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If you are someone who loves or even likes to watch animated shows or movies, there is no way in good heavens you have not heard about The Owl House! And if you have, you’re here for The Owl House season 3 release date information! Hah! Caught you!

The fantasy animation show has been loved by the audience ever since it come out. The show, made by Dana Terrace, first premiered on Disney Channel, while then also moving to the OTT. With successful 2 seasons already, here we are talking about the season 3 details!

If you are a staunch fan of the show, we have things to share with you. This might mean a lot to you, but before that, as always, read this article till the end because we have something in the last for you! You know what they say… all good things must end, while we are not sure about that, but here, something good has been kept for you at the end.

So, make sure you read it till there along with The Owl House season 3 release date updates! Let’s get started!

The Owl House Season 3 Release Date- What Do We Know So Far?

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The show is already so well known, so you might know a lot of things about it. But to start with the basics, this animated show is amazing. Isn’t it?

Well, not just Fiferst, giants like IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes and Google will say the same thing.

If you’re thinking how? Then, the ratings of The Owl House speak volumes on how the show is.

The show has a rating of 8.0 out of 10 on IMDb, while on Rotten Tomatoes, 100% of people liked the showIs that even real?

Not just this, besides the flag, 91% of Google users also like the show!

What do you think makes this show so awesomely hit? The plot? The animations? Voiceover? What is it? Let’s discuss this a bit.

What Is The Expected The Owl House Season 3 Plot?

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Fiferst thinks it is quite amazing how anything and everything can happen in the world of imagination and animation!

The Owl House will show you how.

The show is about an American-Dominican girl. She finds a portal somehow to another world where she discovers she wants to be a witch and learns how to do that.

She befriends a witch as well (The Owl Lady) who would teach her how to do that. She also befriends an adorable demon “King” and despite not having those inherited magical powers, she fulfills her dream of being a witch.

The show also shows an LGBTQ+ romance sequence for which it also received a lot of praise.

Season 2 of the show showed how she was trying to go back to the human world.

What happens in the third season, The Owl House season 3 plot is not yet officially out but we bet it won’t be less than extraordinary!

So, the wait for season 3 would be surreal!

Who Can Be In The Owl House Season 3 Cast?

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Well, first, Fiferst if you don’t know this, The Owl House is an animated series where no “faces” are used. However, remarkable voices are used in the show to make it sound good.

Here is The Owl House season 3 cast given:

  • Sarah-Nicole Robles as Luz.
  • Bumper Robinson as Principal Bump.
  • Alex Hirsch as King.
  • Wendie Malick as Eda.
  • Tati Gabrielle as Willow.
  • Eden Riegel as Additional Voices.
  • Mae Whitman as Amity.
  • Issac Ryan Brown as Gus.

You can also wait for unfamiliar voices to join the show! That would also be fun!

What Is The Owl House Season 3 Renewal Status?

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Season 1 of The Owl House was first released on 10 January 2020. The announcement of the show was made before that.

For the second season renewal, it was decided that The Owl House season 2 would come even before the show started airing. The second season was made sure that it would take place in November 2019.

Coming to the third season, the news for the viewers of the show is FANTASTIC! The show’s renewal status was moved from PENDING to APPROVED! And this happened in 2019 May.

So, yes, The Owl House season 3 was renewed for the viewers in May 2019.

What Is The Owl House Season 3 Release Date?

Yes! The Owl House season 3 will indeed be back!

But when? What is The Owl House season 3 release date? When is the audience going to watch it?

As mentioned earlier, the first season of the show came out in January 2020, the second in June 2021. We would like to believe that the show will be back for season 3 in the third quarter of 2022 (most likely).

But on the higher side, The Owl House season 3 release date is supposed to be in 2022.

But, it is final that this season will be the season finale and no more new seasons will be there for the show!

Is The Owl House Season 3 Trailer Released?

No, the trailer for The Owl House season 3 is not yet released and when it will be released, will be confirmed around when the release date of the show is confirmed by the production of the show.

Since The Owl House season 3 trailer is not yet released on any platform as of now, we have the season 2 trailer for you to watch so that you can recall what happened in season 2 and be prepared for season 3 coming up in 2022!

Where Can I Watch The Owl House Season 3?

This is a very important thing to know (if you don’t know it yet) because where will you watch The Owl House if you don’t know where to stream it!

Well, you can watch The Owl House season 3 and all the other seasons as well on the Disney+ Hotstar app.

Summing Up | The Owl House Season 3 Release Date

Yay! The Owl House will be back with season 3 in 2022! The wait for season 3 is almost over and we couldn’t get more excited!

Everyone’s favorite show (literally) is going to be back soon on the OTT! Aren’t you excited about this? We sure are.

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