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Over the last couple of years, stories linked to the ordinary class of the society have been liked more in OTT platforms. The same in the case of the Gullak web series that was released last year. I don’t know the exact reasons but I think that OTT platforms have delivered more quality content than movies.

Do you think or believe the same? After watching several web shows I have experienced this thing. What If I tell you Sony Liv and TVF Play’s Gullak has made my this perception stronger. Want to know why? Let me tell you how it happened.

What Made Gullak So Impactful Among Audience?

1. Relatable Storyline

Gullak web series review
We know that Gullak is a Hindi word which in English pronounced as Piggy Bank. The thing which we often kept with us in our childhood days to keep our savings. Gullak is that sign of our childhood to which whenever we see it instantly reminds of our past memories.

But the web series is not just limited to Gullak it has many other things to say. It tells the story of a wedded pair Shanti Mishra(Geetanjali Kulkarni) and Santosh Mishra(Jameel Khan). Shanti is a homemaker, she hardly speaks anything without screaming and her talks are full of satires.

On the other hand, her hubby Santosh is a part of the electricity sector who is quite physically unfit. The pair has two sons including Annu(Vaibhav Raj) and Aman(Harsh Mayar). If I talk about Annu he is 22 years old and he is searching for a job. He is currently preparing to clear the Staff Selection Commission(SSC) competitive exam.

Gullak web series

While his younger brother Aman is still studying in school. The beginning episode of Gullak starts with a conversation about the maintenance of a home. The walls of the residence contain several breaks and patches, they are in need of urgent servicing.

One interesting about the family is that they rarely talk to one another in a down pitch, but their affection for each other can be seen by everyday quarrels and conversation. Their daily comic activities are a sign that they belong to none other than ordinary class of the society.

You won’t find any suspenseful and unexpected thing in the Gullak web series. You will witness the same things that use to take place in the middle-class families, either you talk about fights between brothers or grumbles in the night’s meals.

You will feel quite connected to the series while watching their joyful moments which includes an ice cream after night’s meal or a dad’s reward of ₹40 to both boys in an affection. Moreover, Gullak tells a tale of a mother who always uses a heavy voice in her language but doing all household chores maintains a balance in the family.

Gullak web series

There are just five episodes in the Gullak web series and all of them are properly interlinked to each other. I can assure you that you won’t stop after watching Gullak episode 1 until you will finish the last one. The web series includes a bunch of humorous and comic scenes that helps in maintaining the constant interest of the audience.

The basis of Gullak episodes is a general problem that use to happen in our families. Whether you talk about fights between brothers which is fully similar to what happens in our houses too or arguing conversations that takes place between a pair. There is nothing wrong If I will say the plot of Gullak is its main soul.

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2. Gullak Web Series Cast Performace

Gullak web series
The web series Jameel Khan, Geetanjali Kulkarni, Vaibhav Raj, Harsh Mayar, Shivankit Singh Parihar, Sunita Rajwar, Bunita Rajwar, and some others. But it was Geetanjali’s role that mainly grabbed the attention of viewers. She fitted herself suitably in the character of Shanti Mishra.

She has impressed the audience by playing the role of irritated Mom. A load of managing family and household chores can be clearly observed through her facial expressions. She has perfectly done her task.

On the other hand, Jameel Khan in the role of Shanti’s husband has done an excellent job. He has properly indulged himself in the rift that use to takes place in a wedded pair. He has also presented the character of a father who gives the opportunity to his boys to crack jokes in front of him to maintain a healthy father-son relationship.

Gullak web series

Now, If we talk about Vaibhav Raj Gupta who has presented the character of Annu in the Gullak web series, he has wonderfully done his task. He has shown the character of a young guy who is a bit firm externally but at the same time, he also carries a soft corner internally like kids.

And, lastly, Harsh Nayar who displayed the character of the youngest member of the family was decent on her part. He has tried his best to merge the qualities that were required to show the character of school-going boy in himself.

3. Gullak Web Series Music and Direction

Gullak web series review


While watching Gullak, you won’t feel any flaw in their music. Anurag Saikia and Simran Arora have to make sure that the audience doesn’t find any kind of problem in the music of the web series. They have made the leading track of the series amazingly. If I talk about Cinematographer, Shree Namjoshi he has brilliantly taken the shots of each part of Mishra’s house.

Amit Kulkarni has edited all the scenes in a subtle way. Nikhil Vijay in the role of writer has finished his task flawlessly, he has written a story in a so appealing manner that people won’t stop after watching a single episode until they finish all of them. While Director, Amrit Raj Gupta has directed all 5 episodes of the web series in an outstanding way.

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4. Gullak Web Series Review:

Gullak web series
One of the most crucial factors that we generally prefer before watching any web show or movie. You will be pleased to hear that Gullak episodes have collected staggering 9.2/10 stars on the IMDb which proves why it is one of the finest Hindi web series?

It has also gathered 3/5 stars on the News 18 and If I talk about Binged there also it has got 7/10 stars which make Gullak a worth watching web series. IWM Buzz also has allotted 3/5 stars to the Gullak web series.

5. Gullak Web Series Trailer Review:

The trailer of the web series was published by TVF Play on 21st June 2019 over Youtube. You will feel quite happy after listening to its reports, till now it has managed in gaining 9.6 million+ views along with 34K+ likes. Not only it has got excellent views but also viewers have posted alluring and enchanting comments about it.

6. How to watch the Gullak web series Total Episodes?

Gullak web series review


  • Firstly, visit or download the Sonyliv app
  • Sign up in the app by verifying OTP
  •  Search the name of the Gullak web series
  • Start watching the episodes of the web series at no cost.

Hence these were the parameters that made Gullak one of the most engaging and loveable web series. Therefore, If you haven’t watched it yet, then follow the above-mentioned steps to watch it now.

Source: IWM Buzz

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