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We barely know anyone who does not watch movies. While some people watch movies just for entertainment, others have this urge to look at them critically. While some are good at it, people fail to review and analyze a film even if they try. But not anymore. Fiferst is here to tell you how to write a movie review.

If you are a beginner who has just started to review movies and want some insights on how you can do that, Fiferst is the place to be. Right here, right now.

Let Fiferst tell you, looking at things critically and putting forth your views is no joke. But it is also not as challenging to do as people make it seem. You have to keep a few basic things in mind and choose your words carefully so that the correct meaning of what you’re trying to say comes out.

Now without taking time, let’s jump on to how to write a movie review.

How To Write A Movie Review – 5 Things You Should Follow!

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As we mentioned earlier, writing a movie review is not big of a deal. We complicate things in our heads.

But, what are those five things that we should keep in mind? Don’t worry here is a short description below:

The things that you should keep in your mind if you want to write a detailed and good movie review are: watch the movie 2 times, focus on the technicalities of the movie, look for the analytical aspects of the movie, move beyond the entertainment, and summarise the movie.

Now let us discuss the points in detail so that you have a better idea of how to write a movie review.

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1. Watch The Movie Two Times.

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The first case of how to write a movie review is to watch a movie two times.

Why Fiferst is suggesting you do that is because you need to be remembering and know what happened in the movie to be reviewing it.

Watch the movie one time just for the sake of it, and watch it one more time but now, more critically. See what you like in the movie? What you do not find fascinating? What could have been better?

Look into the details of the movie. The more you do into detail, the better the review is.

2. The Technicalities – They Matter!

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Now when we say technicalities, we don’t necessarily mean or want you to get in there with your tools.

The movie’s technicalities, like the direction of the movie, the screenplay, the costumes, casting, editing of the movie, the color grading, music of the movie, the sound effects, the timing, the plot, and the climax.

Everything matters.

Make sure you mention in the review if you found the movie interesting, tedious, funny, or boring. Tell the reader of the review how you think the casting of the movie was good/not good based on your interests, how the scenes could have been depicted better, or how the sound effects made the movie boring/interesting.

All these things will give the reader an insight into the movie and will tell them what they should be getting themselves into if they go and watch the movie.

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3. Analyse The Movie.

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Well, this has to be the most critical aspect of this blog – analyze the movie.

We mean, isn’t the reader here for? To know the analysis of the movie?

Now it is up to you to decide whether you want to give them a good and detailed analysis to read or just the soft cushion review. As we mentioned earlier, the deeper you dig into the movie, the better the review.

Now, while you are taking a look at the technical aspects of the movie, what you can do is you can keep your notes handy with you. Mention what are the things you want in the review? What are the most important things you noticed in the movie while analyzing it?

Make notes of it – this will help you remember and sort out what does and what does not matter. What’s worthy of being added to the review of the movie.

This is a great tip that online paper writers also follow. They analyse things critically and make notes of what’s important and what’s not.

4. Move Beyond Just Entertainment

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As mentioned at the very beginning of the blog, some people watch the movie to entertain themselves, while for some people it is more than that.

If you have blessed this post with your presence, you or someone you know wants to know how to write a movie review and hence, belongs to the latter category of what’s mentioned in the above sentence. Hence, you have to move past just looking at the movie more keenly and, keep an observing eye, always.

So yes, move past looking at the movie as mere entertainment. See what aspects make a movie, a good movie.

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5. Summarise The Movie

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Next in how to write a movie review is summarising the movie.

Now, why should you do that?

An easy way to write a movie review can also be by summarising the movie. Although the summary of the movie has to be there in the review, it also helps you remember the movie and makes sure that you still have a grasp on the movie and you don’t miss out on anything in it.

Now that we are at it, make sure your summary is not just the plot of the movie, it should include the basic details of the movie, like, who is the director, producer, writer, casting, and other things like that.

Sum Up | How To Write A Movie Review?

So this was all for how to write a movie review. If you still have doubts, you can make your doubts reach us through the comment section below. We hope this article has helped you.

It is not that difficult to write a review for a show or a movie. If you have an observing eye, no one can stop you from having a blast at writing reviews!

Also, if you feel there could be other things to the post, tell us, so that we can add them to this post.

That would be all for how to write a movie review. We will see you soon in the subsequent posts!

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