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Who are we kidding? We love mystery shows, and we know it. And when it comes to one of the best mystery shows, Murdoch Mysteries has to be one of the shows at the top of the list! And to watch more shows like Murdoch Mysteries? Divine.

Set in the late 19th century, Murdoch Mysteries is a show about William Murdoch. He is a genius, solving the unsolvable murders in the city. Sounds interesting, right? More interesting to watch! And who would not like to watch a show like this, and more shows like these? So, we have them for you.

So, Fiferst, viewers, and ratings say the shows like Murdoch Mysteries that you should watch are:

  • Grantchester
  • Instinct
  • The Good Wife
  • The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco
  • The Valhalla Murders
  • Lethal Weapon
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
  • Blood & Treasure
  • Shetland
  • Tin Star

What’s the wait for? Let’s dive straight in and check out what these shows like Murdoch Mysteries have in for us!

10 Killer Shows Like Murdoch Mysteries For You!

As said earlier, we love the crime-mystery-murder-drama series and can binge-watch them for the rest of our lives! And if you are anywhere near us, we know deep down you just want to do the same!

And in case you already have watched this one, we got a bunch of more shows like Murdoch Mysteries you could watch while a new season for the show comes up!


1. Grantchester

Two men are standing
Source – Newsweek

On number 1 in the list of shows like Murdoch Mysteries is an ITV British TV show- Grantchester.

The show is set in the 1950s set in a small village named Cambridgeshire in Grantchester. The show revolves around 4 people somehow related to the investigation business. They come together to form a partnership and solve crimes.

The show is based on a book by the name The Grantchester Mysteries by the author James Runcie.

2. Instinct

a man and a girl: shows like murdoch mysteries
source- IMDb

We bet you can recall a time where you ignored your “instinct” and landed yourself in trouble.

And that is when one of the shows like Murdoch Mysteries called Instinct comes into the picture.

Being premiered on CBS network, the show is about police and a lot of DRAMA, and of course mystery.

The show happens when an author writes a murder mystery book and one of the psychos uses that book as an inspiration to kill people!

Can you imagine?

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3. The Good Wife

a woman wearing red
Source- Paramount

The Good Wife is also one of the shows you should watch if you liked watching Murdoch Mysteries.

The show is an extremely popular one and premiered approximately 7 years!

Isn’t that huge?

The show revolves around Alicia Florrick. Alicia is forced to face the consequences of her husband’s deeds when he is jailed for a sex scandal and political disruption.

4. The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco

2 women
Source- Variety

One of the short and simple series you must watch if you find yourself to be a fan of shows like Murdoch Mysteries.

A television series that has moved nations and has also premiered in Britain as well as the US! The show is about Jean and Millie as they move to San Francisco with their skills to solve murders!

This is a one-day series to watch with just one season and 8 episodes.

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5. The Valhalla Murders

A women in anger
Source – Financial Times

Netflix has more shows like Murdoch Mysteries than you would ever find anywhere else.

The show is about a police inspector Arnar. Arnar is sent back to his native place Iceland to investigate the first serial murder case of the nation!

As the case persists, he teams up with another senior officer.

Does he solve the mystery?

That is the thing to find out!

6. Lethal Weapon

2 men holding guns
Source – Den Of Geek

Can you imagine the stress of being a cop? The amount of mental pressure the cops deal with is nerve-racking!

Wanting to get rid of just that, a young, disturbed detective joins hands with another detective to solve murder mysteries and showcasing their lives.

The show is a delight- so many emotions, all at once!

Definitely, one of the shows like Murdoch Mysteries to watch on PRIME!

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7. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

a group of people sitting as well as standing; shows like Criminal Minds
Source- Digitalspy

CSI can be one of the shows like Murdoch Mysteries that fits your mood.

You must have surely heard of this show as it is synonymous with crime dramas. It follows a group of crime scene investigators working in the Las Vegas Police Department.

Led by Gill Grissom, it is a team of elite investigators who solve perplexing cases which every lab in The US has given up on with the help of scientific and technical equipment and their powerful deducing skills.

8. Blood & Treasure

text and a gun
Source- Morgan Stratton

One of the shows like Murdoch Mysteries we would ask you to watch is Blood & Treasure.

Here is why.

No detectives involved, this show still stands for the “good in bad”.

An antique thief tries to catch a terrorist who funds his attacks using the money he gets from stealing the precious antiques.

Traveling all across the globe, they finally come face to face!

Now what?

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9. Shetland

a man and a woman
Source – IMDb

If you REALLY are a fan of shows like Murdoch Mysteries, here is a Scottish drama series we know you would love!

The show is named after the place it is based on- Shetland.

The lead of the show is Detective Jimmy Perez. His team and Jimmy have taken it all on their shoulders- to solve all the murders that take place in Shetland.

So, you have to watch it!

10. Tin Star

a man lying in the snow
Source- Den of Geek

Available to watch on Voot, Tin Star is a British series that chronicles the life of Jim Worth.

He is promoted to a better rank. So this is a piece of good news, right?

But with great power, comes great responsibilities! Definitely one of the shows like Murdoch Mysteries you should watch.

Summing Up

So fellas! This was our list of 10 shows like Murdoch Mysteries that we think you should definitely watch! And why not? Once you fall for mystery dramas, series, and shows, there is NO WAY BACK! We repeat, NO WAY BACK!

We say when the shows are this good, why would you need a way back? Just follow the path!

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