season 2 might give us a more believable reason behind the rise of the monsters than the lies spread by Jeong Jin-soo who claimed them to be sent by God to punish the sinners. The end that Jeong Jin-soo faces might also be taken up and explained. Also, the ending of the first season could be reasoned out here in Season 2.

Hellbound Season 2 Trailer – What’s The Status?

Netflix has not come up with the official trailer for Hellbound Season 2 yet.

It would naturally take some time for things to get sorted and the filming for the second season to touch the finishing line so that the trailer could arrive.

Till that happens, here is the trailer from Hellbound Season 1 for all those who are yet to watch it –

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