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Created by Simone Kinberg and David Weil, Invasion is an American sci-fi series. With the limited horizon of viewers that it caters to, the show received a mixed reception after the release of its first season. The last episode of the first installment was dropped on December 10, 2021. Ever since then, the speculations for Invasion Season 2 have started.

Telling the tale of a global alien invasion, the series has been put forth and presented before the audience from various points of view. This invasion has an impact on people across different nations and regardless of their level or status.

The leads of the show are seen struggling and dealing with these ‘special’ foreign invaders who do not seem to have good intentions for the earth and its beings. After the unfolding of events and passage of some time amidst the crisis, the world takes in a breath of relief assuming that the aliens are gone, however, maybe it is a little too soon to rejoice.

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Invasion Season 2 – What Happened So Far

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The first season centered around the discovery and experience of different individuals as they try to deal with alien invasions across three continents. The show is presented from the point of view of four individuals and describes the alien invasions and their consequences on the earth and its residents.

Invasion has been created by Simone Kinberg and David Well. The first season of this science-fiction series was directed by Jakob Verbruggen, Jamie Payne, and Amanda Marsalis. The entire season ran for nearly two months and had ten episodes that premiered on Apple TV+.

The four main characters included Aneesha Malik who is a mother, Trevante Cole, the technician Mitsuki Yamato and a young school student, Caspar Morrow. The plot of the show is comprised of the efforts and experiences of these four individuals as they try to handle the alien invasions.

Towards the end, though the world feels that the threat is gone, these four still await the next challenge that is coming their way because, for them, the crisis has gone nowhere.

Invasion Season 2 Release Date – Is It Revealed?

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The first season was released on Apple TV+ on  October 22, 2021. This installment of the series ran for around two months and ten episodes with the last episode on December 10, 2021. The ten episodes of Invasion Season 1 go with the titles – Last Day, Crash, Orion, The King Is Dead, Going Home, Home Invasion, Hope, Contact, Full Of Stars, and First Day.

Not even a month after the release of its first season, here is some good news that we bring for the fans – the series has been officially renewed for Invasion Season 2. When did this happen?

Invasion was renewed for a second season on the evening of December 9, 2021, which happens to be the day before the release of the last episode of Invasion Season 1. If things fall into the right places and the show does not have many hurdles to face, Invasion Season 2 is expected to release during the ending phase of 2022 or in 2023.

These are estimates based upon the analysis of the time that would be taken for filming, production, compilation, and finally the release as per the previous season and the present circumstances. Though it might get affected by other things in the way and get delayed or it may unexpectedly come sooner than we know!

Let us wait and see what is in store for us.


Invasion Season 2 Cast – Who’s In And Who’s Not?

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Assuming that Invasion Season 2 would pick up from where the first season has left, the major cast members are likely to remain the same. Aneesha Malik is expected to be played by Golshifteh Farahani. Shamier Anderson would be retaining his role as Trevante Cole.

Shioli Kutsuna shall join the team yet again as Mitsuki Yamato. Caspar Morrow’s character faced some ups and downs and some of them even pointed at his end in the first season, however, Billy Barratt is likely to be back in some way. Some other actors might also retain their roles from the first season.

Of course, new entries and additions are highly probable. This would depend upon what is up the sleeves of the writers and the makers. Let’s see how this goes!

Invasion Season 2 Cast – What Do We Expect To Happen In The Next Season?

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Season 1 concluded on a note of celebration where the world rejoiced over the defeat of the alien invaders, however, the main leads still felt that it was not completely over yet and there was more to come.

Towards the very end, we were shown some spaceships over the region of the Amazon rainforest and the ocean along with interactions between the alien particles and bodies. This clearly points to the fact that the hour of crisis isn’t over as perceived by the world.

With the scenes that were displayed towards the end, we(fiferst) expect Invasion Season 2 to take the story forward from where the first season has ended. Since the aliens haven’t completely left, it would be interesting to discover what lies next in their plans.

Additionally, since Aneesha Malik, Trevante Cole, Mitsuki Yamato, and Caspar Morrow haven’t really believed the critical situation to have been over, Invasion Season 2 would tell us how would they act in the wake of these alien invasions against their planet.

It is not possible to predict more of the plot than this till we(fiferst) get some direct or indirect hints. Since there is time in the release of Invasion Season 2, let us calm our horses and wait to see what really is coming our way.

Invasion Season 2 Trailer – What The Status?

The trailer for Invasion Season 2 has not been released yet. The confirmation for the renewal of the show for a second season has arrived very recently and it would certainly take some time for things to be scheduled, designed, and executed. The trailer, therefore, is not expected to arrive anytime soon.

Till the makers get done with the filming and the backstage process needed to deliver the trailer for Invasion Season 2, here is the trailer from the first season of Invasion for those who still haven’t watched the show –


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