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How many times does it happen that we try to live the perfect happy life and just then we hit the rock bottom? You can’t disagree, this happens almost all the time. And this is exactly what happened with Kat in Call Me Kat. Well, that was shown in the first season of the show. But what about the Call Me Kat season 2 release date?

Starring Mayim, the show got popular and people were watching it. The plot of the show was also pretty relatable to the viewers. Trying to do something nice, and ending up messing things up, is what most of our lives are, right?

The show has 1 season and season 2 in suspense (you’ll have to read this article) with 13 episodes so far. The run time of each episode is around 20-22 minutes, making the show quite easy to watch without putting in a lot of effort.

But what about season 2? What is the Call Me Kat season 2 release date? Who is going to be in the Call Me Kat cast? What the plot will be? Stay tuned and know it all!

Call Me Kat Season 2; What Do We Know So Far?

a lady holding a cat
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First released in January 2021, the show Call Me Kat has got mixed reviews on several giant platforms. The show has 5.1 stars out of 10 on IMDb, 20% of people like the show on Rotten Tomatoes, while 66% of users on Google like this show.

The show casts the famous The Big Bang Theory actress Mayim Bialik, who played Amy’s role with grace in the show.

Call Me Kat is a sitcom (situational comedy) that is largely based on Miranda written by Miranda Hart.

What updates do we have on the show? Every basic update that you’d need. Stay tuned.

What Can Be Call Me Kat Season 2 Plot?

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Before jumping to the Call Me Kat season 2 release date, should we not take a stroll down the memory lane and refresh season 1 before going on to the second season?

Hell, yes!

The show Call Me Kat is based on a British TV show called Miranda. Kat (the main character) wants to desperately show her mother and the entire society how well-to-do she is and how she can live a happy life even without a proper plan.

To do that, Kat joins hands with her two best friends and opens a Cat cafe.

And that is how it all began.

Season 1 ended when Kat was stuck between a romantic problem. She has Oscar and Max. Both of them mess up real bad but also make up for what they have done.

Season 2 will finally tell us whom Kat chooses.

Her best friend Randi, after breaking up with her boyfriend Daniel, now focuses on her passion, photography.

Now, who is going to be in the Call Me Kat Season 2 cast? Let’s throw some light on that front.

Who Is Going To Be In Call Me Kat Season 2 Cast?

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The show got popular because of Mayim Bialik, not just in real life, but also as a real-life neurologist.

SO, her being in the show is 100% sure. Along with that, we can also expect her 2 best friends to be there in the second season.

A list of Call Me Kat season 2 is mentioned below:

  1. Mayim Bialik as Kat
  2. Swoosie Kurtz as Sheila
  3. Leslie Jordan as Phil
  4. Vanessa Lachey as Tara Barnett
  5. Christopher Rivas as Oscar
  6. Schuyler Helford as Brigitte
  7. Greg Cromer as Brandon
  8. Kyla Pratt as Randi
  9. Jack Plotnick as Bennett
  10. Melody Butiu as Renee Lancaster
  11. Julian Gant as Carter
  12. Cheyenne Jackson as Max
  13. Lamorne Morris as Daniel
  14. Monica Ruiz as Jaylene
  15. Tim Bagley as Wyatt,

We can also expect some room for new characters.

What Is Call Me Kat Season 2 Renewal Status?

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After this roller coaster season 1 of Call Me Kat, is it getting renewed for a second season? Here is what we got:

Yes! The piece of news that we have for you is that the show has been renewed for season 2. The announcement regarding the same was made way back in May 2021.

So, yes! We can expect season 2 to hit the screens sooner than you would expect.

What Is Call Me Kat Season 2 Release Date Going To Be?

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This is the actual answer we have all been waiting for: what is the Call Me Kat season 2 release date going to be?

On the brighter side, this time, we know the release date that has been completed by the distributors.

The Call Me Kat release date is 09 January 2021.

Woo hoo! Isn’t it exciting? We’ll get to see Kat disappointing her mother soon on screens!

Is Call Me Kat Season 2 Trailer Released?

The good news is the release date of Call Me Kat season 2 has been finalized by the distributors and will be 09 January 2021.

However, the bad news is…

No, the Call Me Kat season 2 trailer has not been released officially, and it might take a little while to be released!

However, you can watch the Call Me Kat season 1 trailer here:

Where Can We Watch Call Me Kat Season 2?

You can stream Call Me Ket season 2 on Hulu Plus once it is released.

Summing Up | Call Me Kat Season 2 Release Date

So! Good news viewers, the Kat fans! Call Me Kat Season 2 release date has been finalized and the show will release on January 09, 2021! The trailer of the show has also been released by the platform for the viewers so that they can get a hint of what is going to happen in the second season.

Mayim Bialik has done an incredible job in the show, just like she did in The Big Bang Theory!

The show is all set to release on Fox Entertainment. So, mark your calendar guys, for January 09, 2022!

The show still has more than a while to get released. This would be a good time to renew what happened in season 1 by re-watching the show.

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