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Movies & series with an apocalyptic world theme are fun and thrilling to watch. “How It Ends” deals with this theme by following a whole different path. What is the renewal status of How It Ends 2? Check out below.

“How It Ends” is an American movie in the action thriller genre. The movie is created by David M. Rosenthal and produced by Paul Schiff with Brooks McLaren serving as scriptwriter. It was released in 2018 by Netflix.

The film received mixed reviews. It has a rating of 5/10 on IMDb. Considering the ratings and reviews of the movie, a sequel is out of the question but the conclusion of the film demands it. We present to you all the information we have about “How It Ends 2.”

How It Ends Recap: What Has Happened So Far?

Before talking about the potential release date of How It Ends 2, let’s take you back and refresh your memories. The film “How it Ends” focuses on a couple. Will Younger and Samantha (Sam) Sutherland is in love and is preparing to welcome a baby together.

Will comes to Chicago to meet Sam’s parents with the intention of presenting them with their marriage proposal. But Will gets into an argument with Sam’s father, Tom, and departs without telling him about Sam’s pregnancy and wedding.

Tom (Sam's father) talking to someone
Source – Netflix

The next day, Sam contacts Will and tells him that she heard weird noises and thinks something’s wrong. But before he can understand or respond, the connection is lost. All flights get canceled so Will decides to go back to Sam’s parents.

Then, Will & Tom agree to go to Seattle and look for Sam. During this journey, Tom and Will bond and go through various hurdles including a firelight incident where Tom fractures his ribs. As Will approaches Seattle, he finds that the city is in ruins with dead bodies in cars.

When he reaches Sam’s apartment, which was totally destroyed, he notices a paper on which she left an address. He follows the address and finds Sam & Jeremiah, a neighbor from the apartment, in a cabin.

The following day, Jeremiah tries to kill Will as he fell in love with Sam. At the end of the movie, Will & Sam head toward the north, leaving the devastated city behind, & express their love for each other.

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How It Ends 2 Release Date: What Is The Renewal Status For The Sequel?

The movie “How it Ends” was officially announced in 2011 but it premiered in 2018. We hope that the sequel won’t take this long. Unfortunately, there is no update regarding How It Ends 2 renewal but it is pretty obvious, considering the fact that the first installment concluded in suspense.

Will Younger looking at destroyed Seattle city
Source – Netflix

Although it’s almost five years and there is no official announcement, many online sources reported that the sequel can premiere before the end of 2023. Even if these speculations are true, the production of the sequel will take time.

So, if “How It Ends 2” gets a green flag, it won’t be until 2023 or 2024 before we get to see Will & Sam onscreen.

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How It Ends 2 Plot: What Can We Expect From The Upcoming Film?

The finale leaves fans with numerous confusing questions as the movie’s conclusion had an unresolved end. In the ending, we find Will & Sam’s reunion and mushy moment, as they leave destroyed Seattle city behind.

Tom and Will looking for Sam
Source – Netflix

To begin with, there is no explanation for the origin or nature of the initial “event” in the movie which creates a possibility of How It Ends 2 revival. The reason for this “event” can be answered in the sequel.

Also, we find that all satellites throughout the world are down, which gives us a hint that the sequel might take a whole different path with the introduction of extraterrestrial life. There are many plotlines that How It Ends 2 can follow and only the sequel is going to answer all the intriguing questions.

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How It Ends 2 Cast: Who Can Be Part Of It?

If How It Ends 2 is made, then it is most probable that the cast & crew from the first movie will be returning back. We contemplate David M. Rosenthal (director) and Brooks McLaren (scriptwriter) returning for the sequel.

How It Ends 2 cast
Source – Netflix

The cast of How It Ends is quite talented professionally. There are a number of amazing actors in the major plot. The movie starred:

  • Theo James played the role of Will Younger (Sam’s boyfriend and an attorney)
  • Kat Graham in the character of Sam Sutherland (Will’s girlfriend, Tom and Paula’s daughter)
  • Forest Whitaker played Tom Sutherland (Sam’s father)
  • Nicole Ari Parker portrayed Paula Sutherland (Sam’s mother)
  • Grace Dove played Ricki
  • Mark O’Brien as Jeremiah
  • Kerry Bishé as Meg
  • Eric Keenleyside as Sheriff Reynolds

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How It Ends 2 Trailer: Is It Coming Soon?

Sadly, admirers of the movie have to be patient as there is no trailer for How It Ends 2. Since there is no announcement regarding the sequel, we suggest you go down memory lane once again by watching “How It Ends.” The link is provided below.

Where To Watch How It Ends 2?

After reading about the sequel of the movie, you all must be thinking about where to watch it. The film is available on Netflix to watch. Also, remember that How It Ends 2 will be available to stream on Netflix only.

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