The Capture Season 2 release date

Crime, mystery, and thriller shows are always a delight to watch. And when it is a show like The Capture, the audience wouldn’t miss it for the world. And so is the case with The Capture season 2! After the way they left the audience on a cliffhanger, they bound us to watch the second season and WE WANT TO KNOW THE CAPTURE SEASON 2 RELEASE DATE!

With 7.7 million views of the show within the first 28 days of its release, you can fairly understand how stunning the show must have been, and indeed it is. The spot-on acting of the actors, mind-boggling storyline, and hard work also has a role to play in the show’s success.

It has been more than a year and a half that any news regarding The Capture season 2 release date has come out. The name of the show was in the air for quite a while, but it all went down again.

So, what are the updates on season 2? Is the show renewed? What is going to be The Capture season 2 release date? Who is going to be in the cast of the second season? Is there even going to be a second season? We’ll tell you everything in this article!

The Capture Season 2: Everything We Know So Far.

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The Capture, hands down, is one of the best British TV shows you will come across. If you haven’t watched it yet, trust us, you are missing out on something there!

The (season 1)show was first released on September 03, 2019, and gained instant popularity among the viewers and critics.

Not just this, the show also has gained tremendous fanbase and appreciation from the critics.

While so many shows struggle for good ratings, The Capture has astonishing ratings on popular platforms. The show has a rating of 7.8 stars out of 10 on IMDb while 92% rating on Rotten Tomatoes liked The Capture.

The show is a twisted crime, mystery, and thriller show which has blown the minds of the viewers, rightly so.

The show so far has 1 season with 6 episodes, meanwhile, the second season is fairly awaited.

The Capture Season 2 Plot- What Is Expected In Season 2?

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The Capture season 2 plot will pick it up from where it left, with some scenes that will remind the viewers what happened before in the show (in the first season).

Soldier Shaun Emery’s life takes a horrible and shocking turn when a (false) CCTV footage of him is found murdering and kidnapping his lawyer, Hannah Roberts.

The good times in his life ended before they could even properly begin.

Now it is on detective Rachel Carey to find out who is behind all this, and whether was the one who actually Shaun did it.

Season 1 leaves us on a cliffhanger where Napier is trying to blackmail Shaun to confess the heinous crime.

Season 2 is will reveal whether he actually confesses the crime, or the truth prevails.

The Capture Season 2 Cast- Who Is In, Who Is Not?

The Capture Season 2 release date
Source- BBC

Below is the season 1 cast of the show (which is also the cast of The Capture season 2)

  • Holliday Grainger as DI Rachel Carey,
  • Callum Turner as Lance Corporal Shaun Emery,
  • Ginny Holder as DS Nadia Latif,
  • Ron Perlman as CIA Chief Frank Napier,
  • Lia Williams as DSU Gemma Garland,
  • Ralph Ineson as DCI Alec Boyd,
  • Nigel Lindsay as DSI Tom Kendricks,
  • Tommy McDonnell as Matt,
  • Alan Williams as Eddie Emery,
  • Daisy Waterstone as Abigail,
  • Cavan Clerkin as DS Patrick Flynn,
  • Ben Miles as Commander Danny Hart,
  • Paul Ritter as Marcus Levy,
  • Sophia Brown as Karen,
  • Famke Janssen as Jessica Mallory,
  • Barry Ward as Charlie Hall, and
  • Laura Haddock as Hannah Roberts

Looking at how extensive the show was, almost all the cast members are bound to be back. Fresh faces can also be expected.

The Capture Season 2 Renewal Status- Canceled Or Not?

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Source: BBC

Here is the good news for all “The Capture” fans!

The Capture Season 2 has been renewed officially, and it has been quite a while for that.

The show was renewed for season 2 in June 2020 and now is the time we finally get to know something about the release date of the show!

The Capture Season 2 Release Date – When Is It Expected To Come Out?

So, now that we know that The Capture season 2 has been officially renewed, what is going to be the release date of the show? When can the very excited viewers of the show watch it?

Well, here is what we know-

According to sources, The Capture season 2 release date is supposed to be somewhere in June to September in 2022. 

Yes, it seems like a lot of waits for now, but you will not even know how the time will fly!

The Capture Season 2 Trailer Release- When Can We Watch The Trailer?


No, the trailer for The Capture Season 2 is not yet released.

We know that The Capture Season 2 release date is expected to be in June- September 2022, the trailer for the same cannot be expected till May 2022.

You can watch the trailer for season 1 below:

The Capture Season 2 Streaming More- Where Can We Watch It?

Season 1 of the show streamed on BBC1 in 2019.

The Capture season 2 will also be available for the viewers to watch on BBC1 once it releases.

The show is also going to be available to watch on Peacock, season 1 is already available to watch there.

Summing Up | The Capture Season 2 Release Date

These were all the updates about The Capture Season 2 release date, so far.

For the fans of the show, who were waiting for it to release, they have a good time for waiting for the serial to release.

The Capture is indeed one of the finest British TV shows one can come across. But till you wait, we have some good show recommendations for you to watch. You can check them out using the link(s) below:

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