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Apple TV+, the quality streaming platform from Apple might not be as popular and acclaimed as many of the other options available out there but it has got some really fascinating shows that you, as a lover of excellent content and web series simply cannot overlook. The ‘Servant’ available on Apple TV+ is one such binge-worthy series that won’t let your subscription go to waste.

Created by Tony Basgallop with M. Night Shyamalan as its executive producer as well as its director for some of the episodes, terror comes to life in the form of the spine-chilling psychological horror series – ‘Servant.’ For all the fans out there, here’s the exciting news – Servant season 3 will premiere soon as the dates are out.

Set in Philadelphia, just like most of his movies, the ‘Servant’ has got everything for a seeking Shyamalan fan. The series gets suffocating with a single setting that stays on your screen for majority of its length – inside an isolated couple’s townhouse in Philadelphia who’ve been living in misery after the tragic demise of their three-year-old baby. For a fact, with each episode, you become glued to your seat with an equally increasing urge to run away since back-to-back twists would most likely change the direction of everything you had been thinking.

For everything that you would need to know about one of the most petrifying shows available on Apple TV+ or probably any platform out there – scroll down, give it a few minutes and read it all.


Servant Season 3 Release Date: When Will The Horror Thriller Return With The Third Outing?

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Those who’ve kept up with the updates, know that the second season of the series took nearly half an year each for filming and marketing before getting the final result in the premiere. The filming started back in January 2020 and was completed in July 2020. It is no rocket science to notice that most of this filming went underway in the US while COVID-19 posed a serious threat and was spreading rapidly.

For this to have become possible, one has to thank the fact that the ‘Servant’ has only four members as its major cast and just one soundstage location for the entire filming. These reasons made it possible for the second season of the series to become one of the very few Hollywood productions that were filmed safely during the scary COVID period.

This year, on the 16th of March, Shyamalan tweeted from his official account that the direction of Servant season 3 Episode 1 had just been finished by him. This was indeed a positive sign but for months, neither did Shyamalan nor did Apple give any inputs about the progress underway.

However, thanks to the first full-length tsaser that has been released for Servant Season 3 that we now know with confirmation that the brand new episodes of the upcoming season would start streaming from the 21st of January, 2022 on Apple TV+. An episode would be dropped on each Friday till the season reaches its finale.


Servant Season 3 Cast: Who Is Going To Be Part Of It?

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For all those who’ve loved the previous seasons, there is some good news. The makers haven’t announced any change to the star cast of the ‘Servant’ which means that Season 3 would be back with the same faces that you’ve been waiting for. Though this was quite expected as the series has already been planned out to run for four seasons with ten episodes each and bringing in the new cast for the new season just doesn’t fit in this picture.

The ensemble cast of the previous seasons would reunite for Servant season 3. Once again, you’d see Nell Tiger Free acting as Leanne – the secretive nanny appointed by the Graysons to look after the baby. Lauren Ambrose comes in as Dorothy Turner, Jericho’s grieving mother and a news reporter. Toby Kebbell would be seen again as Sean Turner, Dorothy’s husband while Rupert Grint would act as Dorothy’s brother, Julian Pearce.

The other members of the cast like Dorothy’s uncle and therapist, played by Boris McGiver and Jerrika Hinton respectively, are also expected to remain the same. However, as an addition, Sunita Mani is expected to join the cast for Servant season 3.


Servant Season 3 Plot: What New Is Coming?

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One thing that can doubtlessly be said about the ‘Servant’ is that the show is intended to be out of the box and mysterious. We frequently feel puzzled and curious while watching the episodes. Don’t we? Well, worry not because you are not the only one. As per the words of Rupert Grint to the Backstage, the cast members are given their scripts separately. Quite often, they, themselves do not know what is to come and their overall command of the show is similar to that of the audience.

In such a situation, it is really difficult to predict with full confidence as to what would be served on our platter. However, we do have the confirmed information that the show that has been planned to run for four seasons is already halfway through. Servant season 3 would have ten episodes running for half an hour each.

In the previous seasons, the makers have been building the stage for a big showdown between the Turners and the secretive religious cult and Leanne has been caught up somewhere amidst the two while maintaining some secrecy. She has been portrayed and built up as a mysterious character with cryptic powers in the last two seasons. The suspense still remains as to whether she means harm or help to the Turners. She gives the Turners a baby doll that resembles their kid Jericho and brings it to life. This act of hers has probably come to the notice of her past cult.


Servant Season 3 Trailer: Has It Arrived?


Well, the trailer is yet to be launched. However, Apple TV has dropped a teaser for the third season. Have you watched it? Maybe you haven’t and that’s why we have inserted it for you right here. Don’t forget to watch it – looks something quite thrilling and entertaining!

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