Succession Season 3 release date

Waiting for Succession Season 3? If yes, then not only you but also several other fans of drama have kept their eyes on its release date. So, you are not alone in this line, along with you there are millions of fans who don’t want to miss the drama in any circumstances.

Shooted in the giant town of America the drama presents a story of mega-rich Logan Roy who makes his children against one another so that he can find out his heir for his business company.

We watched every moment of the previous two seasons with deep interest. But, the ending of the second season left us surprised and in a situation of extreme curiosity.

Now, we are excited to know how the story will take a turn in the forthcoming season. So, let me tell you how many updates linked to season 3 have arrived so far.

Has HBO Announced Succession Season 3 Release Date?

Succession Season 3 release date

HBO announced the renewal of the third season in the month of August even before streaming all episodes of the second season. Firstly, there were plans to release season 3 this year. But COVID spoiled everything and creators were forced to shift the Succession season 3 release date. Brian Cox himself told that the shooting has been halted during a conversation with The Scotsman.

Initially, he mentioned, “We’re just on hold,” and then further said, “We will resume as soon as it is safe to because the show is very popular.” A few months back Variety informed that shooting would begin from late autumn even when Cox said that production would not start before November and could be shifted to 2021.

“We have to be careful due to the obvious (COVID),” Cox said to The Big House. “HBO wants to protect that show because it’s a key show for them. People have been really been watching it quite obsessively, sometimes two or three times over. So they’re very protective of us and we have to get all the protocols right.

We’ve got our own medical department dealing with the COVID thing. We’ll get going, but not until maybe November at the soonest, maybe even not until the beginning of next year.” And later on, 6th of November Alan Ruck informed us that they will begin the filming from the ongoing month. He disclosed this in the newest episode of People TV’s Couch Surfing.

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How Will Succession Season 3 Plot Be?

Succession Season 3 release date

Obviously, we don’t know any information regarding the story of season 3 but you can take a look at our anticipations. We can see a face-off between Logan and Roy after the incidents that took place in the climax of season 2.

In fact, Brian Cox said in his latest conference with Deadline that several explosions between the duo are remaining and they will be shown in next season. Also, there are speculations that Roman(played by Kieran Culkin) will be highlighted more in Succession season 3 episodes.

You might have observed that Kendall got extra attention in the first season while Shiv received the spotlight in the second season. Now, it is seeming that next time Roman will get more limelight. Culkin said to Vulture, “Maybe next year is Roman’s turn.”

There are also chances that we will get more insights into Tom and Shiv’s bond as it was looking that it was going through a tough phase in the second season. COVID-19 pandemic may also be mentioned in the drama. Cox has elaborated about this in his conversation with The Scotsman.

Concurrently, we will be introduced to the more advanced version of the series. Script maker Lucy Prebble indicated that the series is on the way to expand its growth in the course of the third season. She described to Deadline, “There are … a lot of talks about going more international than we’ve gone before, which is to do with the relationship between the media industry and international countries.”

She further included, “The way international countries input, control, and fund the media in ways that aren’t talked about as clearly as they should be… There are big conversations about how countries and media intersect at the moment.”

In August, Sarah Snook disclosed how will this deadly virus affect the plot of the upcoming season. She said that the virus would have an influence on the drama in a realistic manner however, there is the least possibility that Jesse Armstrong would swap the plot following COVID-19.

During a conference with The Hollywood reporter she elaborated, “Just for safety reasons, we’re going to have to look at how many extras are in a scene, for instance.

“But Jesse is a person who doesn’t really want to compromise what stories they want to tell as writers just for the pandemic.”

“They’re obviously talented writers, so there will be a very delicate hand on how much is included, but we’re not trying to make a show about a wealthy family during a pandemic.”

Hence there are several predictions regarding the third season but the actual will be known only after the launch of the series.

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Who Will Be Part Of The Succession Season 3 Cast?

Succession season 3 release date

The drama will lose its craze if its central characters will change. Every actor in the drama is equally important whether he/she is big or small. The stars who have acted in the previous two seasons have won several awards for their superb performance in the series.

It has also got stunning star ratings on several trusted platforms. So, after seeing all these factors it is seeming that creator won’t make any drastic changes in the upcoming season. The reports of trusted sources are saying that previous stars will replicate their roles in season 3. According to that –

  • Brian Cox will be seen as Logan Roy.
  • Jeremy Strong will play the role of Kendall Roy.
  • Sarah Snook will portray the character of Siobhan “Shiv” Roy.
  • Kieran Culkin will deliver his role of Romulus “Roman” Roy.
  • Matthew Macfadyen will display the character of Tom Wambsgans.
  • Nicholas Braun will present the character of Greg Hirsch.
  • Alan Ruck will be reprising his role as Connor Roy.
  • Hiam Abbass will replicate her character of Marcia Roy.
  • Peter Friedman will play the role of Frank Vernon.
  • Dagmara Domińczyk will portray the character of Karolina Novotney.
  • Arian Moayed will be seen as Stewy Hosseini
  • J. Smith-Cameron will display the character of Gerri Kellman.
  • Justine Lupe will reprise his role of Willa Ferreyra.
  • David Rasche will play the role of Karl Muller.
  • Fisher Stevens will be seen as Hugo Baker.


Apart from them, other stars like Mary Birdsong, Molly Griggs, Scott Nicholson, Swayam Bhatia, Quentin Morales, Juliana Canfield, Jake Choi, Larry Pine, Ashley Zukerman, Mark Blum, James Cromwell, Eric Bogosian, and many others will play their respective roles.

How Many Episodes Will Be In Succession Season 3?

Succession Season 3 release date

In the second season, we have seen 10 episodes that are –

  • Episode 1: The Summer Palace
  • Episode 2: Vaulter
  • Episode 3: Hunting
  • Episode 4: Safe Room
  • Episode 5: Tern Haven
  • Episode 6: Argestes
  • Episode 7: Return
  • Episode 8: Dundee
  • Episode 9: DC
  • Episode 10: This Is Not for Tears


Unfortunately, we haven’t got any information on behalf of HBO regarding episodes of next season. But very soon we will be notified of this. By the way, you have observed that there were 10-10 episodes in each of the previous two seasons that’s why some people are saying that the next season will also have 10 episodes.

Is There Any News Of Succession Season 3 Trailer?


HBO hasn’t revealed the date on which it will launch the trailer of the forthcoming season. We will let you know once everything is clear. Till then you can watch the second season trailer packed with immense drama. The trailer has received superb comments and a massive number of likes from viewers.

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