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Messiah Season 2 is going to be nothing but controversial. The first season of this series was released during the pandemic in the year 2020. The first season comprised 10 episodes and was an experiment to release such a series on religion which has always been a sensitive and hot topic for people.

However, people didn’t discard the series just based on the plot, they gave it a chance before forming an opinion. Shockingly, in the reel world, Messiah gained followers and in the real world, it gained fans. There are thousands of people siding with the comeback of Messiah Season 2. Since it has been just a year gap and not long ago when the series was released, there are extremely high chances that the show will be back on the charts soon.

The series is based on the show of faith, God, religion, and humanity and it makes people question all of it. It cannot be said that their Messiah broke records but it created buzz and lots of political opinion surrounded it. Let’s not delve into the political aspect of the series rather let’s deal with the possibility of Messiah Season 2.

Messiah Season 2 – A Ride Down The Memory Lane

Messiah is in jail being questioned by a CIA agent
Source – Netflix

The show took off from Syria where the prophet Al-Masih aka Mehdi Dehbi, a man who looks like Jesus Christ, resides and is now leaving everything aside and is making way to the United States. He simply tricks people and performs miracles and due to this, he gains several followers. Now, CIA agent Eva Geller aka Michelle Monaghan makes this her life mission of uncovering him as a con artist in front of the world.

The show feels slow in the beginning. However, it picks up its pace soon enough. Even before the show was released, people drew up their conclusions and led to two possibilities, one that the name Al-Masih means Messiah or Anti-Christ. However, the show didn’t answer this question well.

There were many clues in the show given by writers that we can side with either possibility. One incident took place where the Messiah find himself in a plane crash which was orchestrated by the US government itself. However, he didn’t die in the crash and claimed that he resurrected himself. Along with it, an agent was traveling with him on the plane and he also brought back him to life.

There was another victim of a plane crash and he resurrected him as well. Additionally, he walked on the water and claimed to have created disasters in both Texas and Syria. Where on the other hand, the CIA agent went on to dig into his past and found that he is a real person Payam Golshri and his grandfather raised him and trained him to become a con artist. Now, he is sent here to shift people’s beliefs from the government itself.

He is a man who has suffered the psychiatric problem in the past and who is a con artist all his life. However, both the plots are shown in the show and it is difficult to conclude whether he is a real Messiah or just a con artist who is fooling millions of people. Irrespective of the fact, this show shows the real-world problem of how religion is being portrayed and treated in the world.

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Messiah Season 2 Release Date- Is The Wait Over?

Messiah is standing
Source – Netflix

It has been more than a year since the first season of Messiah made its debut on Netflix. Thousands of people have signed the petition and are requesting the makers to bring Messiah Season 2. This fact shows that irrespective of the fact that Messiah plays with the religious beliefs of certain sects, people have still appreciated the series and want to bring it back.

However, there is a 50-50 probability that the show will make a come back on the platform. Maybe, it is because makers don’t wanna toy with the strong religions of the people, and sometimes poking into it does more harm than good. There is no doubt that Messiah made fans and the renewal might just be on the plate.

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Messiah Season 2 Cast- Time For The Big Reveal

Source – Netflix

Al-Masih aka Mehdi Dehbi is the back bone of the show. The audience is still curious to find out whether the Messiah is a con man or a man with divinity. Messiah Season 2 might just have the answers to such questions. Eva Geller aka Michelle Monaghan is the person who will eventually conclude. So, she is coming back.

Other people like Jibril Medina aka Sayyid El Alami also played a major role in the show. So, the audience should expect him to make a comeback in Messiah Season 2. There are other characters like Rebecca aka Stefania LaVie Owen or Aviram aka Tomer Sisley also could make a come back in the Messiah Season 2.

Samer aka Fares could get more screen time in the next installment or Will Mathers aka Wil Travel could play a major role. There are so many cliffhangers and we couldn’t possibly say who will make a come back and maybe we could see new faces this time. We just have to wait for the Messiah Season 2 for that.

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Messiah Season 2 Plot – Are Writers Conning Us?

Reporters are clicking pictures of Messiah
Source – Netflix

Messiah Season 2 comes with multiple possibilities for the writers to take it. Since the first season ended on a cliffhanger and the fans couldn’t reach one conclusion whether he is a con artist or he is a person with a mental problem or he is what he says he is, a messiah.

The plot could focus on revealing his real identity or his past mainly initially. And maybe that investigation goes south ways and something happens to the CIA agent. Another angle could be he is a real divine person and a backstory could follow that.

Huge plots are waiting for the writers to be uncovered. We would just have to wait and see which way the writers would go and lay it down for the people. Even if that happens, it could take almost a year for the shooting to be finished and we’d have to wait till late 2023 for the Messiah Season 2.

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Messiah Season 2 Trailer- What Is The Big Twist?

No official announcement took place stating that the Messiah Season 2 would happen anytime soon. No official teasers and trailers are released. However, an open announcement was made via Instagram that stated that there would be no Messiah Season 2. The fans could remain hopeful but this was a permanent termination of this series. For now, let’s remain hopeful and watch the trailer of Messiah Season 1.

It has been a rollercoaster ride for the Messiah and now it has some bittersweet memories attached to the show. If you haven’t watched it yet then it should be on your playlist. It’s available on Netflix, why don’t you go and binge-watch it if you haven’t till now.

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