paatal lok season 2 release date

Is Paatal Lok Season 2 coming now? Fans have flooded the internet by asking questions like these and they don’t want to wait more to watch the second installment of the crime drama. In the 2nd quarter of this year, Amazon dropped season 1 of the crime thriller and within no time the drama became immensely popular among people.

In fact not only viewers many critics applauded the concept of the series. Now, after its awesome performance on digital screens, people are asking about Paatal Lok Season 2 release date. Will it come as soon as people are expecting or not? To know the answer to this question follow me as I have found something informative to share with you. So, let me start.

What will be the Cast, Trailer, Release Date Of Paatal Lok Season 2?

Will There Be Season 2 of Paatal Lok?

Paatal Lok Season 2 release date


Paatal Lok comes in the list of those rare series who have gathered more than 7.8 stars on the IMDb. It became successful in catching the interest of viewers through its gripping script. Therefore, it is quite obvious that people will surely wish to see its next part.

To keep the fans hopes alive lead actor, Jaideep Ahlawat has commented positively on season 2 of the drama.

He said “Yes, there is a strong possibility of season two happening, more so, it could already be in the works. I have gotten a hint that Sudip has already begun writing its script. I wish it happens soon and I get to work again with my co-stars.”

I think these words are giving a massively positive signal to fans. But it also doesn’t mean that it will arrive very soon as the ongoing COVID-19 situation is a challenging factor for the shooting phase of any series. You can expect that it will arrive till the second half of next year.

How Will Be The Paatal Lok Season 2 Plot?

Paatal Lok Season 2 release date


In season 1 we have seen a story which follows apathetic Police Cop, Hathiram Chaudhary who is tired from his career but suddenly one day a big case falls on his bag. He has to solve a suspicious murder case of a reporter(Sanjeev Mehra) who was a resident of Delhi.

While inspecting the case he grabs 4 suspects and after cross-questioning them he came to know about some black reality that exists in our society which he hasn’t witnessed earlier. Now, at the ending after protecting himself from vicious people he gets fragments of proof that will play a solid role him in decoding this suspicious murder case.

Tyagi becomes aware of Masterji’s motives and lastly completes prognosis from his adolescent. However, unwillingly Hathiram has given back his badge which he received from the Police Department for doing remarkable trials and attempts to solve the case.

In this way, season-1 ended on a satisfactory note and that’s why it seems that we will be introduced to a fresh story in season 2 where probably Hathiram will be seen dealing with another twisting case.

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What Will Be The Paatal Lok Season 2 Cast?

Paatal Lok season 2 release date

Look, In part 1 all the stars have given quite effective performances and the audience has enjoyed watching each of them in their respective characters. In such a scenario I don’t think makers will go towards changing the cast of Paatal Lok season 2.

Although makers haven’t said anything on the cast of the upcoming season still it is appearing that our previous favorite stars will be seen replicating their previous roles. If it will happen then –

  • Neeraj Kabi will be seen as Sanjeev Mehra.
  • Jaideep Ahlawat will reprise his character of Hathiram Chaudhary.
  • Gul Panag will be seen as Renu Chaudhary.
  • Mairembam Ronaldo Singh will deliver his role as Mary Lyngdoh or Chini.
  • Abhishek Banerjee will replicate his character of Vishal “Hathoda” Tyagi.
  • Swastika Mukherjee will deliver his role as Dolly Mehra.
  • Ishwak Singh will play the role of Imran Ansari.

Apart from them, other actors like Jagjeet Sandhu, Asif Khan, Vipin Sharma, Anurag Arora, Akash Khurana, Manish Choudhary, Sandeep Mahajan, Anu Jaolta, Anindita Bose, Asif Basra, and many others can be seen in their respective roles.

How Many Episodes Will Be In Paatal Lok Season 2?

Paatal Lok season 2 release date
In season 1 of the crime thriller, we have seen 9 Episodes –

  • Episode 1: Bridges
  • Episode 2: Lost and Found
  • Episode 3: A history of violence
  • Episode 4: Sleepless in Seelampur
  • Episode 5: Of fathers and sons
  • Episode 6: The past is prologue
  • Episode 7: Badlands
  • Episode 8: Black widow
  • Episode 9: Swarg ka dwaar

The creators haven’t disclosed anything but as per predictions, season-2 will have 9-12 episodes.

Has Paatal Lok Season 2 trailer Arrived?

No, the trailer of the second installment of the drama hasn’t arrived yet. Amazon Prime Video has only published the trailer of season 1 on its channel apart from this they haven’t posted anything regarding Paatal Lok season 2.

So, If you heard any news about the season 2 trailer from somewhere then they are completely false. Approximately 5 months ago the trailer of Paatal Lok Season 1 was published over Youtube and within that interval, it has crossed stunning 6.9 million+ views. So, If you haven’t seen it yet then you can easily watch it by clicking on the above video.

How To Download All The Paatal Lok Episodes?

Paatal Lok Season 2 release date


In today’s time, every person is in search of good web shows and it is quite obvious that no one would want to watch a bad web series. As we have already discussed earlier that Paatal Lok is one of the best Hindi web series of this year. And In such a scenario anyone doesn’t want to miss it.

So, If you haven’t seen this Amazon Prime Video’s crime thriller I can tell you those steps that can help you to watch this drama. Are you keen to know them? If so, then let me tell you that first make sure you have a good internet connection as it is a basic need to watch anything on the internet. And, then download the official app of prime video.

Thereafter open the app and sign up in it. Now, you are aware that prime video offers its premium services to its subscribed users. So, you have to purchase a subscription to the platform to become its premium member. After, this you just type the name of Paatal Lok on the search bar of the app. Now, you can enjoy watching episodes of the drama.

Source: Hindustan Times

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