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Fauda is an action drama series that revolves around retired Israeli soldier Doron who picks to rejoin the defense force after he gets to know that the opponent whom he tried to kill with his team hasn’t died yet. He becomes aware that the foe is targeting to enter his brother’s marriage ceremony so to provide protection to his family, Doron and his crew plan to join the event as covert agents. The situation turns out of control when this secret is exposed.

Made by Lior Raz and Avi Issacharoff, the psychological thriller first aired on 15th February 2015 on the Israeli channel, Yes. Later, it was telecasted on Netflix on 2nd December 2016. On the one way, the show has earned the admiration and applauds for its enthralling plot while on the other way it also got blamed for showing the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

Except for this negative point, all other parameters of the show are up to the mark and fans are also asking for more seasons like this. They are looking forward to seeing Fauda season 4. If you also want to know the updates related to the sequel version. Here is what you should know –

Fauda Season 4 Release Date: When Will We Know It?

Fauda Season 4 Cast
Image Credit – Netflix

The third iteration of the drama premiered on Netflix on 16th April 2020. It has a total of twelve episodes with a running time of 37-51 minutes. But before its arrival on the popular OTT platform, it was released on Yes network on 26th December 2019 airing lastly on 12th March 2020. Now, if we talk about the fourth iteration, we have that update that will amuse you. After seeing the fabulous ratings and craze of series among fans, Netflix officially sanctioned Fauda Season 4 in September 2020.

This amazing news was delivered to the fans via the drama’s official Facebook page. But till now we haven’t received any details about the filming of season 4. Maybe due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the showrunners haven’t begun the production of season 4 yet. If the shooting of Fauda season 4 hasn’t started yet, its release date will definitely be pushed ahead. If we look back the first outing came in 2015 while the second season arrived after the gap of two years. Thereafter, the third season also took almost the same amount of time to arrive.

Overall there seems a fixed symmetry in the release dates of these seasons. So, if the fourth season also follows this pattern then it will arrive sometime in 2022.

How Will Fauda Season 4 Plot Be?

Fauda Season 4 Cast
Image Credit – Netflix

The third season of the show highlights Doron and his crew’s attempts to murder the assassin Bashar Hamdan by invading Gaza. Ultimately, their mission succeeds in grabbing the assassin Bashar but unluckily two crew members including Avihai and Yara lose their lives in this operation. In this way, they pay a huge price to accomplish their target. The action-packed third iteration concludes leaving some theories unsolved.

In Fauda season 4 episodes, we hope that Doron will think about his former deeds. Bashar’s avenge for the deceive will throw a strong impact on Doron, who needs to accept the fact of Avihai and Yara’s demise. Though his future isn’t looking transparent, we hope that he will come back in action and do what he is known for. He will punish the corrupt people. Apart from this, we can’t predict more about the upcoming season’s plot as streaming partners haven’t dropped any official synopsis for it.

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Who Will Be Part Of Fauda Season 4 Cast?

Fauda Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Renewal Status And All Crucial Updates
Image Credit – Netflix

We all have seen that the entire story follows Doron Kavillio who serves as the Israeli army officer in the series. His character has been portrayed by Lior Raz. Apart from him, Avichay has also been one of the most important characters of the show. Boaz Konforty plays the character of Avichay. He is recognized for working in shows like Hatufim and Hostages. We are hoping that these two actors will return in the Fauda Season 4.

Apart from them, other core actors are also expected to make a comeback in the fourth iteration. Credible sources like The Cinemaholic are also claiming that previous lead actors will be recalled to join the cast of season 4. Since the show will be returning after a long time, some new stars can also be included in it. So, there will be a significant ratio between new ones and previous actors of the show. The actors who will be seen in the Fauda season 4 are –

  • Lior Raz Doron will play the role of Kavillio.
  • Hisham Sulliman will play the character of Taufiq Hammed.
  • Shadi Mar’i will be seen as Walid Al-Abed.
  • Laëtitia Eïdo will portray the character of Dr. Shirin Al Abed.
  • Itzik Cohen will display the character of Captain Ayub (Gabi).
  • Yuval Segal will present the character of Mickey Moreno.
  • Netta Garti will play the role of Gali Kavillio.
  • Hanan Hillo will play the character of Nassrin Hamed.
  • Tomer Kapon will portray the character of Boaz.
  • Tzachi Halevy will present the character of Naor.
  • Rona-Lee Shimon will be seen as Nurit.
  • Boaz Konforty will portray the character of Avihai.
  • Doron Ben-David will present the character of Steve Pinto.

How Many Episodes Will Be In Fauda Season 4?

Fauda Season 4 Cast
Image Credit – Netflix

In the third season, we have seen 12 episodes including –

  • Episode #3.1
  • Episode #3.2
  • Episode #3.3
  • Episode #3.4
  • Episode #3.5
  • Episode #3.6
  • Episode #3.7
  • Episode #3.8
  • Episode #3.9
  • Episode #3.10
  • Episode #3.11
  • Episode #3.12

Netflix and Yes haven’t dropped any details about the episodes of Fauda season 4. But since there were 12-12 episodes in all of the earlier released iterations of the show, maybe the next will also consist of 12 episodes.

Fauda Season 4 Trailer: When Will It Release?


Even though the fourth season was renewed back in September 2020, there is no news of its shooting commencement yet. So, we can’t anticipate when the trailer will hit Youtube. However, if we receive any updates regarding the beginning of production, we will inform you. Till then you can watch last season’s trailer embedded above.

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