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Imagine being imprisoned falsely! Seems tough, right? Well, that’s what happened to the protagonist of the show, The Queen of Flow. After two successful seasons, the viewers are routing for the third season and looking for The Queen of Flow season 3 release date.

We got you. But first, the essentials you should know about the show:

The show came up with its first season in 2018, with over 80 episodes (82)! The second season of the show was also very anticipated and came out in 2021. The show took the total number of episodes to 172, with 90 episodes of its own.

The show has been rated 7.7/10 on IMDb, while 88% of the viewers like it on Just Watch. Adding to the number, 92% of users on Google also like the show.

The show origins in Spain as “La Reina del Flow” and is a Telenovela genre.

The Queen of Flow Season 3 Renewal Status – Is The Show Coming With A New Season?

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We know you are here for The Queen of Flow Season 3 release date, but to answer if the show has been renewed is the first thing we will have to do. Because if it hasn’t, what’s the whole point of the release date?

As mentioned above, the show has 2 seasons as of now compiling it together, which makes it a total number of 172 episodes.

Now, what about the show’s renewal? Are we getting a new season?

Well, as we know it, the chances are thin. The show’s ending has made the queen a music star, but she also did something, giving a whole new story for season 3.

There have been no official announcements that confirm the renewal or denial of the show as of now. But Fiferst thinks deep down that despite the good ratings, the Spanish show might not make it to the third season.

But we’re hopeful. And for the sake of the article, we will stay hopeful.

To sum it up in one line, there has been no official announcement regarding the show’s renewal. The renewal of The Queen of Flow Season 3 stands PENDING.

And if the third season is confirmed, then what? Well, here’s what:

The Queen of Flow Season 3 Plot – What Does The Show Have In Bag For Us?

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Well, after 172 successful episodes, aren’t you bored with the show?

Stop, we know the answer, and it is “NO.”

How can one not look forward to The Queen of Flow Season 3 if the last season has ended on such a cliffhanger?

If you’re a stranger to the ending of the second season, the show ended and left us all excited for the third season of the show!

Charly was kissed by Yeimy! She successfully started writing a new poem about her love life – and guess what? No one expected that to happen!

But what dazzles the fans of the show is the character writing of Charly. By the end of the second season, Yeimy also becomes what she always wanted to be – a music star!

So if there is a third season of the show, it will explore more about Charly’s character and his relationship with Yeimy.

For Yeimy, the third season (if that happens) will feature her tour as a music star and more!

The Queen of Flow Season 3 Cast – Who Can We See Featuring in The New Season?

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Since we don’t have the confirmed renewal status of the show, The Queen of Flow season 3, we cannot tell for sure who’s going to be in the cast of season 3, but if there is going to be a season 3 of the show, there will not be much of changes in the cast of season 3.

Below is mentioned the expected cast of The Queen of Flow season 3:

  1. Carolina Ramírez as Yeimy Montoya
  2. Carlos Torres as Carlos Cruz “Charly Flow”
  3. Andrés Sandoval as Juan Camilo Mesa “Juancho”
  4. Mariana Gomez as Irma “El Huracán”
  5. Marcelo Dos Santos as Mike Rivera
  6. Pedro Roda as José Serna
  7. Mariana Garzón as Vanessa Cruz Granados
  8. Adriana Arango as Ligia de Cruz
  9. Luna Baxter as Silvia Duarte
  10. Pedro Ochoa as Búho
  11. Lucho Velasco as Dúver Cruz “Manín”
  12. Juan Manuel Restrepo as Erik “Mateo” Cruz Montoya ‘Pez Koi’
  13. Juan Palau as Drama Key
  14. Diana Wiswell as Catalina Bedoya

But what about The Queen of Flow season 3 release date? Let’s discuss!

What Can Be The Queen of Flow Season 3 Release Date?

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As you read above, the show’s renewal has not been finalized. We are still waiting for the show to get officially renewed, but fans believe in their hearts that the show will come with a third season.

If there is The Queen of Flow season 3, the release date of the show will be later this year, in 2022, or the year 2023.

If we have to say it in one line, we would say that The Queen of Flow season 3 release date is not yet confirmed. But if we get a confirmation of the renewal of the show, we can expect The Queen of Flow season 3 release date to be in 2023 (most probably).

And what about the show’s trailer? Now let’s talk about the trailer!

When Can I See The Queen of Flow Season 3 Trailer?

Since the show’s release date has not been confirmed, and neither has the renewal, one cannot say when the show’s trailer will release. But as mentioned above that the show might get released later in 2022, or 2023, the show’s trailer will come around that time.

As Fiferst always says, the show’s trailer will release 1-2 months before the show’s actual release. But for you guys, below is the season 2 trailer embedded for you to recall the precious moments of the second season.

Where Can I Watch The Queen of Flow Season 3?

You can watch your favorite show on the TV Channel it streams on or you know what’s better? The giant OTT, Netflix, recently dropped the first two seasons on the platform.

The third season, if it comes, will drop first on Caracol, the original TV Network. The show will drop later on Netflix.

So if you want to watch the show before everyone, you can watch it on Caracol.

Summing Up

Confusing, right? Yep!

There seems to be a new story for The Queen of Flow Season season 3, we cannot say there will be a lot to show. But the viewers still seem curious about the new season.

The way season 2 ended shows that one can expect a new season, a third season, but no official announcement is made yet. Hence, as mentioned earlier, viewers are to be patient and wait for the official announcement from the channel, or Netflix.

And if everything remains good, we will watch the show soon. Later in 2022 or in 2023.

So, this was all for The Queen of Flow Season 3 release date, plot, cast, and updates! Hope this article helped and satisfied you. If there is anything else you want to know about the show or you feel like Fiferst misses, don’t take a lot of time and go straight to the comment section and put your query there!

Team Fiferst will get back to you soon!

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