Undercover Season 3 Cast

Developed by Nico Moolenaar, ‘Undercover’ is a crime drama series that revolves around undercover officers who penetrate Kingpin’s drug mission in Limburg. The penetration is implemented by two cops Bob Lemmens and Kim de Rooij who are presenting themselves as a couple at the campground where kingpin comes to enjoy his free time. Loaded with cruelty, betrayal, and impulse, the show has everything a viewer expects from it. The first season of the Belgian-Dutch drama aired globally on 3rd May 2019 on Netflix.

Since the show has all those ingredients that a crime drama should have, it ultimately succeeded in delivering the kind of entertainment that the audience was looking for. The introductory season got quite positive and appealing responses from viewers as well as critics. Consequently, the series got official orders for the second run as well. It has secured stunning 7.8/10 stars on the IMDb and also has earned good ratings on other platforms.

Now, the big question is – are there possibilities of Undercover season 3 coming? We have explored some details about the third iteration so here is what you need to know –

Undercover Season 3 Release Date: When Will We Know It?

Undercover Season 3 Cast
Image Credit – Netflix

The second outing of ‘Undercover’ telecasted on 9th November 2020 on Netflix. It comprises 10 episodes. Since the last few years, shows from non-English countries have impressed the audience, that’s why it seems that streaming partners will pick up the series for the third outing soon. The Cinemaholic has mentioned that Undercover has become the network’s most famous show in the overseas genre in nations like the US, the UK, and Latin America. The Belgian drama has proved that it is no less than the rest of the shows.

Netflix hasn’t given any indications regarding the renewal of Undercover season 3 yet. The Eén network which is the official telecasting partner for the series in Belgium hasn’t also dropped any hints about the arrival of the third season. Also, it’s difficult to anticipate when these channels will decide the fate of season 3. However, we have to be optimistic as most judging parameters are in favor of the drama. It can be commissioned in the coming months. We have earlier seen that Netflix takes time to finalize things and that’s why it would be wrong to speculate anything now.

Netflix usually takes a year and many times more than it to decide whether the show will go ahead or not. Also, the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t gone yet and because of it, things are taking longer time than usual. Netflix may take another 4-5 months to disclose its final decision. If it passes Undercover season 3 after the mid of 2021, it should be released at the start of 2022.

How Will Undercover Season 3 Plot Be?

Undercover Season 3 Cast
Image Credit – Netflix

The first iteration introduces us to two covert officers Bob and Kim who reveal the illegitimate drug business in Limburg, the Dutch territory surrounding Belgium. They express themselves as a couple to expose the Ecstasy-making ring. After finishing the operation, the second iteration begins a year after the incidents of the first season. Kill has become part of human rights organization whereas Bob is still an undercover agent.

The duo unites again when they get to know about a lawless weapons mission – whose origin is Syria and has reached Belgium. They again turn to covert cops to get in-depth details of the matter whereas Ferry Bouman tries to follow them who had put him in jail. In this way, the second season ends with the story associated with the weapons business. Since showrunners have shown two different stories in previous seasons, we are hoping that this time again they will come up with another unique and thrilling storyline.

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Who Will Be Part Of Undercover Season 3 Cast?

Undercover Season 3 Cast
Image Credit – Netflix

After watching the initial two seasons we have understood that Bob and Kim are the core characters of the show. Bob belongs to the Belgian police department whereas Kim is an officer of the Dutch police force. Collectively, the pair go on decoding illegal operations to eliminate the criminal activities in the town. Since Tom Waes and Anna Drijver portray the character of these undercover cops, there is a high possibility of them being seen in Undercover season 3. Credible sources like Netflix life are also stating that these actors will be witnessed in the next season.

Apart from them, other actors like Frank Lammers, Elise Schaap, Raymond Thiry, Huub Smit, and many others have also played crucial roles in the earlier seasons. So, we are hoping that they will also return in the forthcoming season. Some new faces can also be witnessed in the upcoming iteration. However, their names will be divulged only after the renewal of the season. Besides this, no more details have been found about the cast of season 3. So, the actors who will be seen in the upcoming season are –

  • Tom Waes will play his role as Bob Lemmens.
  • Anna Drijver will reprise her role of Kim De Rooij.
  • Frank Lammers will be seen as Ferry Bouman.
  • Elise Schaap will portray the character of Danielle Bouman.
  • Raymond Thiry will display the character of John Zwart.
  • Kevin Janssens will present the character of Jurgen van Kamp.
  • Kris Cuppens will play the role of Walter Devos.
  • Wim Willaert will replicate his role of Laurent Berger.
  • Sebastien Dewaele will be seen as Jean-Pierre Berger.
  • Ruth Becquart will portray the character of Nathalie Geudens.
  • Celest Henri Cornelis will display the character of Jackson Geudens.
  • Chris Lomme will play her role of Yvet Berger.


How Many Episodes Will Be In Undercover Season 3?

In the second outing, we have watched 10 episodes which are –

  • Episode 1: El Dorado
  • Episode 2: Pentagon
  • Episode 3: Soldiers of Love
  • Episode 4: Trojan horse power
  • Episode 5: Revolución
  • Episode 6: Victor
  • Episode 7: Enricochet
  • Episode 8: Roadblock
  • Episode 9: Reconstructie
  • Episode 10: Oorlog

As far as the third season’s episodes are concerned we haven’t found any valid details about them to share with you. However, we have spotted that there were 10-10 episodes in earlier released iterations of the show. So, if Undercover Season 3 follows this symmetry, it should also consist of 10 episodes.


Undercover Season 3 Trailer: When Will It Arrive?


As the third season hasn’t received official order to carry on, we can’t predict the release date of its trailer. You will have to wait until Netflix officially renews season 3. We can’t speculate anything in this matter before the commission of the third season. If we receive any updates in this matter, we will let you know.

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