Letterkenny season 10 release date

Letterkenny is an English drama series that originated from Canada. Jared Keeso and Jacob Tierney collaboratively created the script as well as directed the sitcom. Initially, it was launched as a Youtube web series named Letterkenny Problems, and later the series was released on Television by Crave network in March 2015. In the next few months, it also premiered on The Comedy network.

The sitcom is based on inhabitants of Letterkenny, a trivial backward community in Ontario nominally based on Keeso’s homeland of Listowel, Ontario. Since its arrival in 2013, the show is consistently doing well. Fans are liking the drama for its comedy scenes and variety of characters. The show has secured superb 8.7/10 stars on the IMDb and a fantastic 90% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Fans have finished watching all the episodes of the ninth season and they are waiting to hear some progressive updates about Letterkenny Season 10. So, here is what we have explored for them so far –


When Will We Get To Know Letterkenny Season 10 Release Date?

Letterkenny Season 10 release date

The ninth season of the comedy-drama was released on 26th December 2020 on Hulu. Prior to its launch in the United States, season 9 aired in its origin nation, Canada on 25th December 2020 on Crave. The 9th installment has 7 episodes having an average duration of 30 minutes. Now, if we talk of Letterkenny Season 10, firstly its filming was planned to begin by the end of 2020.

But, producer Mark Montefiore disclosed that Coronavirus had expanded the cost of production as they had to focus on other factors like safety measures and insurance. The massive renowned series has a small budget due to which shooting has been shifted to spring 2021. As of now, we don’t know whether the filming dates will be changed again or not. The series comes up with two installments per year which signifies that it doesn’t require a long time between the shooting and the launch date of a fresh version.

So, if we consider these factors then Letterkenny Season 10 can be launched by the last quarter of 2021. You will be amused after hearing that the shooting of the 10th season and 11th season will take place on a successive note which indicates that we won’t have to wait long for the 11th season.


How Will Letterkenny Season 10 plot Be?

Letterkenny Season 10 release date

Each episode of the series comes up with a remark which says that there are 5,000 residents in Letterkenny. A diversity of characters can be seen in the show and they all have something to share with us. At the ending episode of the 8th season, the bond between Wayne and Rosie reached the next level of growth. The duo has turned more familiar with each other and now they are enjoying each other’s company more than before.

Marie Fred has asked a question from Wayne. The series is crowded with funny dialogues and comedic scenes, that’s why fans are loving it so much. Every dialogue of drama is equally entertaining and capable enough to bring a laugh to the face of viewers. Now, in Letterkenny Season 10 we will see what happened to Dierks. As Katy has been cheated by Dierks, this time she will be in full action mode.

Apart from this, Wayne and Rose’s bond will keep progressing in further seasons of the series. After season 5, Letterkenny has never got a chance to enjoy a holiday. Perhaps, this time we will get a chance to see that holiday day. So, several exciting events are going to happen in the upcoming season. That’s why it’s seeming that it will be filled with more entertaining scenes. So, be ready to watch another rocking season of the Canadian sitcom.

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Who Will Be Part Of Letterkenny Season 10 Cast?

Letterkenny Season 10 release date

So far creators of the show haven’t dropped any details about the cast of the upcoming season. But somewhere we all are enthusiastic to see previous actors in the episodes of the forthcoming season. In fact, not only in the Letterkenny Season 10 but also in all further seasons of the series, we will prefer them to watch on screen. I think their classy performance is the factor because of which we all have become so attached to them.

After seeing the climax scene of last season, it seems that most of the former actors will return to reprise their roles in season 10. The reports of many trusted sources like Cinemaholic and Otakukart are also suggesting that lead actors will be back in the 10th season to replicate their roles. News regarding the addition of new actors in the next season hasn’t come yet. But it doesn’t mean that new stars won’t be added, they can be included in the cast of next season.

As per the latest details, the stars who are going to be seen in the next season are –

  • Jared Keeso will play his role as Wayne.
  • Nathan Dales will deliver his role of Daryl.
  • Michelle Mylett will be seen as Katy.
  • K. Trevor Wilson will portray the character of Squirrelly Dan.
  • Dylan Playfair will display the character of Reilly.
  • Andrew Herr will present the character of Jonesy.
  • Tyler Johnston will play his role as Stewart.
  • Dan Petronijevic will deliver his role of McMurray.
  • Melanie Scrofano will be seen as Mrs. McMurray.
  • Jacob Tierney will portray the character of Glen.
  • Lisa Codrington will display the character of Gail.
  • Kaniehtiio Horn will present the character of Tanis.
  • Evan Stern will play his role of Roald.
  • Mark Forward will be seen as Coach.


How Many Episodes Will Be In Letterkenny Season 10?

Letterkenny Season 10 release date

In the previous season, we have seen 7 episodes including –

  • Episode 1: American Buck and Doe
  • Episode 2: Kids with Problems
  • Episode 3: Scorched Earth
  • Episode 4: Mitzvah
  • Episode 5: Sleepover
  • Episode 6: Breastaurant
  • Episode 7: NDN NRG

Till now, we haven’t received any details about the episodes of the 10th season from showrunners. But we have seen that in most of the previously launched seasons there were 7 episodes so if Letterkenny Season 10 will follow this pattern then it will also have 7 episodes. However, it’s just a prediction, exact details will be known after the arrival of the season.


Is There Any News Of Letterkenny Season 10 Trailer?


As we told you earlier that the creators are working on the production of season 10 and its filming will be completed by the second half of 2021. The Letterkenny is expected to arrive by the end of 2021. So, its trailer will be launched some days before the launch of the series. If we receive any update about next season’s trailer in the coming days, we will surely inform you. Till then you can watch the previous season’s trailer embedded above.

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