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Lucifer Season 7 was dropped on June 25, 2016, on Netflix. Since then, it hasn’t looked back and became one of the most popular series on Netflix. It is a kind show with the concept of Lucifer/ Satan relinquishing his throne in hell after getting bored and coming on earth to enjoy for a few years. Meanwhile, he engaged himself in detective work. The charm of Lucifer throughout the show has what kept the audience hooked.

Lucifer aka Tom Ellis has played the brilliant character of the devil who has the innate ability to pull out the deepest darkest desire of anyone. Subsequently, this power of Lucifer helps in solving various cases. Chloe Decker aka Lauren German has been consistent throughout the whole series. She played the role of a detective who initially doesn’t like Lucifer. However, God had other plans.

As of now, Netflix has released six Seasons of the show. Due to Covid-19, Season 6 got a bit delayed but it was worth the wait. These six Seasons have gone in a flick. As fans are now waiting for the Lucifer Season 7. Let’s deep dive into what fans should expect and what is coming next?

Lucifer Season 6 – A Rollercoaster Ride Of Memories

Lucifer is eating apple and standing with Chloe Decker and Maze.

At the beginning of the season, we saw that a powerful teenage girl keeps on trying to hurt Lucifer back and forth without no apparent reason. Later on, the suspense was cracked and that girl was nobody but Lucifer’s daughter from the future who somehow travelled through time and space to come back to the past.

Rory (Briana Hildebrand) was angry at Lucifer because he abandoned her even before she was born. The same happened to Lucifer in his childhood. Everybody was amazed as to how Lucifer would do the same thing for which he has hated his father his whole life.

Later on, everything makes sense. Lucifer went back to hell to help lost souls find their path. Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) took over as God. Chloe was pregnant with Rory and went back to being a detective. Ella (Aimee Garcia) and Carol (Scott Porter) were running the Lucifer’s foundation. Dan Espinoza (Kevin Alejandro) went to heaven and reunites with, his love, Charlotte. Maze (Lesley-ann Brandt) and Eve (Inbar Lavi) got married. Rory is grown up and Chloe dies in her old age and finally reunites with Lucifer.

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Lucifer Season 7 Release Date – When Will The Netflix Renew It?

Lucifer and Chloe standing closely to each other

The fans are eagerly waiting for Lucifer Season 7. How long till Netflix decides to drop Season 7? Viewers are speculating that due to the pandemic, Season 6 got delayed and was pushed further. Maybe, Season 7 would get late as well. However, when Season 6 was released, the makers made it clear that it is indeed the last 10 episodes of the series and there would be no continuation of the story in the future.

Before, you lose hope, let me remind you that the same incident happened during Season 5. When Netflix decided that it is going to be the last season, it wasn’t long till Netflix renewed it for one more Season. The same could happen in the Season as well. Magic happens every day. If fans want it then Netflix has to get Lucifer Season 7.

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Lucifer Season 7 Cast- Will There Be New Faces?

Lucifer Season 7 cast

Lucifer (Tom Ellis) is not going anywhere because he is the heart and soul of the show. Without him, the show would be dead and the makers know it. I’m not sure if Lucifer would even be worth watching without his special love interest, Chloe Decker. An amazing detective with impeccable character. It won’t be a surprise if Dan returns to the show even after being dead. It won’t be the first time that Dan died and came back. Ella is the sweetheart of the show and she is the fun character everybody likes to watch.

We have seen Rory, Lucifer’s daughter, the show would push this character. Amenadiel, the God, and his wife Linda and son would come back in the show. After all, we’ve yet to see how Amenadiel performs God’s duty and is he better than his dad, the former God? The makers have to bring Trixie (Scarlett Estevez), Chloe’s daughter, in the next Season because fans adore her. We have to wait for the season to come up to know whether there are gonna be any new faces or not.

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Lucifer Season 7 Plot- What Will The Writers Bring To The Table?

Lucifer falling from the sky

Season 6 hooked us and kind of wrapped the series. However, in Lucifer Season 7, there is still so much left to explore in the upcoming Seasons. As viewers, we always seek more and more and hardly get bored. What we saw in the last Season is that Lucifer went to hell and is now helping lost souls find their path. It’d be interesting to see how Lucifer take up this role and run hell in this new way. There would be a lot of interesting stories to tell in these scenarios.

We also saw that Chloe and Lucifer finally reunited but it’d be interesting to see how Chloe adapts to hell. As we know that Lucifer and Chloe never stayed together for a very long time. So, it’d be interesting to see how long this lasts and what kind of challenges would they face in the hell? Where would Trixie and Rory end up? Would Devil reunite with her daughter in her adult life in the Lucifer Season 7?

The writer in Season 6 wrapped up the storyline pretty good and every character got the ending they deserved. However, a writer always knows a million ways can push a story ahead and gives further perspective to the story. It cannot be denied that Lucifer Season 7 has so much potential left to explore. Let’s see how long till the makers can catch up to it.

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Lucifer Season 7 Trailer- What Is In It?

As of now, there is no official announcement of any teaser or trailer for Lucifer Season 7. The makers have not decided on the renewal of the show. We can still expect the next installment of the Lucifer Season 7. However, we should lower our expectations until any update from Netflix arrives. Let’s see how long till it decides to announce the show. Till then keep your memories fresh and enjoy the trailer of Season 6 of Lucifer.

Lucifer is by far one of the most notorious characters in its series. It’s a mystery, thriller, drama, and fantasy-based story. A devil and detective falling in love and conquering the world together seem so unusual, still, we loved that story and we have rooted for both of them since the first season of the show. It is one of those shows which I can watch several times.

Most of the time, I finish this series just so I can watch it from the beginning again. It’s amazing and a viewer never loses interest in any part of the story. If you’ve read this far that means that you’re also a lover of this show and if you haven’t watched the show, now is the perfect time to start the series. It’s available on Netflix and it’s a must-watch.

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