All American season 5 release date - the cast of the show

All American Season 5 is going to be one of the biggest projects this fall. The fifth season of the show is said to premiere less than 5 months after the season 4 finale and the fans, including us, cannot be more excited about it! Want to know more about the All American season 5 release date?

The show has gained a lot of popularity and has gotten excellent ratings on all media platforms. They have a rating of 7.5 out of 10 on IMDb while 92% of people liked the show on Rotten Tomatoes. Besides this, 92% of Google users also like the show!

Shouldn’t this be enough to tell you how good this show is? Well, we told you. There’s a reason you’re here looking for an All American season 5 release date.

Now, let’s just straight jump to the article. And let’s begin with the renewal status and go to the All American season 5 release date.

What Is All American Season 5 Renewal Status?

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This question has to be on the top when talking about the All American season 5 release date. As we say, always.

So do we know the All American season 5 renewal status?

Well, the show has been renewed by the CW.

The show premieres on the network and has been getting in good revenue. What’s official?

The show All American Season 5 has been renewed and the renewal status for the same is: CONFIRMED.

Now that we know the show’s confirmation status, aren’t there other things in your mind as well?

Like, what is the All American season 5 release date? Who can be in the show’s cast? Where will I be able to watch it? What about the trailer? Well, Fiferst is going to address all that.

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Who Can Be In The Cast of All American Season 5?

All American season 5 release date - the cast of the show (Actor of CW's '___' pose for a portrait during the 2018 Summer Television Critics Association Press Tour at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on August 6, 2018 in Beverly Hills, California.)
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There have been none specific announcements for the All American Season 5 cast as of now, but we know that no one’s leaving the show from the current cast, so the members from the current season are going to be there.

Currently, below mentioned is the confirmed cast for All American Season 5:

  • Daniel Ezra – Spencer James
  • Bre-Z – Tamia “Coop” Cooper
  • Greta Onieogou – Layla Keating
  • Karimah Westbrook – Grace James
  • Monét Mazur – Laura Fine-Baker
  • Taye Diggs – Billy Baker
  • Cody Christian – Asher Adams
  • Jalyn Hall – Dillon James
  • Chelsea Tavares – Patience Robinson
  • Hunter Clowdus – JJ Parker
  • Samantha Logan – Olivia Baker
  • Michael Evans Behling – Jordan Baker

This is the confirmed cast for All American season 5. These stars have also been in the previous seasons and hence it is highly unlikely that someone from the above names will not be there.

But, we can expect some unknown faces in the show to make it more interesting!

What Can Be All American Season 5 Plot?

All American season 5 release date - the cast of the show
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No plotline for the show has been dropped for now for All American season 5. But, our beloved actors never cannot make us happy. And this time they have done it by dropping hints for the upcoming season of the show.

Combining it all quickly, the show will take off again from where it left us in the last season. It was a real cliff to hang on.

In the 5th season of All American, we can see Spencer and Olivia coming together as Spencer will make efforts for their relationship. We can also see Cooper focusing more on herself and learning new things and handling situations differently than they did in the past.

Happens in the coming season, we know it’s humongous!

What Is All American Season 5 Release Date?

Well, well, well, the question of the evening!

What is the All American Season 5 release date?

Here’s the thing. 

Netflix has not yet announced the All American Season 5 Release Date officially yet. But the all-time trusted digital platform Deadline has stated that the show will air on October 10, 2022.

Yes, this year! Just months away from the last premiere! So, to all the fans of All American Season 5, it’s happening, and it’s happening soon!

Yet, no news is truly happy unless it is confirmed by Netflix!

But, as you’ll read below, the show has been confirmed by a certain someone.

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What Is All American Season 5 Trailer Release Date?

As mentioned above, the All American season 5 release date may be October.

The trailer of a particular show is released 2 months before the actual show release to give it ample time for promotions.

So, it can only be assumed that the show’s All American Season 5 trailer will be out in August – September last week.

So all we can do is wait for the trailer of the most recent season of the show.

Do you know what else we can do?

We can watch the trailer of the last season and recap and predict what’s going to happen in the coming season! The trailer is embedded right below so you don’t have to search for it all over!

Where Can I Watch All American Season 5?

The show is all set to premiere on the popular channel CW at 8 pm E.T. on Monday nights. And it was also confirmed by the channel!

What makes it even better is that the audience won’t have to wait for years for a new season. All American Season 5 will air even less than five months after the season 4 finale!

The show only streams on Netflix too. If you are someone who has followed the show, Fiferst would not need to tell you that.

The previous seasons of All American can also be watched on Netflix. You can binge the older seasons of the show till the new one arrives in October (which is super soon, omg!).

So if you plan on binging All American Season 5 all in one day, keep your Netflix subscriptions ready, guys!

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Summing Up | All American Season 5 Release Date

So this was all for the All American season 5 release date. The show’s release is scheduled for October (as said by Deadline) and the good thing is, all the characters from the previous seasons are going to be back this time!

Fiferst hopes you find this article helpful. If you did, make sure you let us know through the comments below, if you did not, let us know what more should we add here to make it more valuable to our valuable readers.

If you have other shows in mind whose release date or recent status you’d want to know from Fiferst, put them in the comments below as well! We will be happy to tell you more about the shows!

Till then why don’t you read these other helpful and interesting articles written by Fiferst?

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