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Vampire Knight Season 3 is a long shot. For people who haven’t watched it, it’s a famous anime series in Japan. It’s based on the manga series with the same title written by Matsuri Hino and it ran from 2004 to 2013. The series was then picked up in 2008 and that was the first time when the first season of Vampire Knight was dropped. Due to the popularity of the series, the makers launched the second season of the show in the latter half of the year 2008.

However, since then the fans are waiting anxiously for the Vampire Knight Season 3. Now, it has been more than 14 years but the fans have kept their hopes alive for the third installment of the series. The possibility of the Vampire Knight Season 3 coming out anytime soon is a little bleak but not completely impossible. The show is where the hope is.

This series is based on the life of vampires and their battle with the world and themselves. The show is full of drama and action scenes. It is one of the most popular anime series of all time and people still watch it from time to time. For now, let’s dive deep into the question of whether it is coming back or not?

Vampire Knight Season 3 – Lust For The Past

Poster of Vampire Knight Season 2
Source – Netflix

Vampire Knight is mainly about the lifestyle of vampires. The pros and cons of being a vampire. There battle with their innate humanity. There fight with the demons they possess and the demons in the outside world. Similarly, like humans, they have multiple clans, and people from one clan don’t like the people belonging to another clan. Therefore, there is a constant clash between the clans.

This series revolves around the life of Zero, Yuki, and Kaname. From being human to becoming a vampire, how the life of a person can change overnight is very well depicted in the series. Initially, the vampire in Zero awakened but Yuki kept him on the edge. She even fed him her blood and tried to keep him from becoming a ruthless, bloodlust, Level E vampire. They even promised themselves that if in the future Zero becomes a Level E vampire then Yuki has to kill him.

Being a vampire comes with tons of cons, especially the blood lust is extremely hard to control. The desire to keep themselves from biting anyone and draining them completely from their blood is constant. Zero was fighting from these urges and then a point comes where he refused to be killed by Yuki and asked her to not kill him in the future.

On the other hand, Kaname asked Yuki to become his girlfriend in exchange for giving away the answers to her questions. It wasn’t long after when Yuki also got converted into a Pureblood vampire and Zero started treating her as an enemy. Yuki got tired of being a vampire and tried to starve. Fast forward to the end, Zero brings Isaya with him and forces, Yuki, to become a human being again. Yuki refuses and ran away.

Here, Kaname sacrifices his heart in the furnace as an atonement for all his sins and asks Yuki to go back to the world of light. Zero and Yuki then go on and live for another 1000 years after the demise of Zero. Yuki sacrifices herself to bring Kaname back to life as a human being. She dies and moves on with Zero afterlives whereas Kaname is alive as a human being. Before dying, her last words were referred to her children for Kaname and she says, “I want to give to you whom I love, the world I saw as a human”.

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Vampire Knight Season 3 Release date – Ultimate Wait Of The Decade

Yuki hugging his love
Source – Netflix

It has been more than a decade and still, fans are waiting for the Vampire Knight Season 3 with some hope. A petition was circulated in favor of rejuvenating season 3 of the series and 52,000 signed the same. This only shows that people strongly favor the renewal and are keeping social media hot with the demands for the series’ new installment.

However, it wasn’t long before the petition was also removed from the website. The makers have been silent about Vampire Knight Season 3. There is a possibility of renewal as the last season ended abruptly and on a cliffhanger. That’s why the fans are still extremely positive about the renewal.

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Vampire Knight Season 3 Cast – Latest List Is Quite Vast

Animated character of Vampire Knight Season 2
Source – IMDb

The characters of the shows are extremely important. It has been anticipated that Yuki would remain the main character of the Vampire Knight Season 3 and the story would revolve around her. Since, Kaname is living his life as a human that means there will be new characters, mainly humans that would be added to the show.

Without Zero, Yuki would be incomplete, which means the makers have to bring back the character of Zero. The boy of Yuri and Zero; the girl of Yuri and Kaname could play a major role in the story. Therefore, they’d be cast as well.

There would be people after Kaname after finding out that he’s alive and he has the Pureblood Vampires. The makers could throw some extra anti-characters here to keep the drama and the conflict alive in the show.

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Vampire Knight Season 3 Plot – The Ultimate Sacrifice

Kaname is bleeding on the floor
Source – Netflix

Now, there are multiple opportunities for the makers to make the series as they want to be. One way to go would be where somehow Kaname finds a way to bring Yuki to life without sacrificing himself and turn her into a human as well. Then, they could go on to live as a couple and as humans this time.

Another angle could be where the children fall into real danger and Kaname finds a way to bring back both Zero and Yuki to life to save them. Together all three could fight off evil and save their children.

There is a possibility of one more angle where both Zero and Yuki rest in peace and this time all the focus shifts to both the children. Now, there would be multiple ways for the writers to turn the story. It would be like a fresh start given to Vampire Knight Season 3.

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Vampire Knight Season 3 Trailer – Be Prepared For The Darkest

There has been no official announcement regarding the Vampire Knight Season 3. There are no teasers or trailers released for the third installment of the series. Since it has been more than a decade, it’s clear that the series is not coming back for the Vampire Knight Season 3.

The fans could remain hopeful but the probability of making it back on Netflix is close to zero. Till that time, we should enjoy the trailer of Vampire Knight Season 2 and maybe give a thought about binge-watching the whole series again.

It has been an amazing watch, especially for anime lovers. Vampire Knight was full of drama, action, romance, and thrill. It has been an amazing ride and a must-watch for Gen-Z if they haven’t watched it yet. It’s available on Netflix and if it’s not available in your country then you can watch it on Tubi and Vudu as well.

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