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No matter how much everyone denies but everyone loves a great deal of drama in their lives, no matter if it is from their own lives or the reality TV shows. Sometimes it does become a matter of thought – why do people like watching reality shows?

What pleasure do people get from watching those bitchy fights, humiliations, screaming, and scum? Well, turns out it is not just that. There is a lot more than we know and Fiferst, along with posting about reality shows and tried to also understand the psychology behind why people like watching reality shows.

Researching and reading about it, Fiferst found a lot of reading material and research blogs. Out of those, below are the 5 topmost reasons why do people like watching reality shows.

Why Do People Like Watching Reality Shows?


There could never be a day when people’s life goes without drama and one source of the same in people’s plain, boring, and monotonous life is reality shows.

People are also more interested in knowing how the actors that they always see ‘playing’ a character are in real life. So, they watch reality shows to see the actors personally.

Below are 5 more reasons why do people like watching reality shows.

1. Thinking of Themselves as The Protagonists

Reality TV shows pose several challenges and problems that one will not usually face – there is a very high chance that a regular viewer will never have to deal with that challenge/problem.

They just love to think of themselves as the protagonist and see how they would react to the given problem or what they would do in that situation.

Apart from that, if they are not thinking of themselves as the one who is performing the tasks, they watch it for the fun of it.

Like, Come on, do not tell us you don’t like a little drama, a little competition, and a lot of thrill?

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2. The Sense of Personal Relationship

As mentioned earlier, viewers always see their favorite actors as playing someone, someone who does not exist. They see them as the faces of fictional people.

When they watch a reality TV show, those actors, those faces appear as themselves.

They appear as who they are as a person.

This gives the viewers a sense of personal relationship with the actor. They get to know the actor more deeply.

It is not just about an actor being on a reality TV, it can also be a new contestant that one connects with on a personal level.

Reality TV shows give the viewer a sense of personal connection with the contestant or the person on reality TV.

3. Thinking of The Show as an Escape

Like soap operas and movies act as an escape for some, reality TV acts as an escape for many.

There are a lot of reality TV shows based on lavish lifestyles, some based on people competing against each other, and some filled with humiliation.

Human emotions are complicated and these reality TV shows help people escape and forget their realities while the show is on.

This could be one of the reasons why do people like watching reality TV.

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4. Shows The Viciousness of Life

As mentioned above, the tasks, problems, or challenges that the contestants or the people are posed within the reality show are highly unlikely to happen to people in real life. However, life is not easy for everyone.

Hard days and decisions are there and they have to be taken.

Reality TV shows show how life can get, both intentionally and unintentionally.

5. Reality TV Promotes Healthy Human Discussions

We do not care whether you agree or not on this one, but we are pretty sure that you will that the reality TV shows in the 2000s were the most toxic and harmful to watch.

In one word, they can be described as “SADISTIC”.

Why we are saying that reality TV shows promote healthy human discussions if it was not for those toxic shows, we would have never known how an individual is supposed to be treated.

The shows back in the 2000s had racism and body shaming as their primary emotion. Well, that was what was being watched back then.

But the good out of that has also come out and hence today we are thinking and talking about healthy human behaviors.

Summing Up | Why Do People Like Watching Reality Shows?

So this was all why do people like watching reality TV. There can be endless reasons for the same, but in one way or the other, it would end up getting winded with these reasons only.

Do you like watching Reality shows? Do let us know about it in the comments! Which is your favorite reality TV show?

If you are someone who has a YouTube reality show, or just a YouTube channel, and you want more and more people to watch the show, you can buy YouTube views. You knew that already, didn’t you?

Well, do not forget to tell us your favorite reality TV show in the comments down below.

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