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Breaking Bad Season 6 is upcoming and its last season was last aired in 2013 and it bids its adieu on 19th September 2013. Since then the fans have been carrying a giant hole in their heart. The makers tried to fill it up with the Breaking Bad Sequel, El Camino.

However, it was nothing but a big disappointment for the fans who were waiting for the Breaking Bad Season 6 of the show. Despite all this, the fans became hopeful about Breaking Bad Season 6.

White Walter aka Bryan Cranston played its role to perfection. An ordinary science professor in the school life changes overnight when he found out that he has cancer and he won’t live for too long. Jesse Pinkman aka Aaron Paul has played a substantial role in Breaking Bad Season 5. He has been one of the most important persons for Walter in the show.

As of now, Netflix has all five seasons of Breaking Bad. The cat’s out of the bag, so, there is a real possibility lingering that makers would come up with the Breaking Bad Season 6 after almost 9 years since it was last released. Let’s dig this possibility further and see what should we expect?

Breaking Bad Season 6 – Digging Up The Dead

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Before we delve into the possible plots for Breaking Bad Season 6, let’s recap for a bit and pick up from where we dropped it. This season was dropped into 2 parts. The first part of season 5 mainly focuses on Walter’s White and Jesse Pinkman’s ways of doing business with Lydia who is herself closely connected to Gus Fring. Also, the DEA has come too close to the picture and they are trying their best to capture Walter and shut down his business.

Mike Ehrmantraut aka Jonathan Banks fell into the hands of DEA and they are trying to get him to go against Walter. Tragically, Walter gets rid of Mike. But Walter fell right into the trap as now Lydia knew every bit about his operation. Soon enough Hank Schrader aka Dean Norris found out that Walter and Heisenberg aren’t different people. This wraps up the first part.

The second part begins with Walter finding out that his cancer came back and this time it’s gonna go away with him. Jesse turns on Walter and joins forces with Hank. Ultimately, Jack Welker aka Michael Bowen rescued Walter from Hank and kills Hank and his partner. They capture Jesse.

Walter went underground but came back, in the end, to make sure his family got all the money. After killing Lydia, he saves Jesse. They together kill everybody but ultimately, death caught up to Walter.

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Breaking Bad Season 6 Release Date – Is The Renewal In Process?

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Source – Netflix

The fans are anxious about Breaking Bad Season 6. As it’s already been 9 years now, there is no reliability if it’s ever gonna come back to Netflix. Since the popularity of Breaking Bad went through roof when the show was released on Netflix. Since then it’s won many awards and even the critics never get tired of applauding this show.

After the shows, El Camino and Better Call Saul were released on Netflix and made its fan base. The makers seem reluctant to touch the masterpiece Breaking Bad. They already concluded season 5 of the show by killing off the main character Walter White. However, the trends are everywhere to make Breaking Bad Season 6 and nobody knows maybe it’d happen soon.

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Breaking Bad Season 6 Cast- Will Makers Be Reaching For The Grave?

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Walter White has to come back from the dead. Without him, the show is as dead as it has been for the past 9 years. Since Jesse Pinkman escaped from the desert, it’s obvious that he is gonna be there by Walter’s side when he wakes up from the dead or maybe on the opposite side, no one can tell.

It’s hard to tell who will come back because a lot of major characters have been put to sleep. So, maybe there would be some twist where everybody gets to come back or maybe we’d get to see a lot of new characters and for that, we’d have to wait and see who makes it in the Breaking Bad Season 6.

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Breaking Bad Season 6 Plot – Are Writers Planning Something Big?

Lead actors of Breaking Bad
Source – Netflix

Breaking Bad Season 5 left us wanting more. A lot of things happened in the last season and everybody died. The questions about Walter’s death. Since nobody went up there and made sure that he is dead this time. Cancer failed twice to kill Walter, maybe the machine failed too. Who knows? Indeed, the writers would come up with this elaborate twist and would make sure that fans would bite the story.

Jesse Pinkman stabbed Walter in the back by joining the forces with Hank. Then why did Walter save him from the gang? Walter has a lot in his mind and he is planning his moves pretty sharply. Maybe, he faked his death to get Jesse and everybody off his back.

Since there are tons of possibilities for the story to move forward. Therefore, it’s better if we leave this coming up with plot ideas to the writer. We all know they’d come up with the best of them all. Breaking Bad Season 6 is filled with potential stories that it’d blow our minds. Let’s wait for the makers to come to their senses and renew it.

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Breaking Bad Season 6 Trailer- Is It Out Yet? 

There is no news regarding the official announcement of Breaking Bad Season 6. There is no new teaser or trailer for us to watch. Therefore, it’s not going to be renewed after 9 years. Let’s see how much time they need to decide whether they should come up with the next installment or not. Till then let’s recap and restore our memories by watching this amazing trailer of Breaking Bad Season 5.

Breaking Bad is one of the critically acclaimed shows. You know if critics loved it then it’d be awesome. Seeing a show where an ordinary man who is morally good suddenly turns into an immorally bad guy to secure the family’s future after his demise. However, the ship of securing the family’s future sailed soon after he gets addicted to the power.

He started enjoying the power and starts tripping on it. He fought off cancer and has enough money now. But he desires more and more. He likes being the Walter White. It’s crazy seeing how a good guy becomes bad and then ultimately starts loving the new lifestyle.

I started the series when all the five seasons dropped on Netflix and I binge-watched it. It’s an amazing show and I highly recommend it if you’ve read this far but haven’t watched it. It’s available on Netflix and it’s worth every minute of it.

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