Cardinal Season 5 release date

Cardinal is a popular Canadian crime show and it has been a super hit drama ever since its first season was launched in 2017. The fourth season of the thriller which was aired in April 2020 was also successful in gaining good viewership. The version was premiered on BBC and Hulu. It has got excellent 7.7/10 stars on the IMDb while 86% audience votes on Rotten Tomatoes.

11 months have passed since the fourth season was launched and now fans are thinking why creators are taking so much time to announce Cardinal Season 5 release date. I think you too want to know the reasons behind this delay. Let me tell you that creators have revealed their decisions to the public and they have disclosed something shocking. So, let’s see what surprises they have shared with fans –

Have Showrunners Revealed Cardinal Season 5 Release Date?

Cardinal Season 5 release date
Source – BBC

The beginning season of this Canadian crime series was premiered in January 2017 and it’s is based on the books developed by crime author Giles Blunt. The show got massive positive reviews from the audience and it was also honored with Best Limited Series Award at the Canadian Screen Awards in 2019. Showrunners have canceled further seasons of the show because there isn’t left more in the story to forward it.

Major show lovers are contented after seeing the conclusion episode of Cardinal season 4 where Cardinal and Delorme solve their final case jointly. A politician’s hubby has been kidnapped and he has been left to pass on and the duo has doubt on the appointed murderer who is focusing on victims. They develop a good bond but unfortunately, this case turns out to be the final one for them as just after it Delorme gets a fresh job in Toronto.

The incidents of the fourth season were extracted from the last novel, Until The Night, so there aren’t looking major chances of renewal of Cardinal season 5. If showrunners give green light to season 5 in the future then they will have to think something different for its plot. As of now, season 5 is canceled and it’s not going to be renewed soon.

How Will In Cardinal Season 5 Plot Be?

Cardinal season 5 release date
Source – BBC


Just I told you that showrunners have given a red signal to season 5. So, we don’t have any official synopsis regarding its plot that we can share with you. The drama revolves around investigator cop John Cardinal and his companion Lise Delorme. They work jointly to decode the criminal cases in Algonquin Bay.

We don’t have many details to share with you but we have discussed above that at the ending of Delorme was offered a fresh job which he agrees to do. For doing the job he will have to go to Toronto. If Cardinal Season 5 arrives then perhaps its beginning episode will start from here. Also, the upcoming season will follow any new book as the previous season was based on the last novel of Giles Blunt.

However, if you want to know the official synopsis of the upcoming season then we can’t even tell how long you will have to wait. At least, it won’t be revealed this year.

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Who Will Be Part Of Cardinal Season 5 Cast?

Cardinal Season 5 release date
Source – BBC


Since the drama has been called off that’s why neither creators nor the channel is dropping any hints about the cast of season 5. So, we can’t do anything instead of making anticipations. Billy Campbell and Karine Vanasse have remained the heart of the show. Their acting skills have impressed the viewers, so if Cardinal season 5 comes then they can be seen in it.

Apart from them, other actors have also played their roles effectively in previous seasons, so, they can also return in the fifth season. Showrunners can also add some new faces in season 5 and at the same time, they can also remove a few former actors. However, the core stars won’t be changed and they will reprise their respective roles. As per this, the actors who will be seen in the upcoming season are –

  • Billy Campbell will play his role as Det. John Cardinal.
  • Karine Vanasse will deliver her role of Det. Lise Delorme.
  • Kristen Thomson will be seen as Det. Sgt. Noelle Dyson.
  • Deborah Hay will portray the character of  Catherine Cardinal.
  • Alanna Bale will display the character of Kelly Cardinal.
  • Glen Gould will present the character of Det. Jerry Commanda.
  • James Downing will play his role of Det. Ian McLeod.
  • Zach Smadu will deliver his role of Det. Ash Kular.
  • Eric Hicks will be seen as Const. Derek K. Fox.
  • Carmen Moore will portray the character of Sheila Gagne.
  • Shawn Doyle will display the character of  Scott Riley.
  • Linda Goranson will present the character of Adele.
  • Currie Graham will play the role of Neil Cuthbert


How Many Episodes Will Be In Cardinal Season 5?

cardinal season 5 release date
Source – BBC


In the previous season, we have seen six episodes including –

  • Episode 1: Robert
  • Episode 2: Adele
  • Episode 3: Barry
  • Episode 4: Neil
  • Episode 5: Scott
  • Episode 6: John & Lise

We haven’t received any authentic details about the episodes of the upcoming season. But, we have seen that in all of the previously launched seasons there were 6-6 episodes. So, if Cardinal season 5 follows this pattern then it will also have 6 episodes. But it’s just anticipation, the exact information will be revealed only after the launch of the season.


Is There Any News Of Cardinal Season 5 Trailer?


Presently, it’s not a valuable question. Showrunners have already cleared their intent of not launching season 5 and we all know that the trailer is released after the completion of all tasks of drama. So, asking anything about the fifth season’s trailer won’t give us chance to deliver true information to you. Youtube has trailers of previous seasons of the show, if you wish then you can watch last season’s trailer by clicking on the video inserted above.

Source: Express

Some Frequently Asked Questions Related to Cardinal Season 5 –

1. Will there be a 5th season of Cardinal?

No there won’t be the fifth season of the drama. The fourth season was the last edition of the show that premiered finally on 11 May 2020. As of now, the show has been scrapped.

2. How many seasons are there for Cardinal?

Four seasons of the show have been released so far. The first one was aired on 25th January 2017 while the last one was premiered in May 2020.

3. Who killed Catherine in Cardinal?

In the final moment of the second season, Cardinal figures out that Catherine is no more and has committed suicide. The incident shook the Cardinal to the core.

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