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Lee Woo-Jung is the producer and director of the South Korean television program Hospital Playlist. It is the sequel to Prison Playbook (2017–18), the first book in the Wise Life series.

Without a question, one of the most well-liked K-drama series now available is Hospital Playlist. Apart from its excellent plot, Hospital Playlist Season 3 is anticipated to air in the near future due to the outstanding acting performances of its key actors, who made everything more engrossing.

Hospital Playlist Season 3 Synopsis – What Has Happened In The Story So Far?

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Five physicians in their 40s working at the Yulje Medical Center—Lee Ik-jun, Ahn Jeong-won, Kim Jun-wan, Yang Seok-hyeon, and Chae Song-hwa—whose lives are chronicled in the film Hospital Playlist—were friends in medical school before becoming colleagues.

After divorcing his absent wife, Lee Ik-jun is now a single parent to his only kid Woo-joo and an assistant professor of general surgery with a focus on liver transplants. He is a well-liked character at the hospital thanks to his upbeat personality, which enables him to establish connections with both patients and physicians.

Ahn Jeong-won, a devout Catholic who works as an assistant professor of pediatric surgery at the hospital his father founded, founded, is adored by his patients for his kind and sane demeanor. In contrast to his mother Jung’s Ro-intentions, sa’s he is secretly preparing to become a monk since witnessing his patients struggle causes him anguish.

Due to his exceptional surgical abilities and his stern demeanor, Kim Jun-wan, an associate professor who later assumed leadership of the cardiothoracic surgery division at Yulje, is both respected and feared by his subordinates.

Ik-jun and his family, including his vivacious sister Ik-sun (Kwak Sun-young), have been friends with him since he was a young boy. Due to his introverted personality, assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology Yang Seok-hyeong is sometimes seen as distant and aloof, but in actuality, he is attentive and understanding to his patients.

Despite his complicated family history and divorce, he has a strong bond with his mother. Chae Song-hwa, the only female in the group of friends, is an associate professor of neurosurgery who is regarded as the ideal physician by both her patients and colleagues as a result of her distinguished professional accomplishments, gracious demeanor, and outgoing personality.

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Hospital Playlist Season 3 Release Date – Has There Been An Official Announcement Regarding The Release?

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As the second season of Hospital Playlist came to a close, viewers were left sobbing as they saw their favorite physicians go on romantic relationships and new endeavors. The conclusion has several events that left viewers ecstatic, such as a kiss that solidifies a new relationship.

The K-drama is one of a select few that exceeds the one-season, 16-episode limit. Director Shin previously stated he had no firm plans for a third season despite the K-drama’s popularity. A Hospital Playlist Season 3 was not forthcoming, per an interview, reportedly because of health issues. Fans were given a preview of it by the primary actors, though.

Leading man Kim Dae-Myung shared a reunion photo on Instagram with his cast mates on February 14, 2022. Given that Kim, Jeon, Jo, Jung Kyung-ho, and Yoo Yeon-Seok are wearing scrubs and lab coats, this reunion photo is not your typical family portrait.

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Hospital Playlist Season 3 Cast – Will New Characters Be Introduced?

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Netflix has not named the cast for Hospital Playlist Season 3 if it is even happening. But we can still vouch for the characters in the first season to be seen in the sequel as the show would be about the love lives of these characters. The following actors may be seen in Hospital Playlist Season 3:

  • General surgery assistant professor Lee Ik-jun is portrayed by Jo Jung-suk. His wife recently filed for divorce after determining that their long-distance union was not ideal. He is presently providing for his son alone.
  • Ahn Jeong-won/Andrea, played by Yoo Yeon-Seok, is an assistant professor of pediatric surgery. He is the hospital’s founding father’s son. His elder sisters are nuns, while his older brothers are priests. He has been submitting applications to attend a seminary and train as a priest.
  • Later, assistant professor of cardiothoracic surgery Jung Kyung-ho as Kim Jun-wan was named head of the CS department. He is at the moment dating Ik-younger jun’s sister.
  • Kim Dae-Myung plays the assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology Yang Seok-Hyeon.
  • Chae Song-Hwa, a neurosurgery associate professor, is played by Jeon Mi-do.
  • Third-year resident Jang Gyeo-ul, subsequently a fellow in general surgery, was Shin Hyun-been. Specialist doctors frequently turn to her aid for problems beyond their areas of expertise because she is the only resident for general surgery.
  • Do Jae-Hak, chief resident and later fellow in cardiothoracic surgery is played by Jung Moon-sung.
  • Ahn Eun-jin played Chu Min-ha, a second-year medical student who later served as the field’s chief resident.
  • Ahn Chi-hong, a third-year resident in neurosurgery, is portrayed by Kim Jun-Han.

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Hospital Playlist Season 3 Plot – How Can The Story Progress Further?

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The K-drama’s second season finale provides enough information about where season three might start, with the possibility of it hanging in the balance. The main cast of the K-drama wrapped up by performing a hit song as a band in the classic Hospital Playlist style. The four primary love stories will hopefully continue in the third season, fans can only hope.

Seok-Hyeon and Min-ha declare their love for one another by kissing in the epilogue. Meanwhile, Jeong-won announces that he and Gyeo-ul will relocate to the US to pursue their medical education. Ik-jun’s sister and Jun-wan rekindle their relationship.

Jeong-arrival won’s from the US and the status of the K-couples’ drama relationships are expected to set the tone for Hospital Playlist Season 3 opening moments. Fans may also expect to see the main characters dust off their guitars and perform a brand-new tune.

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Hospital Playlist Season 3 Trailer – Is It Out Yet?

The trailer for Hospital Playlist Season 3 is not out yet, and I doubt it will ever be. Since the creators have still not made any official announcement regarding its return, the fans have to wait. Until then you can rewatch the previous seasons and refresh your memories! Everything has been linked down below to make it easy for you.

You can find all the episodes on Netflix.

Happy Watching!

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