Dakaichi Season 2

How many of you guys are waiting for Dakaichi Season 2? If you are, you are at the right place to get all the information about this extraordinary amine show.

The main question that comes to everyone’s head is, “Is there going to be another season or not?” or “When will other episodes come?”. These questions really show how much fans are waiting for the next season and can’t wait to watch more episodes.

So if you are one of the fans who are really excited to know about the Dakaichi Season 2 Release date and other information, keep reading.

Dakaichi Season 2 – What Do We Know So Far?

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Dakaichi: I’m Being Harassed By the Sexiest Man of the Year or as anime lovers call it Dakaich, is a very romantic Japanese anime taken from the manga itself. It is based on the Yaoi genre which basically means love between boys. The television series aired from the 5th to the 28th of December.

This is a story about a 28 old boy Takato Saijō, who is an actor since he was a kid. He is being titled, “The sexiest man of the year” for the last five years. But this time this title is seized by a young rookie actor named Junta Azumaya.

Takato sees Junta as his competition but Junta is totally in love with him and admires him so much as well. One day Takato was totally drunk and when Hunta found him drunk, he blackmailed him for physical fondness and into intimacy. Hunta knew that Blackmailing was not the right way to start a relationship but he made Junta believe that he wouldn’t do anything to harm him in any way. As time goes by the chemistry became more complicated.

As for Dakaichi Season 2, we can expect the relationship between both the characters less complicated and more romantic.

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Dakaichi Season 2 Release Date –  When Will The Manga Series Be Released?

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As is loved by many anime lovers, Dakaichi is a Yaoi manga series which have a hole another position in many people’s hearts. It has a total of 13 episodes. It was believed that season 2 will come anytime in 2021 but as it was delayed, we can expect the season at the end of this year or maybe anytime in 2023.

Till now, there is no such official information regarding the release of the Dakaichi Season 2 but as we all know that it takes a lot of time and effort to make a new anime, so we can expect another season. We also believe that the next season will come as soon as possible.

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Dakaichi Season 2 Cast – Who Are We Going To See Next?

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As you know there is no such information regarding the release date of the next season and there is no such information about the cast as well. But, we know that many of the characters will come back for sure, especially the main leads.

  • Takato Saijō (Voice by Hiroki Takahashi): A 28-year-old boy who is an actor since his childhood. He is also a model and an idol as well. He is under Nitto Talent Agency. He is being titled the sexiest person of the year for the last 5 years except for this year as this year’s title is stolen by a rookie actor, Junta, who is not as experienced as him. After this incident, Takato start seeing him as his rival only and started heavy drinking. He has a very competitive personality and indeed a great one too. As he is one of the main leads of the show, he will definitely come back.
  • Junta Azumaya (Voice by Yūki Ono): A young talented rookie actor who is not as experienced as Takato but because of his personality, height, muscular body, and handsome face, he got the title of the sexiest man of the year which Takato was getting for the last five years. Takato treats him as his rival but Junta was totally in love with him. He later blackmailed Takato for physical fondness. His personality is very energetic and cheerful and is very ambitious as well but when he gets angry he is definitely the opposite. He is the other main lead and will surely come back.
  • Chihiro Ayagi (Voice by Takuya Satō): Another rookie like Junta who is in the industry for not more than three years. He is also very muscular and also had a really friendly nature. He is one of the supporting characters we can see in the next season.
  • Kazuomi Usaka (Voice by Kohsuke Toriumi): A general producer on a TV channel, Kazuomi also plays a vital role as another supporting character whom we can surely see in Dakaichi Season 2.

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Dakaichi Season 2 Plot – What Will Happen In The Second Season?

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The previous season was a blast, but what story will the next season follow? Well, Anime lovers are very excited for the next season of this romantic manga series and the show is worth the hype.

As the story revolves around our two main leads, Takato Saijō and Junta Azumaya, who both are actors. Takato gained the title of the sexiest man for continuously five years but this year it was given to Junta and because of that Takato started believing that Junta is a rival to him. But this was not the case on the other side. Junta adores him so much and was in love. Their life turns when Junta blackmailed Takato for intimacy.

Their relationship had many ups and downs as it started with blackmailing but Junta made him realize that he actually loves him and can do nothing to hurt him.

There is no such update for Dakaichi Season 2’s plot as well but we can expect less complicated and more romantic relationships between the two characters.

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Dakaichi Season 2 Trailer – Is It Out Yet?

Unfortunately, there is no official release of the trailer for Dakaichi Season 2, but we have the trailer of season one for you all linked below so that you can refresh your memories.

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