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Fox broadcasted the first season of the American television comedy New Girl from September 2011 to May 2018. Elizabeth Meriwether was the one responsible for the production of the show and it was brought to us by the 20th Television digital company.

Season one has an approval rating of 84 percent on the review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes, with 32 reviews and an average rating of 6.83/10.

From the release date to the expected plot we have got it all!

New Girl Season 8 Synopsis – What Has Happened In The Story So Far?

New girl season 8 poster
Source- Fox

When Jessica “Jess” Day (Zooey Deschanel), a vivacious and eccentric teacher in her early 30s, finds her boyfriend, Spencer, having a relationship with someone else when she gets home, she quickly moves out and looks for a new place to live.

After responding to an online post for a new housemate, she ends up moving to an apartment in LA with three males who are as old as she is: Nick, Schmidt, and Coach. Coach left the flat after the pilot episode to move in with his fiancée. The group’s humorous interactions with one another as they grow closer friends and their love relationships are followed throughout the series.

Jess loses her job as a teacher in Season 2. She and the other characters date for short periods of time, with the exception of Cece, who goes into an arranged marriage engagement with Shivrang (Satya Bhabha), which is broken up before their wedding in the season 2 finale. At the conclusion of season 2, Jess and Nick formally announce their relationship, which they maintain for the majority of season 3.

In the New Girl Season 8, we find Coach returning to the shared space and later disclosing that he ended his previous engagement. In season 4, Coach leaves the loft to be with May. During Jess’s jury duty in season 5, the gang adopts temporary housemate Reagan Lucas. Later, Nick falls in love with Reagan.

Schmidt and Cece live with the gang while remodeling a property they jointly own in season 6. Three years later, in Season 7, the plot is furthered with the birth of Ruth, Schmidt, and Cece’s third child, the impending pregnancy of Winston and Aly, and Nick’s engagement to Jess.

Has the trailer for New Girl Season 8 been launched? Read on to find out!

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New Girl Season 8 Release Date – Is The Show Making A Comeback?

Source – FOX

The show’s last installment aired on May 15th, 2018. After 146 episodes, the series has concluded its run. Even if it’s the most upsetting news, we can’t help but feel that the program has given us something to look forward to. So is New Girl Season 8 going to be released?

According to reports, New Girl Season 8 has been shelved, and no fresh reunion plans have been established. The only thing that can assist us to fill the gap is to rewatch the prior seasons. This last episode of the season. 7, which ends the season in style, is without a doubt its best. In the end, Nick and Jess fall in love and knot together. There is no other possible resolution than this one.

You might now be curious as to why the show was canceled. The primary factor in any series cancellation is decreased viewership. This sitcom is no different. The series fared rather well despite not having a particularly high rating when it first debuted. However, New Girl season 6 saw a dip in viewership. Fox has no intention of continuing past season 7. The series’ cast convinced the network to give the show a proper finish, though.

It was made quite evident by this conclusion that the program would not be continuing. You may revisit the episodes and relive the adventures of the characters by watching New Girl on Netflix. There are seven seasons of the show available for viewing.

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New Girl Season 8 Cast – Will New Faces Be Seen?

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Source – FOX

As we have already informed you that New Girl Season 8 is not getting renewed, so new cast members joining the show are out of the question. But if it ever gets a go, we can vouch for the following actors to be a part of the production.

  • Jessica “Jess” Day, played by Zooey Deschanel, is a vivacious, unconventional teacher in her early 30s who is originally from Portland, Oregon. She moves into the boys’ flat in the first episode, where Nick, Schmidt, and Coach assist her in getting over a difficult breakup with her boyfriend, Spencer.
  • The bartender roommate of Jess, Nick Miller is played by Jake Johnson. He struggles with divorcing Caroline, his longtime lover, towards the beginning of the series.
  • Schmidt, played by Max Greenfield: Jess’s roommate seems to be a self-assured ladies’ guy. He works as a successful marketing associate in an office where women predominate.
  • Winston Bishop, played by Lamorne Morris, was Nick’s boyhood buddy from Chicago and a former basketball star. In the second episode, a point guard for a team in the Latvian Basketball League loses his place and returns to the boys’ flat in America.
  • Hannah Simone plays Cece, a model who has been Jess’s best friend since they were little. Despite their disputes, Cece is Jess’s most dependable guardian friend. Initially dubious of Jess’s new housemates, Cece gradually warms up to them and becomes more socially assimilated with them over time.
  • Coach, played by Damon Wayans Jr. (pilot, season 4; recurring, season 3; special guest, seasons 5-7), is a brazen and ambitious personal trainer who was formerly an athlete. As a roommate, he makes a brief appearance in the “Pilot” episode but departs in the second. Two years after splitting from his fiancée, Coach goes back to the loft and reintegrates himself into the lives of his old housemates.
  • Ruth, the three-year-old child of Schmidt and Cece, is portrayed in season 7 by Danielle and Rhiannon Rockoff.

Want to know the plot for New Girl Season 8? Read on!

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New Girl Season 8 Plot – How The Story May Unfold In The Upcoming Season?

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Source – FOX

As season 7 of the series gave the audience a very conclusive ending, no questions were left unresolved in the end. So it gets quite hard to speculate what the plot for New Girl Season 8 could comprise?

We will definitely be able to see the adventures of the roommates as they venture further into their lives. As we came to know in the last episode of New Girl season 7 that Schmidt and Cece had their third child, so maybe we get to see their role as parents and how Ruth( their child ) grows up.

We even got to know about Nick’s engagement to Jess, so the upcoming season may comprise of the challenges and problems that they have to face together as a couple, or maybe their engagement doesn’t work out as their previous partners are still around?

All the curiosities can only be satisfied if New Girl Season 8 ever gets a go!

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New Girl Season 8 Trailer – Has It Been Released?

Since we have already told you that New Girl Season 8 has been discontinued, we cannot expect a trailer to be delivered anytime. Don’t be disheartened now, we have linked the farewell video from the previous season below, you can take a jog down memory lane by watching that!

You can find all episodes of the previous seasons for a binge-worthy session on Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, and Amazon Prime Video.

Stay tuned with Fiferst for all juicy updates regarding your favorite shows!

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