Kaafir web series

In the last couple of years, the craze of web shows has increased rapidly in India, one thing that makes them amazing is their great quality content. If you have watched a couple of web shows then I’m pretty much sure that you may agree with this fact.

Last year Kaafir web series which is based on the real incident has been released over India and people showed their great interest in watching the web series as well. If you haven’t watched it yet then let me tell you will feel quite connected to the web series after watching it. Let’s know how it will happen to you.

What Makes Kaafir Web Series More Fascinating?

1. Engaging Storyline

Kaafir web series
The web series delivers a tale of Kainaaz Akhtar(Dia Mirza) who is a native resident of POK. Due to some situation, she reached close to the Poonch river that passes through India’s border. Just because she was observed there along with two spies, she was considered the same as them, and as a result, she was sent to prison for approximately 8 years.

When she was staying in prison for the mistake she didn’t commit, she gave birth to a baby girl(Seher). Now, a reporter (Ex-lawyer) Vedant Rathod got to know about Sheher through one of his active projects. When Rathod’s head told him to search a sentimental tale thereafter Vedant discovered that Seher is residing with her mom in Kashmir’s lock-up.

Kaafir web series

After a series of consecutive conversations in lock-up with Kainaaz, Rathod understood the complete scenario regarding Kainaaz and Seher. After completely analyzing the facts that were disclosed by her, he finally realized that Kainaaz is not any spy but due to a misunderstanding of army soldiers she has been put to lock-up.

After knowing all this Vedant urged several advocates to put real facts on behalf of her in court so that she can get justice. But no one was ready to take her case, therefore lastly he himself took Kainaaz’s case to battle for the justice that she needs.

Whether Vidant will successfully win this justice race for Kainaaz or not? To know the answer you will have to watch the Kaafir web series episodes.

2. Amazing Performance By Kaafir Web Series Cast:

Kaafir web series

Through Kaafir, Dia Mirza has started her new journey in the digital industry and I think her first step is just incredible. You will become her die-hard fan after the Kaafir season 1. The way she delivered her dialogues was superb. Either you talk about her confidence or her body language all the parameters were up to the mark.

Dia has properly understood the demand of the character and that’s why she was completely able to show the pain and obstacles that women go through when she faces this type of situation. Her efforts were best and as a result, the audience connected well to her character.

On the other hand, Mohit Raina’s performance was equally efficient. We can clearly see the hard work that he put to merge himself in the character of Vedant Rathod. You may not know but he too has made his digital debut through the Kaafir web series. He has shown the calmness and patience that was required to play Vedant’s role.

Kaafir web series

After watching the episodes of the series probably you will become his bigger fan. In the series, he has been displayed as a confident and hopeful journalist whose nature is quite helping. His decision to fight Kaainaz’s case when everyone denied is the best example of his benevolent nature.

We can also applaud Dishita Jain for playing the role of Seher so naturally. She has superbly shown the innocence that was much needed to present the character of Seher. Her performance in the Kaafir web series has added more emotions and sensitivity to the scenes.

Apart from these stars Dara Sandhu (as Rafique), Abhiroy Singh (as Dhruv Rathod), Suhail Sidhwani (as Veer Ratho) have also played their roles decently.

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3. Kaafir Web Series Review:

Kaafir web series

If we talk about ratings of the web show you will be impressed to listen that it has collected stunning 8.3/10 stars on the IMDb after receiving 900+ votes from viewers. Even I have given 9 stars to the Kaafir web series because of its intense story.
On the other hand, IWM buzz has given 3/5 stars to the web series. Even it has gathered 7/10 stars which proves Kaafir is one of the best Hindi web series.

4. Direction And Music Performances:

Kaafir web series
Raju Singh has done his job decently, he has made the background music as per the situations of the scenes, but it is not much effective. There are some things that would have been better. On the other hand Cinematographer, Pratik Shah has completed his task effectively.

He has sincerely worked on visuals. You will surely admire the work of director Siddharth Malhotra, he has taken shots of all 8 episodes perfectly. He hasn’t committed major mistakes while capturing them that’s why critics too applauder him for his fine direction.

5. Kaafir Web Series Trailer:

Another best thing about the series that will amaze you is the response of the audience to its trailer. Till now the trailer has gathered 6.3 million+ views along with 42K+ likes across Youtube. What pushed me to watch the web series is the comments of people on the trailer. Most of them have posted positive and appealing comments regarding it.

6. How To Watch Kaafir Web Series Total Episodes?

Kaafir web series

  • Firstly visit Zee5 official website or download its app
  • Purchase the subscription to the OTT platform
  • Search the name of the web series
  • And begin watching the episodes

Alternatively(For Vodafone User Only)

  • Firstly go to Vodafone play.in
  • Verify your number through OTP
  • Then, search the name of the web series
  • Thereafter, start watching Kaafir web series episodes at no cost.

So, these were the reasons that make the Kaafir web series a must-watch web show. Therefore, If you missed it, you can watch it by following the steps mentioned above.

Source: IWM Buzz

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