Code M web series review

If you are a genuine Army Lover and haven’t watched the Code M web series then let me tell you that you have committed a blunder mistake. It is one of the best and popular patriotic web series in India. Being an Army Lover missing the Code M web series is almost a crime. The best thing regarding the web series is that it marks the digital debut of popular TV actress Jennifer Winget.

Apart from this news what is special in the series? The special thing regarding the Code M season 1 is that it is available on two OTT Platforms i.e. on Alt Balaji and Zee5. Now, let’s know what makes the Code M web series unique from others.

5+ Reasons Why Code M Is A Must Watch Web Series?

1.  Good Storyline

Code M web series review
The story of the web series encircles advocate Monica Mehra(Jennifer Winget). Now, what happens, Monica finds an intriguing plan as she inspects an Army encounter case. In the beginning, you will see a past scene that shows three Army executives including Maj. Shakti Mandappa, Maj. Gaurav Shekhawat and Maj. Ajay Paswan chasing two assassins.

As they grab them there begins gun firing among them, as a result, both terrorists get killed. Apart from them Major Ajay Pawan also lose his life in that rift. Now, after the disapproval campaign by the natives over the Army Base of Jodhpur about the encounter, the mom of that martyred Army officer demands justice.

As the mother of that martyred soldier kills herself, thereafter, the Army hires an Army Advocate( Monica Mehra) to inspect the whole matter freely. In the Code M web series, you will witness Monica as a fearless and brave advocate.

Her marriage was just going to happen within 7 days, yet she agrees to inspect the case after the request of the Army Head of that camp Col. Suryaveer Chauhan. She didn’t refuse the offer because the army head was one of his family companions.

In the beginning, Monica thinks that it is just a simple case. But as she talks to Shakti and Gaurav, she finds that there is something black in the lentils. After she finishes a conversation with both of them, they appoint Angad Sandhu as their lawyer who later turnouts to be Monica’s past boyfriend.

Code M web series

As Monica and Angad face several conflicts and troubles, both decide to work together to find out the reality. After several spins and rolls, Monica scolds Gaurav as he discloses the real facts to some extent. Now, Gaurav reveals that Shakti and he are homosexual that,’s why they like one another.

He further says that despite Shakti’s marriage and children, both of them still share the same bond therefore, both were standing at the same camp. As Maj. Paswan gets aware of their reality, they were in fear as they thought Paswan can disclose them at any time. Hence they decided to finish him by planning an unreal terrorist encounter.

At the ending of the Code M web series, an army cop carries Shakti under their custody, on the other hand, Gaurab kills himself. When Monica was returning to his house, she recalls a distinct report that was going to the mind that made her go back to camp again.

Code M web series

Now, she again scolds Shakti to disclose the complete reality, after that Shakti says that Col. Chauhan favors clarity in Army and demands her to face him. Now, In a discussion, Col. Chauhan accepts that he gave the order to Shakti and Gaurav to murder Ajay, as he didn’t favor his engagement along with his daughter just because Ajay was from a distinct caste which he believe is lower than his.

Therefore he forced Shakti to do this job to keep secure his homogeneity fact. Now, Monica discloses and degrades Col. Chauhan to be in Army clothes which is for staying with equality among all without distinguishing their caste, religion, and language. Thereafter, she puts her daughter Gayatri in front of him who smashes and leaves him. Then Code M web series finishes by paying gratitude and honor to courageous males and females of the Army Force.

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2. Amazing Performance by The Code M Cast

Code M web series
If we talk about the actor’s performance in the web series they were just awesome. Jennifer Winget has superbly played his character of Major Monica Mehra. She has shown why she is one of the most popular TV actresses in India? Either you talk about her body language or confidence in delivering dialogues, both things were excellent.

On the other hand, Tanuj Virwani was also superb in his role as Legal Council Angad Sandhu. He has shown the energy and enthusiasm that was required for his character. He was successful in maintaining the intensity of the situations. His chemistry with Monica fits well in the scenes.

Rajat Kapoor has delivered a promising role in the Code M web series. After watching the series you will also praise his character of Col. Suryaveer Chauhan. He has presented his negative role in a very sincere manner.

Seema Biswas has presented the character of Asif’s mother in a well-mannered way. She was just nice in his job, and I can say that she has completed her task superbly.

While other stars like Keshav Sadhna(as Major Gaurav) Aalekh Kapoor (Major Shakti Mandappa), and Meghana Kaushik(as Serana, Shakti’s Wife) have effectively delivered their roles.

3. Music and Direction Review Of Code M Web Series

Code M web seriesz
The music of the Code M web series is quite well, we can applaud the Music Directors. They have created the tones by properly understanding the demand of the scenes and situations. You can’t complain about the music of the web series.

Director, Akshay Choubey has also done his job well. He has directed all 8 episodes in a very balanced and Smart way. The scenes are up to the mark and other parameters are also up to the mark. He hasn’t left any scope of complaint about critics from his side.

4. Code M Web Series Review:

Code M web series
You will be amazed to hear that the web series has collected stunning 7.8/10 stars on the IMDb after receiving 2400+ votes from viewers. These stars clarify that the web series successfully fulfilled the expectations of the people.

5. Code M web series Trailer Review:

Another thing that will leave you amazed is the response of people on the trailer of the web series. Till now, the trailer has collected 4.3 million+ views and 95K+ likes along with positive responses from viewers.

Therefore, If we consider parameters like acting, direction, and story all of them prove that the Code M web series is one of the best patriotic and a must watch Hindi series.

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