Outer Banks Season 2 Cast

Developed by Josh Pate, Jonas Pate, and Shannon Burke, ‘Outer Banks’ is a thriller teen series that shows a story of a class of outlier minors who are recognized as the Pogues in the town. The narrative goes after these guys as they commence an operation to find a renowned treasure stock that is linked to the missing of John B’s dad, the captain of the Pogues. The story is quite enthralling and appealing and that’s why people don’t even blink their eyes while watching the show’s episodes.

The mystery drama first aired in April 2020 and became successful in getting the kind of responses that showrunners were expecting from it. It has earned exciting 7.6/10 stars on the IMDb and a critics approval score of 71% on Rotten Tomatoes. From fascinating script to top-notch acting, the first iteration has all those things that a good series should have.

Since the first season ended on a nail-biter, fans have been actively waiting to get some positive updates about Outer Banks season 2. If you are also ardent to know the updates associated with the sophomore season, here is what you need to go through –


Outer Banks Season 2 Release Date: Is Netflix Coming With Season 2 Soon?

Outer Banks Season 2 Cast
Image Credit – Netflix

Since the first season got lots of love and applauds from viewers and critics, it was merely a formality for Netflix to announce the follow-up season. Somewhere we all knew that the show would go ahead. On 24th July 2020, the network amused the show lovers by officially ordering Outer Banks season 2. The OTT platform shared this great news with a short clip of the show’s actors expressing their elation about series continuation, chilling in pools, rehearsing dialogues in front of the mirror, and doing many more adventurous things.

Apart from this, another delighting news is that showrunner Jonas Pate revealed to Entertainment Weekly that the network had informed them about the renewal of drama earlier so that they could proceed and begun developing the script for the second iteration. Despite facing multiple obstacles due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the production of season 2 started on 31st August 2020 in Charleston, South Carolina, under stern restrictions. The shooting was planned to finish by the fall of 2020 but got extended for a couple of months.


Eventually, on 3rd April 2021, the team winded up the production of the iteration. Show actor Austin North shared this significant update via his Instagram handle just a few days after Netflix divulged that the upcoming season is on the way. On 9th June 2021, the network published the teaser of the second season disclosing that the much-awaited Outer Banks season 2 will air on 30th July 2021 on the network’s platform. So, pin down this date in your diary so that you don’t forget to watch season 2.


How Will Outer Banks Season 2 Plot Be?

Outer Banks Season 2 Cast
Image Credit – Netflix

The first season grabs the attention of the audience from the very first episode and keeps on doing so till the last episode and concludes on a suspenseful note. In the final moments of season 1, we come across Big John’s aim as well as the area of the treasure and the most of puzzles look to be decoded. Big John has departed, however, a feeling of entirety arrives with the finding of a note at the rear of the compass. The fast happening incidents at the last makes it hard for viewers to understand things, however, Sarah’s dad discloses himself as cheat villain of the storyline.

But, Ward gets the support of his skillful son Rafe, who kills the Sheriff in cold blood. Later, Ward throws all accusations of killing on John. However, at the ending, Barry gets to know about Rafe’s hands in the Sheriff’s demise. At the last of season 1, John, as well as Sarah, attempts to run away from the Kook officials on JJ’s dad’s watercraft, Phantom – but a tempest brings danger to their voyage. Initially, it looks they won’t be alive. But later, they get saved by a cargo ship that is going in the direction of Nassau, which can be the best start for the Outer Bank season 2 episode 1.

While discussing with ET Online in November 2020, Madison Bailey divulged that season 2 is ready to kick off with a weeny time gap. It probably means that the second iteration will initiate with the hero’s entry in Nassau, Bahamas. Most probably, Gold reserves are situated in Nassau so the protagonists will try to go more nearer to their target.

On the other way, the ending of season 1 witnesses John uncovering the acts done by Cameron’s dad and son on the radio of Phantom, and some aftermaths are going to take place. Ward is now in a tough situation where either he will defend his son or will throw all accusations on John. Ward will continue questing for his daughter, but since Sarah has got out of the control of her family their future clash is restricted to trigger off generational disputes. So, a bunch of exhilarating incidents is going to occur in Outer Banks season 2.

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Who Will Be Part Of Outer Banks Season 2 Cast?

Outer Banks Season 2 Cast
Image Credit – Netflix

Though no official details have come regarding the cast of the second season, we are familiar with the names that will be seen in the second iteration. We have seen that most of the characters were alive by the ending of the first season. Also, the stars who have played these characters have got praises for the acting skills that they have shown during the entire season. So, if we consider these factors previous actors can be seen in Outer Banks season 2.

Credible sources like Thrillist are also claiming that former actors will reprise their roles in season 2. Chase Stokes, Madelyn Cline, Madison Bailey, and many others will replicate their roles. Besides this, there are also some new additions to the cast of Outer Banks season 2. Elizabeth Mitchell and Carlacia Grant have been included to portray the character of Limbrey and Cleo. Apart from this, all the things are looking the same. So, the actors who will be seen in Outer Banks season 2 are –

  • Chase Stokes will play the role of John B.
  • Madelyn Cline will deliver her role as Sarah Cameron.
  • Madison Bailey will be seen as Kiara “Kie”.
  • Jonathan Daviss will portray the character of Pope.
  • Rudy Pankow will display the character of JJ.
  • Austin North will present the character of Topper.
  • Charles Esten will play the role of Ward Cameron.
  • Drew Starkey will deliver his role as Rafe Cameron.
  • Cullen Moss will be seen as Deputy Shoupe.
  • Julia Antonelli will portray the character of Wheezie Cameron.
  • Caroline Arapoglou will display the character of Rose.
  • E. Roger Mitchell will present the character of Heyward.
  • Elizabeth Mitchell will play her role of Limbrey.
  • Carlacia Grant will deliver his role as Cleo.


How Many Episodes Will Be In Outer Bank Season 2?

Outer Banks Season 2 Cast
Image Credit – Netflix

In the first season, we have watched 10 episodes including –

  • Episode 1: Pilot
  • Episode 2: The Lucky Compass
  • Episode 3: The Forbidden Zone
  • Episode 4: Spy Games
  • Episode 5: Midsummers
  • Episode 6: Parcel
  • Episode 7: Dead Calm
  • Episode 8: The Runway
  • Episode 9: The Bell Tower
  • Episode 10: The Phantom

Reliable sources haven’t revealed any information related to the episodes of the second season. So, you will have to wait to know the exact details. However, presently most iterations come out with a pack of 10 episodes. So, if Outer Banks season 2 follows this trend, it will also consist of 10 episodes.


Outer Banks Season 2 Trailer: Has It Arrived?


Yes, just a few days back Netflix has published an official teaser of Outer Banks season 2. The teaser is looking quite exciting and assuring to deliver more action and entertainment in the second iteration.

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